10th Feb 2004, 19:53

All you people that say that the Talon is the faster than a mustang stock are right. Out of the box a 1995 Mustang GT is only running about 225 HP, and it probably weighs about 3200 pounds. Not the kind of numbers that will impress anyone. And something that mustang drivers have that you talon folk don't is TORQUE! Horsepower doesn't get you down the dragstrip, torque does. Horsepower mearly keeps you at speed. and when I last checked I don't think that talon was near 200 torque. while the the mustang is up around 300. And it isn't hard to launch a AWD car down the dragstrip. Any person can dump the clutch at 6 grand and go. THe mustang takes talent to drive.

I bet that if you put the same amount of money into an AWD talon and a mustang gt of the same year, the mustang will out run it to 60, through the quarter and around a road course. There is no replacement for displacement. I've seen 5.0's and 4.6's run in upwards of 800 to 1000 Hp and torque. Talon drivers are lucky to get 500 without blowing off the heads. And that 1000 horsepower is all motor, it doesn't have to SPOOL up. NO if you wanted to you could pop a couple of turbos on a mustang. There are kits. It'll add power. Talon drivers need to understand that the talon was meant to be a "sporty" economy car. Mustang = Muscle. They are 2 different kinds of cars. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Compare the Talon with an Impreza. Or the Mustang with a Camaro. Oh and when's the last time a stock block talon went 6.90 at 200 mph in the 1/4?

11th Feb 2004, 00:44

Talon all the way! My stock is sweet!

2nd Apr 2004, 21:12

I'm a Talon TSI owner and I have to agree w/the last comment. Mustangs are pure V8 muscle. Supercharge it and go racing. If you have more money, use it. The 4.6 and 5.0 motors have almost endless horsepower and torque available, and the average owner w/never use half of it. Where as the Talons average limit is around 500 (w/lots of mods) and 90% of the owners w/never even break 300. Mustangs rule and that's why their still around after 40 years. (Note, no new talons). Don't get me wrong, I love my 95 TSI, but when the new '05 mustang cobra comes out w/400+ factory HP, I'll park my talon in the driveway and my new stang in its spot in the garage!!!

10th Apr 2004, 23:13

Not to bash V-8's, but V-8's are heavy. A friend of mine in a '69 GTO, Pontiac 400, bored, cams, exhaust, all kinds of stuff. My little stock talon hangs with it pretty nice (pulled me by about a car length) at a whopping 140horses. Why? My talon is light, extra light. His GTO, heavy heavy. It's not the number of cylinders you have, its your horsepower to weight ratio. If I put a turbo runnin about 7pounds of boost (weak I know, but don't wanna tear up my engine), headers, intake, exhaust, I would wax that car in all ways imaginable and still have half the horsepower (would have about 250, I know this because a guy I know has one with those mods done), and the GTO has about 400. And whoever says 'Well my V-8 doesn't have to 'spool up', dude you must not own a turbo because, if put on properly with right mods, a turbo is a great thing to have. Anyone who has problems with a turbo is just jealous because they got beat by one in their muscle V-8. Lets face it, these little '4 bangers', are mean little engines and capable of extreme speed and staying street legal.

Another thing that kinda upset me was someone said 'Mustangs have been around 40 years and there are no new talons'. Does that mean that they are bad cars? What about a 300ZX TT, 300HP! That's a mean little car! What about Supras! Just face it, technology is changing the racing world and bigger isn't better anymore.

Just want to clarify this: I love Mustangs. My aunt bought a 01' GT convertible. That car is fast and a TON of fun to drive!

19th Jun 2004, 00:42

As fast as you can make Talons, v8s are the weapons of choice at the drag races, and anyone who drag races or goes to watch them knows this is true. You can get a 4.6L small block v8 to put out 600 REAR wheel horse without even having to change the cyl heads or intake. Whole different story for a Talon which relies heavily on a Turbo. ITs like comparing heart surgury to going to the dentist. Much easier to work on a v8.

29th Aug 2004, 23:41

I own a 97 tsi front wheel drive. I Love It! All I see everywhere are mustangs. Everyone and their mom has a mustang. I dislike ford and I dislike mustangs. And yes there is a replacement for displacement its called a turbo you silly goose.

11th Oct 2004, 21:08

Hi Gent's.

I am a Program Manger at a Tech. Institute that has locations in the US and Canada. I came a cross this forum by chance and decided to read all of the submissions. I manage the Sport Tuner division for the institute and host a portion of a Sport Tuning television segment on a weekly basis.

What is important for a proper debate to occur is that a context be established and defined. To improve the debate I suggest that we define the term street legal and govern the modification limited with an investment cap. As well, anyone can drive a car fast in a straight line therefore daily drivability and handling should be addressed.

Let me provide an example:

Daily Drive:

- Any vehicle that is used year round or seasonal basis as an all purpose commuter that runs on pumped gas and street tires. Emission compliancy is a given.

Modification Capital:

- Up grades to OEM production drive train, engine, suspension etc: Can be equal to or less than $5000.00 retail US/Cnd, not wholesale or direct. This statement is to be viewed as a reference point and not a debate about region costs.


- As vehicles are modified the need to augment or surpass the stock ECU programming can occur, to properly pulse injects and ensure daily street drivability. Once these issues are addressed, handling should be paramount. It is easy to make most any engine powerful; however, it's another thing to drive it. It's much easier to drive a vehicle in a straight line at WOT than it is while getting it on-in the streets.

Just a thought; if anyone agrees, we could all work on this together!

A little note on V8 Vs Inline 4's; Ford Pinto engines where producing 1000 hp with the assistance of a turbocharger with water injected carb's. Circa 1973...

If you guy's really want to have some fun let's set the guidelines and make this worth while!!!

17th Oct 2004, 15:17

OK...I'm back! My previous comment was on Oct. 4th about buying a talon this week...results...88 5.0 blew past my 1995 tsi with no questions. There is just too much power in the 5.0 for the tsi to compete. Two great cars, I love them both, but my mustang took the checkered flag by a long shot. So whoever comes on these formes and claims their tsi is smoking v-8's, I highly doubt it, don't kid yourself anymore. I though it might have a chance, nope, not even close. But the tsi will serve as a great winter car this year!