30th Jan 2007, 17:06

I just signed the papers for a 1995 Eagle Talon ESI and it left me on the side of the road before I could even get it home.

I do know that it was the timing belt that broke and I also know that everything else works in the car except for 3 of the speakers. But that can be fixed. It does show its age a little bit cosmetically, but, I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my pretty little Talon.

And you're right, it is an Eye Catcher :)

30th Jan 2007, 19:50

To the commenter above:

If your Eagle Talon just broke it's timing belt I hope you have a lot of cash. In a over head cam engine such as the one in your new (to you anyways) vehicle breaks it causes massive engine damage. Prepare to have the entire valve train replaced. This will cost you thousands of dollars. Good luck.

2nd Nov 2007, 10:00

I had my eagle talon for about a year and it finally went on me. It had 112K on it. the water pump went on it which cause the motor to work against itself resulting in the rods bending... now its basically a piece of ****. They are awesome cars, but to fix one of these things are outragously expensive. Also you better know a great mechanic.

15th Nov 2007, 20:54

I bought my 1995 Eagle Talon ESi 8 years ago. I was the second owner. This is without question, the most dependable, reliable, kool looking and economical car I have EVER owned. Its great on gas mileage, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS starts, and has NEVER let me down. EVER. Nothing has ever gone mechanically wrong with this car, at least for me. I would own another in a heartbeat if they were still made. I have never put more than the price of an oil change into it until recently, when I was just told today that it needs valve seals. After 156,000 miles, I guess it would need something. But still runs great.

29th Mar 2008, 21:33

I love my 1995 Eagle Talon. Good gas mileage and handle like a dream. It has 180,000. I am having one problem. I can be driving down the highway or in town, and the car shuts off. It is as if someone has pulled a stop cord. Has anyone ever had this problem? I would love to fix it and keep my car. Is there any help out there?


14th Jun 2008, 02:39

Sounds like your talon is having misfires which is a fairly common problem with them.

13th Apr 2009, 11:42

To the guy who said it would cost thousands of dollars to fix a Talon with a broken timing belt, you can usually get a 4G63T (turbo) engine for the talon for about 1500 bucks from japan with under 50000 miles on it. As long as you can figure out how to do the swap, it's a much cheaper way to go.

28th Apr 2010, 22:16

Hi everyone, I own 1995 Talon and I would like to ask couple questions. I bought this car from a dealership; it has 73,xxx km. Could anyone tell me the basic things to look for to know if the car is in good condition? What would be the basic steps to follow to determine the condition of the car?

Also, sometimes when I stop, and let go of the brake and stop again, I hear like a weird noise under the car, is this normal? If someone could mail me at vankuche@hotmail.com

Thanks guys.

12th May 2010, 16:24

To the commentor above: sounds like your bushings or your struts are worn out.

As for me, I purchased my '95 Talon ESI in January from a woman who had it since new, and with only 142,900km, she definitely took care of this car. It was never winter driven, and the car was always getting maintenance checks on it.

After looking back at some papers, it worried me to see the amount of work that the car had had done to it. But now I know, I'm driving with new parts - so it's not much of a big concern.

The only thing I have a problem with is the bushings and struts making a clunking noise every once in a while, but living in backroots of Nova Scotia, Canada - your car's struts will wear out very shortly.

2 days of having the car, the clutch line corroded, and I lost my clutch fluid. Oh well, never being winter driven - things dry out and corrode - $25 later, the Talon was back up and running the same day.

I am having some problems with the gauge cluster lights, maybe someone could give a solution - one seems to stay illuminated (like a check engine light), but I'm not 100% sure what it is. It's not a check engine light. It may be an airbag light because the car was in an accident before I purchased it.

I love this car to death, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

3rd Nov 2010, 15:28

I'm a 16 year old kid who owns a 1995 Eagle Talon ESI. I spent 2 years before I could drive by restoring this car in my older brother's body shop. I have a new motor I put into it with a turbo and a turbo tranny. I converted it from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive. It's now pushing about 400-410 hp and about 290 lbs of torque. It's a 5 speed and I've had it pushing about 190. Not going to list all mods because it would take forever, but this car is very nice, and would never trade or sell it. It sits about 3/4th of a inch from the ground with nobody in it. Very beautiful car, and would recommend it for anybody and everybody to drive.

27th Apr 2011, 08:30

My Talon was doing the same thing. The crank shaft sensor somehow controls the function of the fuel pump. I replaced the sensor and solved the problem.

12th Oct 2012, 07:25

My 1995 Eagle Talon's RPM goes up and down like it wants to die out.