1995 Eagle Talon ESi 2.0 litre 4 cylinder DOHC from North America


Easily modified, girl-gettin', economic sportscar!


The water hose and thermostat had to be changed. I knew they needed to be replaced when I bought the car. That was around $100.

About three weeks after owning the car, the passenger-side power window motor went out. It went down fine, but then never would go up again. I talked to my mechanic and he said a new one would cost $300-400. I knew Talon parts were pretty expensive, but $300-400!

I understand a car with 110k miles will need some replacement of parts. My only wish is that they would be affordable.

General Comments:

The Eagle Talon ESi that I own is a beautiful car. The low roofline and sleek curves make it a very attractive car. When I take it out around town people stare at my car. There's a lot of really cocky guys around my town. Even they take a long glance at my Talon. Whether others drive a Mustang, Camaro, or Eclipse I get looks. This car will get you attention! On the weekends it's a thrill when cruising. The girls give you a long, thorough stare and smile. The guys just have a look of jealousy in their eyes.

My Talon handles excellent with very little lean in the tight corners.

The acceleration is tiringly slow. Once up to speed it's adequate.

Never use the backseats to take people unless you hate them! But why have people you hate ride in your thrill machine?

The engine gives good gas mileage.

If you're looking for a beautiful car the Talon is for you. As long as you can fit in the rather conforming cockpit you'll enjoy the ride.

Easily modified, the Talon will accept turbocharge upgrade kits, air intake systems, computer module upgrades, horsepower upgrades, bodykits, and interior styling with ease.

I would recommend only buying a Talon if you can keep up on maintenance. If your Talon is well-taken care of it will last. Those poor, abused Talons will retaliate with a broken timing belt, racked transmission, or otherwise! Buyer beware, take care of it or it will break, of course!!!

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001

23rd Sep 2003, 07:57

I disagree with the fact of having to take care of the car or it will break down because I race my 1997 talon all the time. My car has 97,000 miles and it takes a lot of abuse, but it keeps running.

27th Jan 2006, 13:13

I will have to disagree, yes anything with brake at a certain point of destruction, but I learned to drive manual on my Talon, and no matter how many times I dumped the clutch, burned out or stalled it... she still keeps on going, so this car is very hardy, and I would recommend it for anyone!

1995 Eagle Talon ESi 2.0 DOHC 140 HP from North America


A trusty friend, a long term companion


My horn stopped working at about 50000 miles.

The check engine light has been on perpetually since about 60000 miles. I took it to a mechanic and he said that my engine was fine. I have ignored it ever since.

My tie rods were broken at about 160000 miles.

I have never had my brake or transmission fluid replaced. Yet the car runs fine.

At around 120000 miles, the driver's side door cannot be locked or unlocked from the outside.

My heat shield rattled at about 110000 miles, so I had it removed.

My car has recently begun to overheat on hot days at long red lights or heavy traffic. Maybe my fan isn't working properly.

General Comments:

This is really an excellent car. It runs quietly and with good power. The A/C is very cold in the summer and the heat is very hot in the winter. The body is aesthetically appealing and the steering is superb. The seats are very comfortable, more comfortable than many cars that I have driven in for an extended period of time which includes: 97 Acura 3.2 TL, 91 Honda Accord EX, 00 VW Jetta GLS, 89 Cadillac Sedan Deville, 00 Honda Accord EX Coupe, etc...

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Review Date: 30th June, 2001