1995 Eagle Talon ESI 2.0 from North America


Beautiful just beautiful car


The only problem I have had with my Eagle Talon is the passenger door handle breaking.

General Comments:

The Eagle Talon is a unbelievable car mine has never giving me any problems I have put a lot of kilometers on it since I've owned it which is just over a year.

The car has unlimited potential I have hit the 260 kilometres mark more than once and with ease, with the tack just over 5000rpm. If they brought back a new age Talon I would be the first to buy it I love these cars.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2003

28th Sep 2004, 07:08

If you car can reach 160mph, I'll eat my hat!

1995 Eagle Talon esi 2.0 turbo converted from North America


The Talon is 100% feline, give a lot of T.L.C. and she'll rock your world

General Comments:

My valve cover gasket leaked on the inside causing my plugs to foul giving little to no signs.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2003

1995 Eagle Talon TSi 2.0 turbo from North America


A great car that if properly taken care of, will please you forever!!


I needed a new pulley for the belt going to the alternator right after I bought it. The dealer I bought it from didn't check it over.

The idle was off when I got it also. I'm telling you, the dealer was not a good place to buy my car.

Gas is kind of expensive, but if you put middle grade in, it lasts longer and the car still runs great.

General Comments:

This is a great car. I consider it a luxury sports car, because it is so smooth when you ride in it.

It is great for where I live (in the mountains) when it snows, because of my awesome all wheel drive feature.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2003

1995 Eagle Talon ESi 4 Cylinder from North America


I don't know how anyone could want a different car after owning this one.


The fuel pump and timing belt failed around 75,000 miles. This car is dual over-head cam, and because of this, compression was lost in two of the four cylinders.

The rear windshield wiper comes loose frequently, and is a pain to have to fix it so often. (At least five times a year.)

General Comments:

This car has been wonderful to me. Most of the problems I have experienced with it are a direct result of abuse it sustained from its previous owner.

The passenger side is a little bit uncomfortable due to the contouring of center console.

The back seat is very cramped. I like to refer to this car as a two-seater with only enough room for a three-year-old in the back.

The car is comparable to a tank. I have been rear-ended three times, all at speeds under 30 miles-per-hour, and the car has only scratched once. This scratch was easily taken care of with a small amount of rubbing compound.

This car handles extremely well in the snow. I have made it through two Michigan winters with it, and have had no problems driving it through 12 inches of newly fallen snow.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

1995 Eagle Talon Esi from North America


It's not a Honda, meaning you better like fixing cars or have a big wallet


Timing belt tensioner faulty at 125,000 miles.

Timing belt tensioner pulley blew up at 125,000 miles.

Idler pulley blew up at 125000 miles.

Head gasket went at 85,000 miles.

Water pump seized at 90,000 miles killing the timing belt and bending valves $$$$ bad interference design.

Passenger rear side hatch drainage tube pinched off improperly with factory adhesive tape causing blockage and then causing major leak when wet.

Driver door will not lock or unlock from outside.

Various exhaust heat shield rattles.

Clunk sound coming from driver rear area, all suspension components seem fine however.

Plugs and wires keep breaking, maybe from excessive heat from ignition system? 7mm wires too small?

Horn won't work properly, sounds like a clown horn.

Driver door handle broke off.

General Comments:

I just spent my weekend replacing the idler pulley that blew up, and the tensioner pulley that blew up on my 95 Talon Esi.. both blew at the same time. I noticed lots of heat stress and discoloration on the parts. I replaced the tensioner and was lucky the car was still running after the failure, but barely.

I replaced my timing belt 5000 miles ago and now again with the water pump and these bearings. The design of this engine works great in a Neon, but not in this car. There is no room to work on the timing belt because the car was never really designed for this engine in the first place.

You will have to replace the head gasket, your power windows will stop working, your horn will start sounding goofy, your driver door handle will break, your heat shields on the exhaust pipes will rattle and there will be a postal strike... all things you can count on.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003

18th Jun 2003, 11:38

I have the same problem of a clunking noise, but on the passenger side front suspension. I have had it checked and the suspension is fine. I hear it on Un-even pavement when the wheel bounces. I found out that the control arm had been replaced..I'm guessing they used the same bushing in the control arm and that's whats making the noise.

13th Jun 2004, 22:51

My power windows are giving me problems. Driver side window will not work, but I can still hear the mechanism when I try to put it down, any ideas on how to fix it?