1995 Eagle Talon Esi 2.0 litre 6 cylinder DOHC from North America


The best sports car, for what I paid for it


When I first got it the thermostat needed to be replaced.

I had to replace the front windshield, and two front driver side tires, and the brakes. But that is mostly just because of the driving conditions.

General Comments:

I love my Eagle Talon. It was the first car that I got into when I went out looking for my first car, at the age of 15.

I had never seen anyone driving a Talon before I bought mine, and now I see them everywhere. Although I am the only girl that I know of who owns a Talon.

The best thing about the car, to me when I first bought it is the fact that it has NO backseat. Which is good for me because I hate hauling people around.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2003

1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 2.0 turbo from North America


Easily modifiable, quirky car



Rear Engine Seal.

Valve cover gaskets (twice)

Turn Signal Unit.

General Comments:

This car was fun to drive, but a bit finicky at times. Very particular on the brand of gas, as well as the temperature, for smooth performance.

Ride of the car was very stiff, long drives are uncomfortable. I wished the cloth seats were more comfortable. Those claustrophobic need not apply. But this is a sporty car, do this is to be expected.

Handling and braking were good, not great. You'll need to invest in aftermarket wheels and tires for greater handling capabilities. The steering was a bit vague, and I wished it was tighter for a performance oriented car.

I was a little disappointed in the fit and finish. Lots of squeeks and rattles from the inside, mostly coming from the dash. Interior materials are a little on the cheap side. Blind spots galore.

Beware of crankwalk problems on 2G DSMs. Make sure the recalls have been performed.

All in all, a fun car. But I needed something quieter and more practical.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2002

1995 Eagle Talon 2.0 turbo AWD DOHC from North America




I had it for about 4 months and the Engine blew at 115,000 miles! Had to get a new one for around $3,000.

The check engine light keeps coming on and we can't figure out why.

General Comments:

This car is quick and handles well! I love the speed behind it.

After getting a new engine everything with this car has been GREAT!!

I love the way this car is like an Eclipse, but a lot cheaper and there's not as many people out on the road that have this car. So you don't have a car like everyone else! It's a one of a kind!!!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2002

1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD turbo from North America


A high maintenance car well worth it


Gas is horrible. It might just be my car, but putting gas in my car is expensive. Anyone have any suggestion please tell me!

Driver side power lock is broken. Not a big deal.

A winding ticking sound when I first accelerate, after I start the car. The sound is only for a few seconds.

General Comments:

It's a fast car and I love it.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2002

12th Apr 2003, 07:04

I have the exact same noise when I first start my talon as well. Kind of a quick ticking then nothing. I believe it could be the starter sticking, but I doubt it. Talons are great cars, I drive mine like an idiot and it still runs fine. The only recent problem is overheating BIG time. I believe its the sensor or the fan hasn't been ground properly.

1st Jun 2003, 22:40

I have the same ticking noise in my car too. Have you guys taken your cars to a shop to see what the problem is?? Does anyone else hear a ticking noise when they first accelerate??

7th Jul 2003, 16:36

The 4G63 engine runs at a relatively low oil pressure. It's not uncommon for DSMs to have some minor lifter tick at idle. That's probably what you're hearing.


27th Jun 2005, 08:01

The ticking noise would be the lifters. I guess it's a common problem with them. My Talon does it too when it idles. You can buy new ones for around $175. MachV.com is a good web site to get parts for Eagles.

10th Jul 2008, 18:51

Why dose my 95 Eagle Talon TSi Turbo have a high idle? It seems to only happen when it's warm outside.