Brava SX 1.6

Keep well away - awful. My old crappy Micra was 100 times better than this piece of rubbish

444 words, UK and Ireland

Brava EL 80cv 12v 1.4

Very Stylish, average engine, poor plastics

131 words, Portugal, 2 comments

Brava SX 1.4 12V

Good and lovely car

172 words, Czech Republic

Brava SX 1.4

Love it! I would buy another

72 words, UK and Ireland

Brava ELX 1.9 turbo diesel

Generally a good second hand buy

87 words, UK and Ireland

Brava S 1.4

I want my money back

131 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

Brava SX 1.9 turbo diesel

85,000 miles in 2 years - fleet car report

136 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments

Brava SX 1.6

Underestimated car

65 words, Norway

Brava SX 1.4

Bad, bad, bad, I'd rather walk everywhere, and I'm disabled

188 words, UK and Ireland, 15 comments