Palio Active 1.2

Don't buy

204 words, South Africa


Palio HLX 1.8 8v

Nice small car for the price if you don't mind the extra fuel expense

222 words, Chile


Palio ELX Sport Mk. III 1.2 16v Fire

A great economic, smooth and trust able car

207 words, Chile


Palio EL 1.2 petrol

As sturdy as the best German cars, will last forever

151 words, India

Palio GTX 1.6 petrol

Great Car-Poor Quality and Dealer Service

70 words, India


Palio EX Hatch 5-door 1.0 FIRE 8v

Unreliable piece of crap!

114 words, Brazil

Palio ELX - 1.0 16v

Trendy and nice built, but slow

60 words, Brazil

Palio ED 1.2 MPI

A very pleasing way to spend US$10k :)

49 words, Russia, 2 comments


Palio EDX 1.3

Excellent return in performance for its price

146 words, Colombia, 1 comment


Palio EDX 1.3

If you get it cheap, it's OK. That depends on your country's market

174 words, Uruguay

Palio HL Full 1.6

If you like using sport car and speed with fiat, this car is for you

173 words, Turkey, 3 comments

Palio EL 1.6

Tough and roomy

138 words, Argentina

Palio EDX 1.3

Great performance/value

83 words, Venezuela


Palio EDX 1.3 mpi

Good balanced machine, though wouldn't buy it again

180 words, Colombia


Palio EL 1.5 mpi petrol

67 words, Brazil, 2 comments