2001 Fiat Punto GO 1.2 from UK and Ireland


A good motor with minor faults


First of all there was a knocking noise when the car was moving coming from the rear of the vehicle, this was eventually rectified by the dealer.

The windscreen wipers have started to judder across the screen, I understand this is a common fault, but as yet this is still ongoing as the dealer cannot get hold of the grease which is required, and even when they did they gave it to another customer so I am still waiting (since November 2002).

The subwoofer which is in the boot of the car was distorted, and it took two trips to the garage and numerous phone calls before they would agree to fix it, and first time I went they could not find a fault with it.

General Comments:

The car is quick for a 1.2 8V engine and has good acceleration speed.

The sporting interior is smart and the vehicle is spacious with plenty of room.

My headlights have started to mist up on the inside, but they do clear during the day.

There should be an interior boot light as it makes things difficult during the hours of darkness.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

2001 Fiat Punto ELX 1.3 from Malaysia


A great car, but lacking in good service


The first problem came about three or four months after getting the car from Fiat Malaysia. I noticed that the car wasn't driving very smoothly and starting the car was a problem one day. On the same day, the car just refused to start and it ended up being towed to the workshop. I was told some filter wasn't working properly, something which happens to some of the new cars. A few months later, the battery went dead. The workshop person replaced the maintenance free battery with a water-based battery which did not fit the casing and required filling up every 2 weeks! Fiat Malaysia refused to replace it with another maintenance free battery. The last problem encountered was the airbag. The indicator for the airbag was switched on and so off to the workshop again. The workshop personnel said something with the wiring.

General Comments:

The car performs great and I guess it is not without its imperfections. It's a great car to drive and comfortable. However, it's sad to say that Fiat Malaysia does not offer very satisfactory service. They really need to improve on their customer service overall, especially at the workshop.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

2001 Fiat Punto ELX 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


A flawed fun mobile


The shock absorbers leaked and had to be replaced.

The air conditioning stopped working five months after I bought it - just two weeks after its first major service.

General Comments:

It's an economical car and very stylish in design.

It can be noisy on fast runs, but is pretty roomy and comfortable.

The brake and accelerator pedals are positioned a little too close to one another - could be a problem for bigger footed drivers.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2002

2001 Fiat Punto GO 1.2 8v from UK and Ireland


Average car poor build quality


Brakes very spongy on test drive dealer did sort this before delivery.

Car didn't warm up very quick thermostat replaced under warranty after 1000 miles.

Clutch made a loud clicking noise when depressed this was replaced under warranty at 2500 miles.

Both front doors dropped have now been adjusted 5 times by dealer.

Very loud rattles from rear end 3 seat brackets were coming loose fixed twice now under warranty.

Tailgate would not shut properly now fixed under warranty.

Cannot get fuel in quick enough before pump clicks of (2-3lts) tank and filler neck have been out at dealer to no avail.

Front wiper motor worked when it wanted to or not at all fixed by dealer.

Rear suspension getting noisy dealer disputes this so not fixed at this moment.

General Comments:

Good looks, fair equipment and good warranty package (good job).

Poor handling and ride.

Suspension to stiff it makes your fillings rattle.

Poor build quality and quality control at factory.

Engine not bad, but a bit noisy at high revs and a bit lumpy at low speeds.

Depreciation terrible especially if traded in through fiat dealers because they know all the problems.

Good m.p.g. and cheap insurance.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2002