2001 Fiat Punto ELX 1.2 16v from Malaysia


I'm loving it!!!


My steering motor start making rattling noise after 10k km. Replaced by dealer.

Battery run out fast (at 20k km)

Else is normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

For NA 1.2 range, the car is consider powerful.

The Speedgear Gearbox is superb, very fast changing and the automatic shift-up is good.

I really love this car and will recommend to others.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2005

2001 Fiat Punto Go 1.2 8v from UK and Ireland


Brilliant car if you don't mind the little things that can sometimes go wrong with it


There's a really loud banging noise coming from the front of the car over bumps (suspension I think).

Heaters make a squeaking noise.

Clutch makes a squeaking noise.

The suspension is too hard.

Had a new ECU.

General Comments:

I've had my Punto for about 6 months now and there's a list of problems I've had as you can see, but I bought mine for £3995 which was reasonable.

It has the most comfortable seats and driving position which can be adjusted in almost any way.

To say it's only got a 1.2 engine it is reasonably fast especially on acceleration.

It has one of the best sound systems ever (4 speakers & 100w sub-woofer in the boot)

Even with this list of problems I still love my Punto and seriously would consider buying another, although I would go for the more sporty HGT Abarth.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2005

2001 Fiat Punto HLX 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Apart from a rough ride, its been super


Squeaks from interior/sunroof.

General Comments:

Despite what a lot of people say about Fiats' my Punto has proved to be remarkable, I've covered 25000 in 7 months and its been super reliable and comfortable.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

16th Aug 2006, 07:20

16/8/2006 UPDATE!

Well the Punto has now done 94000 miles, and still (touch wood) is practically bullet proof! a few things have gone wrong, the clutch went after 84000 miles, and the replacement doesn't seem nearly as good. She had her timing belt replaced for the second time at 90000 (i as a rule get things done on the car before they need to be!), and the front suspension needed a bit of work done. Economy as ever is spectacular, 50+ mpg more than possible & cheap to service as i do it myself! It is starting to feel its age a bit, but still a great little car. I'll sadly be selling it in maybe March 07 for a diesel, doing 40000 miles/year in a petrol no longer makes sense when diesel costs 10cent/ltr cheaper now, the car's been so good it'll be a sad day when we part.

2001 Fiat Punto 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Sporty, good looking, but deffinitly missing something


Wen driving over bumpy service rear suspension will make squeaking sound.

ABS light will come on now and again.

Cuts out if going over speed bumps and then comes back on!!

General Comments:

Car is very comfortable.

Very fast for a 1.2 and handles great.

Brakes good.

Looks great.

The lightest steering I have ever felt (city button)

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

2001 Fiat Punto SX 1.7 from UK and Ireland


Lovely to look at and comfortable, but zero reliability


I have had problems with 1st and 2nd gears since I bought the car, and very minor problems with 5th gear. The gear stick jumps when I take my foot off the clutch and seems to get worse. I had my gearbox rebuilt and my clutch replaced last week too, and I still have the problem.

General Comments:

I like how nippy the car is, it's pretty quick for what it is. General driving of the car is OK, apart from changing gears (1st-2nd). It's very comfortable to drive and I'd buy another if it wasn't for the horrendous reputation Fiat gearboxes tend to have.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

2001 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.2 16v from Croatia


Nice little car


At 20 000 km there's a problem with gearbox oil leak. The problem was never fixed at 100%. But there's no danger because there's no oil beneath the car. I changed drive shaft seal, but the little leaking don't want stop.

I thing that the gearbox is not "strong" enough for sporty use. And the lever don't go smooth like the first day when I change fast. Maybe lever-gearbox connection need to be fixed.

The seats, not so good. Nice supporting, but bad inner materials. Maybe the problem is in the drivers weight...

The clutch pedal makes at time to time squelchy plastic noise. It's annoying.

The engine. Very little oil leak at valve-roof from the first days, not dangerous, but also not nice.

At 40 000 km came the major problem. It was and still is, that at idle the rpm go little fancy, under the min. and back. And now, at 70% of stopping in traffic, the engine turn it off. Very nice. The mechanic say to me that the problem is the error in central computer and because of that the air presure sensor at intake manifold get fault, also then the lambda sensor don't work well even if is OK. I need to fit new software in the central unit (100-150) and buy new pressure sensor (120). They say at service: serial error on 16V engines. That's OK, but FIAT did not make recall, well, that's not OK.

Position bulb have a contact problem some times, but it's OK after few seconds.

The doors are to heavy so I need to adjust them at time to time. Annoying. Also, I was having a experience of tightening several of "forgotten" screws on plastic cover in wheel bay. And the window was hitting the door, the one screw was "get away" somewhere :) ) ) ) ) so I put the new one. Also typical Italian errors in manufacturing.

The suspension geometry needs to be adjust at 40000 km. There's a little negative angle at front tires. That's normal for Punto. It handles better :)

The headlights have a condensation problem, but that's a very rear case on my car.

A yeah, the wiper-blades, they are crap, and the levers (in the motor bay) also. There's a little ball where 2 levers get connected an this ball get destroyed, so if you want a smooth work of wiper-blades at 1. slow speed you need to buy a new electro-engine because it's all the one part. And it cost just 120.

Strange, but I have no problems with H7 bulbs, maybe because I don't turn the engine if the lights are working.

General Comments:

Many little problems, nothing serious except the central unit error.

So it's a good car, nice performance, dead before 4000 rpm, but then go and go like a hell product. It smashes any other 1.2 or 1.2 16V engine. But I think that for 900 kg it needs a minimum of 1.4 l.

The gearbox have a nice 6 ratios. Very short, so he accelerate quite fast for 80 hp. In 1 gear he really smashes for 80 hp. The lever is hard, I like that, a little long trip, but it is OK. For normal use - perfect.

The steering is electrical so is not sensitive like hydraulic servo, but have only 2,5 turns lock to lock, and the servo is not soft, it have a nice resist.

Handling is perfect, it goes like a hell, nice job FIAT. Hard, stiff, and no roll in corners. But is not so comfort.

Brakes are great. Sporting have a bigger disc at front and calipers than regular 1.2. I specially like the feeling on the brake pedal, hard and stiff.

Driving position is little to high, and the dashboard also.

The HI FI, well it's a H of HI FI. Sub woofer, yeah...:) ) ) Nothing special. Serial equipment, but waste of money in oder way. Much better is solution of upgrading with aftermarket real HI FI components.

The consumption of fuel is about 7,5l mixed city and open road. That's quite low for this performances. I have reach about 5 l on 100 km on open road, and if you go pedal to a metal it go from 10 l up. The engine also have a little oil consumption, about 0,2-0,5 l at 10 000 km.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

3rd Feb 2007, 10:22

I would just like to say thanks for that review as it has answered most of my questions. I used to have the tick over problem, but now I know how to deal with it. The problem I am getting at the moment is the passenger seat runners keep jamming, I had the whole assembly replaced. It was OK for a while then started up again.

I agree with most of the rest of the review.