1st Aug 2003, 05:30

Hi there.

I am due to pick up my new Fiat Stilo Active 1.2 this afternoon from my local Fiat dealer. Is there anything I should look out for, the Stilo I have bought is an 02 reg so is only a year old. are there any problems or anything that I should check with them?

15th Apr 2004, 10:27

Hello, I own a "Stilo" Dynamic 1600cc, 3d and I have a serious problem with my airbags! To be precise the problem is located under the right seat. Every time I move the seat in order someone to get in the back of the car-the screen beeps and prompts the message "Airbag failure-Stop the engine"! I went several times to check it out, but they only reset the CPU and look at the cables,located under the seat! Does any one please know anything about the issue?

8th Feb 2005, 11:03

Yes it's a known problem with loose wire connection and was sorted in mine after the same occurred driving through Europe.

29th Jun 2005, 15:16

Hello from Estonia (2001, dyna, 3d)

I have read all the reviews in here and most of you have problems with passenger side seat airbag, so do I, I don't know do your dealers are dummies or not - there is no problems with connectors and wires, the only problem is that there is a big sensor element under the seat textile and it is rumpled and it sends non-adequate to bag-module, there is no way, not replace only the sensor element, but sensor element with all pad where we aresitting, that is Fiat`s warranty politics. This problem have most of Stilo`s

5th Nov 2005, 17:37

Hi there from turkey.

I bought stilo active 1.6 three mont ago. In first week engine temperature increased max degree and "temperature failure stop engine" message displayed then I went services and radiator switch replaced in warranty. In second month I noticed some noise from front suspensions dealer said to me steering wheel box should be replaced in warranty I am waiting for that spare part.

Above problems not much important, but stilo makes very much noises while driving on rough road. Is there anyone having this noise problem?

Best regards.

25th Nov 2005, 12:13

I test drove a fiat stilo 1.6 dynamic 3dr yesterday, and was very impressed with how the car handled and also all the little hidden extras that come with it. it is a 52 plate, but is not a fiat dealer, I really want this car, but I have heard so many bad things about fiat cars and I am only 18 and don't really know what is my best option as my budget is tight. does anyone have any suggestions for me...

30th Apr 2006, 04:39

"Air-bag Failure - Stop Engine". I too have had this occur in my Fiat Stylo 1.6 blar. And yes it scares you. (3 yr old Car in possession for 6 months) Occurred late Saturday afternoon on a bank holiday, and the service dept closed until Tuesday. Fiat Sales were not interested and would not assist. The AA insisted I should not drive it as it was considered dangerous!! local garage (friend) said 90% sure it was purely computer problem, should be OK to drive get it to the dealer for diagnostic test on Tuesday. Looking on Internet, and thanks to your advice have fiddled under the passenger seat. There appears to be a reset kind of flap under the seat where the wires are connected. Put ignition on and "wiggled" flap - the warning light has gone out and when started engine, the warning has disappeared. Will contact Fiat on Tuesday to advise. Remember to inform AA, as if you need them and have not used them once reporting a fault - there may be problems. - hope this helps.

12th May 2007, 14:52

I have had a Fiat Stilo for 1 year and 5 months. It's been in the garage no less than 6 times, and I still have a oil leak, had the coils replaced and front passenger tyre wears more than the rest. Also had a recall on the suspension, a nice car to drive, but so unreliable with the engine fault lights coming on at least once a month. I would not recommend anyone to buy one!!!

30th May 2007, 01:18

1.8 Stylo airbag warning and power steering failure.

I have sorted the airbag failure warning by disconnecting the connectors under the front seats and spraying with wd40.

I am struggling with the power steering failure, I am informed that it is an electric pump/motor that may have dirty/wet connectors???

6th Jun 2007, 11:39

Greetings from Denmark.

We bought a Fiat Stilo Dynamic 1,6 V in May 2006 and is first registered in 2001. It had only run 36.000 km. It was great with a used car, that hadn't been on the road so much.

But I would say it's a CRAP CAR. In a year we had the car repaired 7 Times.

Down below is mentioned the worst problems we have had in a year.

After a month the display said, Sensor Fault, Engine Fault, ABS Failure and ASR Failure?? At Fiat they tested it and said nothing was wrong. Strange we thought.

After 2 months the right front tire exploded when driving on the highway with no warning. (110km/H) It was caused bye the shock absorber broked. Fixed woth the warranty.

We also mentioned that the car is leaking oil or a lot of fluid. We didn't now if it was water from the air-condition or what. They said it was nothing, but in April 2007 they told us it was an oil leak - Didn't we told them that last year!!

On Christmas day our eninge broke down cause of ASR Failure. Then it was a new Control box and something with the starter.

In April it was on 1 year service, and they told us that we needed to have the Arms that holds the front wheels replaced?? Only run 60.000 km.

In May the car broked down again, a new starter + a lambatube to the egnition, that we had to pay ourselves cause the warranty was expired in April (Crap).

We bought it for DKR 130.000 (USD 24.000) FIAT has spend in 1 year around DKR 20.000 (USD 3.700) and we have spend around DKR 11.000 (USD 2.000)

So to conclude this we Cannot RECOMMEND THAT CAR.


22nd Oct 2007, 13:18

Hi, Just about to buy a 2nd hand stilo, 1.6 16v dynamic. 52 plate with 28k on clock. originally I was looking to buy a 1.2 to save on fuel, but have now spotted the 1.6 at a dealership 2hrs away and am really impressed over condition etc... can anyone advise what the mpg is on a 1.6? many thanks, karen.

14th Apr 2008, 15:38

Hey, just bought a Fiat Stilo 1.2 2002 model. Nice car, but again some of the above problems started to occur.

1) Firstly it started to give many errors like Engine Failure, Airbag Failure and many more. Putting a new battery into the car fixed all the problems.

2) It tends to steer to the left when driving at about 50 km/h.

3) There seems to be a loss in power at times. It mostly happens in any gear at about 2000-3000 rpm.

4) Recently AIRBAG FAILURE message appeared again. Does anyone have pictures with wires that cause this to happen. Tried playing with wires under the front seats ==> NO LUCK! Any ideas?