28th Jul 2011, 03:41

Guys, about the airbag problem: under the front seat on both sides, it's an orange 3 wire connection. Open that, clean the dust off it, and put it back together, and it will work again for 3 months.

1st Nov 2011, 05:29

Don't buy it; look for another car, VW, or Audi etc. You will lose more money than just on the fuel.


1st May 2012, 11:42

Change your crankshaft sensor.

6th Oct 2013, 07:10

Hi. I had the same problem with the car cutting out while driving. It cost me £600 in garages etc. I finally solved it myself; it was the ECU that sits on top of the engine near the throttle body. Changing that will sort all the error codes and it will run great again.

13th Nov 2013, 04:13

I currently have a 2004/5 (54 plate) Fiat Stilo. The dashboard lights... Oh yes.. joyous during the festive season, however, the rest of the time... a pain!

Problems: Well, cutting out when idling (the engine is running well.. and was taken back to Fiat and told that there was no problem). Oil pressure indicator on dashboard comes on when it's cut out. Oh and it tells me I have an alternator failure too.

I gave up bothering to look at the dashboard after a while as I figure it lies to me.

The greatest one yet is a crack in the catalytic convertor!!

I bought the car from the dealership Feb 2011 (after having to get rid of my Brava, due to the subframe being rotten... which was a shame as I'd had the Brava with no issues for 5 years!) When purchased, the Stilo had to sit in the garage for 2-3 weeks while they "sorted out the emissions problem"... apparently it was passed and was given to me.

I have never bonded with this car at all. Something just didn't "feel" right about it. Anyway... I discovered, after it started making an unholy racket, that I have a crack in the catalytic converter. The Fiat dealership wanted £1600 to replace and fit a new one... a garage down the road wanted £500. I'm cutting my losses and trading it in. I've never been so disappointed with a car in my car buying years; I'm definitely not having another one.

11th Apr 2014, 01:33

For airbag error, check the cable and connector under the passenger seat. Use contact cleaner, then secure the connection using a zip tie.

Afraid to go to mechanic in fear of discovering expensive intervention? And you aren't afraid that you might have your wheel or suspension malfunctioning while driving?! Totally wrong attitude...

The noise should be from silent blocks (not sure what's the proper name in English), looks like a tin can with rubber suspension in it.... Or a broken shock absorber holder.

19th Apr 2014, 09:37

In response to the air bag failure. Disconnect the battery, disconnect the orange connectors under the passenger or driver's seat, depending on which one is failing, leave for 10 minutes, reconnect connectors, then reconnect battery. Airbag lights should be gone.

Mine comes on from moving seats backwards and forward. Annoying, but cost free to fix.

12th Sep 2014, 18:13

The noise under your car is most likely to be the rear exhaust mount. I found this out myself by looking under the car and seeing a great deal of cable ties holding up the exhaust. Foolishly, I missed that upon buying the car. But luckily, with help from YouTube I have the part in the post and plan on fitting it myself.

The beeping however, I have no idea how to turn it off. I can't even work out how to change the time ATM!!