6th Jun 2008, 14:38

Hi there, Son bought Fiat Stilo 1.6V Dynamic 02 plate and been having problems with sensors, engine failure, airbag failure. Replaced crankshaft sensor as recommended by AA man but still no joy.

Car cuts out and if key removed from ignition, doors locked - opened again and restarting sometimes clears the fault. Anyone think of anything else that can cause the problems, car has only done 24,000 miles.

22nd Jun 2008, 08:03

Hi, I own a 2002 1.6 Stilo Dynamic (although has no CD player so not sure why this is as it is standard at this level!! only has factory fitted radio) Have owned since Nov 03.

I too have the air bag issue but no-one here seems to mention the Map Sensor issue. Unless you know exactly what it is you'll spend hundreds on trying to fix it. Initially you are made aware by the engine light coming on, and the car will stall esp when in traffic or parking. The revs will go all over the place and you'll probably be thrashing it in order to keep it going while you park or move off!!! When on diagnostics it shows as a map sensor fault. Replacing the map sensor (as usually advised) is expensive. What you ACTUALLY need is a software upload from Fiat, this costs around £60. There are about 6 codes that relate to the map sensor but the upload is only for 1 of the codes (unfortunately I'm not sure exacty which one). Fiat are obviously aware of this, else why would they create the software? However, much to my annoyance, no recall has been put in place.

Other issues I've had (apart from the above):

Both rear door locks needing fixing/replacing (one I couldn't open, the other I couldn't close!) £104 to fix one & replace the other.

Air con: Cracked pipe - quoted around £375 to fix (I'll open a window!) In addition to this, the "blowers" in dashboard are not as powerful - this I'm told is a separate issue to the air con.

Rear driver side window- regulator broken (will not use this window for above!)

With the airbag, another mechanic told me that in some models its the switch thingy that breaks as its only plastic. This is located on side of dashboard which is visable when you open the passenger door - its whats used to turn off the airbag if using a babyseat. My airbag issue is in the seat itself as mentioned by another reviewer.

I've had a little plastic bit replaced in the clutch pedal (ratchet thingy), this cost another £60 to fix and was a TINY piece of plastic!

Apart from all of that, it is actually an OK car. It was off the road for about 8 months when my partner died, and would have started straight off if it wasn't for the battery. Once battery was sorted, it passed its MOT with no problems. Its now on about 57k miles and doing OK (I just want my air con!

Hope this is helpful, Kind Regards RR.

14th Oct 2008, 05:52

Stilo LOOSE CONNECTION!!! If the engine cuts out while the car is running and won't start until it gets cold. I would suggest to change the Crank Sensor. It happens a few times before it gets worse.

Cost 28 pounds for the part plus labour.

26th Oct 2008, 12:55

Air mass meter would cause car to cut out or suddenly lose power. Went through all the same problems on a Vauxhall Corsa. Got Vauxhalls to diagnose the problem (£50) but they wanted £240 - yes £240 for an air mass meter. The exact same Bosch part cost £70 from autofactors and took 10 minutes to fit. Runs like a dream now.

4th Apr 2009, 08:15

I have Fiat Stilo Dynamic, can anyone tell me why I have to top up the water reservoir every week, had new gasket and catalytic converter installed recently, the garage cannot find a leak. Can anyone help?

9th Aug 2009, 03:11

Hi to all fellow Stilo sufferers... We have a 2003 1.6v. We too have the "Christmas Tree Lights" on the dashboard.. every time you turn the key it's a new surprise!!

We have also had Cracked Air-con pipe.. Coil packs "pack up" on a regular basis.. and the air bag failure light is on constantly now.. what makes it more irritating is that the volume of the warning beep (which we all hear far to often) cannot be turned off!! Min volume level = 1!!

I am an Italian car fan through and through.. but the Stilo is a real disappointment.. Great looking car with an ace interior.. Just too many "Self check" errors...

21st Jan 2010, 08:37

I own a 2003 Stilo; all the usual problems, airbag failure light (had it to the dealer who put a cable tie round the connector under the seat), light has come back on and will not go off, now MAP sensor is faulty, just cost me £120 for a new one, dash lights up like a Christmas tree and get charged £25 each time to re-set the EML. Why don`t FIAT just identify on going problems all Stilo drivers have and sort the damn computer, as a mechanic mate of mine said that is where the problem is.



9th Mar 2010, 16:46

I have 52 Stilo, I've had map sensor replaced, but light has came back on a month later... the sensor is wet, which happened to last 1, I don't think anything was wrong with first sensor as its same thing again. For some reason the sensor is getting wet. It stalled as I was driving, but it runs OK apart from the light showing...

18th Jun 2010, 03:56

I need advice as single parent who knows nothing about cars!

Just bought a Fiat Stilo 02 plate. 80,000 on the clock.

Airbag failure light is on constantly, and need to press the mode button to stop the beeping!!

Also noisy underneath when going over speed bumps or bumpy surfaces... not sure what this noise is... scared to take it to garage for fear of expense!!

17th Sep 2010, 06:54

Hi, I also have a Fiat Stilo 52 plate with 40,000 on the clock. I have had the driver's air bag failure light on now for about a year. Tried fiddling with wires under the seat, but still no joy. I have now got a fault on it saying loose connection with the steering wheel light on. I now have no power steering and can't drive the bloody thing. Anyone have any ideas on how to fit this? Already had an engine failure, but my husband just bought a coil, and it then went... Car battery is only 4 months old, but I have to jump start it at least once a month, as I very rarely drive the car... any advice much appreciated.

21st Jan 2011, 12:31

It's simple really. Fiat = Fix It Again Tomorrow. :)

20th Jun 2011, 13:16

I have had one for 5 years. Fiat stands for fix it again tomorrow. Trust me, it's true. Get rid now.

I am having major problems right now. As to the banging shockers; cost me £200, and about 2 years later, gone again.

Airbag; had the passenger side rewired, cost £40, one month later swapped to driver's side. I will fiddle with the seat position till it goes. Am reluctant to part with another £40, because it will probably then go to the rear seats!!!