1985 Ford Crown Victoria 351 from North America


Bullet proof


I ripped off the power steering line when driving over a fallen down power pole.

It smelt terrible.

I blew all of the fuses and radio when I was mud bogging in 3 foot high water.

The shocks where shot it was like having no shocks you will not ride in a car with worse shocks.

General Comments:

I traded it for a Nintendo 64 and it was the best use of my money I have ever done.

It was bullet proof I jumped it over entire grid roads and with some modifications filled the back seat full of water.

It wasn't the fastest car I have ever road in, but it could roast the tires like it was a Chrysler 300 with a 440.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2006

1985 Ford Crown Victoria 302 from North America


GREAT CAR!! That's why I have two of these!!


I have replaced the water pump twice, put 2 or 3 alternators on it, fixed the heater core twice, replaced the valve cover gaskets once and replaced two solenoid switches. Other than changing the oil every 3,000 miles like clockwork and keeping the wheels lined up, rotated and balanced, that's all I've ever done, other than tune-ups.

General Comments:

Best car on the planet. I've NEVER had a wrench on the engine or transmission since I've owned it.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2006

6th Nov 2006, 12:31

You must have really strong fingers, to replace water pumps and alternators without using a wrench...

7th Nov 2006, 11:36

I just had to laugh at that last comment. Totally hilarious.

21st Jun 2015, 08:59


21st Jun 2015, 15:51

Perhaps the bolts are all finger tight.

22nd Jun 2015, 14:53

"Perhaps the bolts are all finger tight."

Hope you don't try to do your own repairs.

1985 Ford Crown Victoria 5.0L V8, 302 from North America


Big, Built, Beautiful Box


Thick Film Ignition Module at 85K (Easy Fix)

Not really anything else outside of regular, expected maintenance.

Get used to hearing "CFI" a lot if you buy one of these from '84-'86 (or a Grand Marquis). Central Fuel Injection was an experiment on this car, run by Ford, and mercifully ended a year and a half later. It's basically half carbed and half fuel injected, for all intents and purposes. Means you have to turn key to "ON" position, then pump pedal, wait 2-3 seconds, then crank in order to start.

General Comments:

This is a fantastic car, period.

More than enough room in cabin and trunk.

Extremely reliable, and well built.

Controls are easy, and steering could be done with your pinky finger.

Classy as they come. Last great American (and Canadian) full size sedan.

Bought car for $1000, and never looked back. One of the best investments a college student could make. Only downer is the atrocious gas mileage (CFI and sheer size take blame).

One of the best engines ever built, coupled with a great drivetrain. The 302 short block is solid as a rock, and the 4-speed AOD transmission (Automatic Overdrive) is stable and smooth. Not at all rare to see this engine/drivetrain combo eclipse 200,000 miles.

Here is where this car makes it's name, and of course, it's value: Easy to find, affordable parts, and easy to fix, even for relative novices like me.

Handling and performance is mostly subjective, so while I really enjoy the ride, and highly approve, I will not say much else, as it's a matter of taste. Though, if you, too, like RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), it's a winner.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2006

1985 Ford Crown Victoria LTD 351 V8 from North America


Great car, can't say enough good things about it, it will get you through anything


Catalytic converters clogged up.

Brakes lock when it gets really cold after a wet spell (I think it's caused by ice in the calipers)

Variable Venturi carburator. Need I say any more?

Fuel filter clogged up.

General Comments:

When I got it it was pretty run down, due to the previous owner not taking care of it. It ran, but not well, and needed a lot of work.

Replaced the fuel lines, fuel filter, and gas tank, about $300 Canadian, and had to get the catalytic converters cut off and a new muffler put on since the catalytic converters were so clogged it barely ran, about another $300 Canadian.

All in all a great car, never driven anything I've liked better. Lots of room, handles incredibly, smoothest ride I've ever driven.

Needs to be looked after, otherwise it gets a little sickly, but since those major repairs nothing has failed or given out, all I've had to do is change the oil and fill it up with gas and windshield washer fluid.

Parts can be hard to find in my area, I can't seem to find a single other '85 Crown Victoria for salvage in Saskatchewan.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005