4th Feb 2020, 22:23

Please don't remove the cats.... for starters that means your car is going to spew raw, untreated exhaust into the atmosphere. Secondly, your car will probably start running like you do. And lastly? If you live in one of the many states that have smog and inspections? The car will fail instantly.

5th Feb 2020, 21:51

Removed the "cats" on my 96 Impala SS and it ran just fine.

5th Feb 2020, 22:49

The state of Colorado, where the reviewer presumably lives, requires emissions testing every two years on vehicles older than 7 years, so your advice, to remove the catalytic converters, is not something that should be followed.

6th Feb 2020, 15:50

They are called dummy cats; won’t trip O2. Glad you mentioned check your state on emissions. Don’t worry about other poster; he missed your advisory, and if it’s legal in your state, go ahead. My son runs these on his Challenger SRT8 Hemi manual in Florida.

6th Feb 2020, 16:19

Talking about the car on review that has engine technology that dates back to 1991, so yes this particular car will run fine if not better without the converters. I had a Panther car that I removed them. No problems at all. A modern car built in the last 10 years? Yes it would more than likely run like crap.

If you are concerned about untreated exhaust and the atmosphere; try telling that to the 19 states across the US that don't require an emissions test. Evidently they could care less. Also what about the cars built before 1975 that are still on the road?

And of course a car will instantaneously fail a test without converters. That was the whole point of the second paragraph in the previous comment.

6th Feb 2020, 21:28

You shouldn't remove cats on a car for the very basic fact that when you do so, you will then be producing the equivalent pollution of 100 cars. Not only is it bad for the environment, but bad for health. You wouldn't throw garbage out your car window would you? Of course not. So why is it then OK to start spewing tons of untreated exhaust for the rest of us to breathe? Same thing. It's called being a good steward.

7th Feb 2020, 17:48

Actually it's "couldn't care less". And the pre-1975 cars that are "still on the road"? A tiny minority that is not going to impact the overall pollution level any significant amount.

7th Feb 2020, 18:03

Well if that's the case, the government should outlaw all the classics that are years 1975 and older.

7th Feb 2020, 23:27

It's a no win situation no matter how you look at it, and you can't stop something that can't be stopped.

If somebody wants to remove their converters (if they live in a legit area) they are going to do it.

As mentioned before there are numerous states that go without a smog test. Along with that there are many pre-1975 vehicles out there. Not to mention performance and aftermarket speed shops and catalogs that supply hollowed out converters, and fake oxygen sensors for a lot of automotive applications. New and old.

8th Feb 2020, 16:02

Vehicles by weight like tractor trailers and buses are totally exempt on emission tests, because of weight. Thousands and thousands on highway every single day. Far more of an issue than a totally restored classic car used on some weekends. Most insured with mileage limitations on use for classic car insurance. I put 250-500 miles annually on mine. Not much of a carbon footprint exposure. Count how many pre 1975 vehicles you see on your daily commute. I can drive only to a show, cruise night or club event. No shopping, no drives to work etc allowed.

8th Feb 2020, 20:08

What about a check engine light staring somebody in the face, and they do nothing about it because their state doesn't require a test and the car is performing like nothing is wrong, yet it's an emissions problem that will fail a test due to pollution?

And for every 1 pre 1975 car out there, it equals 100 polluting the air right? The "tiny minority" of 1975 or older is more than likely higher than the amount of modern car owners deleting catalytic converters.

So the next time you're driving down the interstate with your windows down and you get passed by a Challenger SRT8 Hemi with a manual and dummy cats... Don't worry I'm sure you'll live.

9th Feb 2020, 04:19

"does not do too bad in the snow with the right tires"

Excellent observation.

These cars are like an Ice Capades Bear on dull skates with the OEM tires.

10th Feb 2020, 03:40

The baby boomers are here with all the 50-60s cars driven daily then on leaded gas. Yes we are living too.

10th Feb 2020, 16:55

Actually, speaking of commercial trucks and buses there has been major and significant changes to their emission requirements. At this point ALL new tractor trailers, buses and commercial diesel equipped vehicles come with Urea injection systems and catalytic converters. On top of that, if you go to just about any US city these days, the city buses are increasingly going hybrid, fuel cell or fully electric. In California all commercial trucks are required to have what is known as a "clean idle" certification.

But getting back to the initial discussion about removing cats from a car that came with them. In this case we're talking about a stock Crown Vic. In stock form, not exactly a stellar performer. Sure - removing the cats means a little less back pressure. But there's other ways to get more performance rather than just hacking off the cats. I know because I've done some of these myself. You can install header exhaust which allows more free flowing exhaust over the stock cast iron units. A cold air intake system can also be installed to increase intake flow to the engine. None of these are super expensive and can be done by the average backyard mechanic. When I did this to my truck I gained something like 10 horsepower, which doesn't sound like much but makes it a lot more fun to drive. That and I don't have to worry about smogging it as it will pass.

Lastly, if you hack the cats off in a state like Colorado... which I recall someone mentioning the OP is from, you're looking at a $2,500 fine if you get caught, or basically more than the value of the entire car. So the question is it worth it. That's for the OP to decide. I actually have a neighbor who's kid decided to remove the cats off his older BMW. The car has run like garbage ever since.

10th Feb 2020, 17:09

Up the tire size to 235/65/16. Holds the road better and it's not illegal and bad for your health.

10th Feb 2020, 19:55

Yeah, until the states that don't have emissions inspections decide to enact them, thanks to people like you and your "dummy cats".

Then you won't be passing anybody in that Challenger.

11th Feb 2020, 02:26

To the Impala guy with hacked off cats... Ford computers are very different than GM computers.

11th Feb 2020, 18:46

Excuse me but I'm not the one who owns the Challenger. Talk to comment 15:50 who probably provoked their son to "go ahead" and do it in Florida.

Also if those states DO decide to "enact"emissions tests, what do you care? Raw exhaust fumes are bad for your health...

11th Feb 2020, 18:59

Use a portaband saw. Do not hack off. Easy removal.