2nd Jul 2016, 17:33

What "items" does this car have that were found on the police interceptors but were not exclusive to the "police package"?

2nd Jul 2016, 22:47

I didn't write the review, but I would say things like sirens, window cages, spot lights and rubber floors instead of carpet.

3rd Jul 2016, 10:53

We bought a couple detective unmarked at a police auction years ago. Both had 440s. I suspect the civilian version has the heavy duty radiator, large oil cooler, springs and other suspension upgrades. Larger speed rated tires. Best alternator and large battery size. Certified speedometer. Ours had a fast pop full open trunk, no doubt for weapon removal. You couldn't unlock the rear doors from the inside. Ours had fabric seats! I am sure as the detective versions were different than the police. With people throwing up in the back etc. Sold one to a guy towing a large boat. It certainly had the power. I opened it up on a straight road and it flew. The other we kept for a while. Even with high miles both were well maintained.

Later our state went to the Diplomats, then hot Mustangs and later Chargers. You cannot beat the sound of a 440 big block without all the pollution garbage on it. Pure power. These were a whim to buy and fun. I know we didn't spend over 1500 each at the time. I missed out on buying a Superbird 440 in the 80s for 8500.00. Complete and tagged! It was a fair piece of change then for a used car. But the 1/4 million price wouldn't be bad to have now if I bought and kept.

At any rate these detective unmarks were pretty cool. They both had poor repaints and had many holes in the dash from removed equipment. But getting those great running drivetrains were a steal. We put zero money in them. Just lots of fuel. Pounce on those 440s and you will see a gas pump soon.

Hope you liked my comments.