27th Jun 2006, 06:17

I own a 1986 Ford. I will never think of selling it. It has a #1 air conditioning. I'm always being approached by someone wanting to buy it. I love it.

June 27,2006.

19th Apr 2011, 20:53

I have an 86 Crown Vic that I love.

Only one problem, the passenger side power window stopped working and is stuck in the down position. No noise at all when you try to raise the window, hoping it's just a fuse, but maybe the motor needs replacement?

Anyone have any helpful advice to fix it myself?

Other than that, I absolutely love this car.

Even with the high price of gas, it's worth every penny to cruise in this luxury land yacht.

I make up excuses to drive places in it, and others make up excuses to come along, it's such a smooth pleasant ride!

21st Apr 2011, 14:35

It's fairly easy to remove the door upholstery panel. You'll need to look for screws that hold the various handles and trim pieces on, and there may be screws on the bottom of the door as well. Some screws may be concealed behind little plastic inserts.

Once the screws and handles are all removed, pry the door panel loose with a big screwdriver. I use a panel remover tool, but it is basically just a wide screwdriver.

As soon as the panel is loose, find and unplug the electrical connectors for the various power options, mirrors etc. You should be able to see immediately if the wire to your power window motor has come loose. If so, you may be able to just re-connect it and fix your problem. If it is the motor, you can replace it. Auto Zone carries most (or all) of the parts you'll need.

Lots of luck!! These old cars are awesome!!

21st Apr 2011, 22:17

"Only one problem, the passenger side power window stopped working and is stuck in the down position."

Either the motor or window regulator needs to be replaced.

9th Jul 2011, 15:53

When one of my '86 Grand Marquis windows got stuck in the down position, I removed the door upholstery and adjusted the screw on the window motor (reachable from hinge-side of the door without unbolting the entire motor). First loosen the nut that fixes the screw/stud in position.

It works for half a year now, trouble free. While you're at it, clean the connectors in the door preventive with contact spray.