27th Oct 2018, 16:01

I did, and an option for others is to drop it off. It’s not an option that should break the bank for an average car owner that has a garage. A 4 year loan would cost under 50.00 a month for a lift. Or pay a shop. The catalog comment was about ordering the kit. Simplest option is do nothing at all. It may cost a trans failure in the end. That’s what a free society does is choose what suits you best. I am pretty tired of repeating this. Whatever you like is fine by us. It was a low cost solution. I didn’t want to pay to build a larger garage add on with the tax consequence pulling permits over the cost to built. The lift works and you can check your trans fluid. And preserve another car under the same roof footprint.

27th Oct 2018, 19:35

Well, I guess this sums it all up. Comment Oct 10th 19:06 was wrong this whole time. The newer Edge has a transmission dipstick. Therefore no need to buy an inexpensive lift to check the fluid level. At least not on an Edge anyway.

28th Oct 2018, 20:40

If your tired of repeating it; why not just simply skip over the comments?

29th Oct 2018, 02:38

"I am pretty tired of repeating this"

Why keep repeating it then!? This could have ended a week ago. Instead of going into full detail over and over again about prices, ceiling height, and dartboards. Instead of all that, you could have said; "Hey, I agree that checking trans fluid these days is a ridiculous procedure. Much easier using a lift if you have access to one".

29th Oct 2018, 07:46

That leaves all the other used Edge owners out that should have their trans fluids checked as they age and require fluid. Edge has been out for a number of years now without a dipstick. Even the quick lubes do not check it as they say it's sealed on your invoice. That’s a great solution, sell the old Edges just to buy a brand new Edge to get a dipstick. Seriously? Your older Edge may have low mileage on it. But no dipstick. How’s that an economical solution for an average person. I have sold a nice car because I tired of a color. But never sold one to buy a new one with a dipstick.

29th Oct 2018, 13:59

And you could have said I prefer another personal to my taste only method. Let the masses know what is available and choose whatever safest or most convenient direction they desire. If you are borrowing another man's lift, it stands to reason you found it valuable. I once did the same, but liked it and felt guilt using one that was used to run a business. Not for my free use. They were cheap to own. Good luck.

29th Oct 2018, 17:48

Go back and read 14:07 if you want to talk about quick lubes and the B.S. they tell you and sell you.

29th Oct 2018, 17:51

Not one comment here recommends anyone to buy a new vehicle only to have a dipstick. The only recommendations I see is the ease of purchasing an inexpensive lift.

29th Oct 2018, 21:12

I totally 100% agree with you on quick lubes. They do not check your trans fluid as it doesn't have a dipstick on the many used Edges. It's called sealed, so if you want to pay and hope it's perfect, proceed. But they still charge the full service price. So I do my own personal cars and do it right (with the lift). Glad you see the value. A really big point to me is not turning my vehicles over not knowing if fluids were even checked or changed. A big deal if you pay for synthetic especially. And losing a lot of tire tread and red lining or drifting with joyrides on my dime. In 20-30 minutes tops I know it is perfect as I did it at home. Not saying all shops do this kind of thing, but it's possible and does happen. Let's get off the lift OK? I would like to read new topics. You will get over it. I like one, you do not. It costs money; maybe seems a whole lot for you. Do your own thing with your vehicle and best of luck. Hope you enjoy your vehicle.

30th Oct 2018, 00:22

Author of 19:35 here,

I really don't know where you are going with this, but never did I state that it is "economical solution" to sell off an Edge to buy another with a "dipstick" Those are YOUR words, whatever they are supposed to mean.

I think you're trying to get the last comment in for whatever reason. Happens a lot on here.

Oh - and by the way, your quick lube and you are wrong about the newer gen. Edge. Them saying the trans is sealed and you saying you need a lift to check it.

Here is a little YouTube link showing a 2016 (second and current generation) Edge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy-yUu261-Q

30th Oct 2018, 12:11

Having had 2 as company vehicles, I know the Edge very well. I do use Quick Lubes on it as I would be doing oil changes every other month with the miles I drive. My personal cars I perform myself. At any rate, I am extremely happy and not upset with the situation. If you want to hear issues I have had with them, I will be glad to share. Starting with poor paint. If you have personal experiences with this car, it would be interesting as well. I think everyone knows about the trans dipstick, trans plug and Quick Lubes. Let’s hear about this actual crossover.

I have a cool tip on how to unclog the A/C tube inside the car. Lift the carpet by the driver's pedal, unhook the connection and blow compressed air into it. It stops the dripping on the passenger side. Saved my company a dealer visit. Let’s hear tips like that please to help Edge owners. I covered the lift option and it’s been read. It’s done. Let’s hear some tips and experiences on this nice vehicle.

30th Oct 2018, 14:41

Nicely said. Good research on the Ford Edge transmission too. Even the owner on review says you can check the fluid on the new generation.

Unfortunately I'm under the impression that the lift guy who tries to have an answer for everything is going keep going on and on with this.

31st Oct 2018, 23:27

I own both an Edge and a lift. You are aware of that, so here’s an update on the car. The current issue with mine (which just started) is a power steering leak on the high pressure hose to the rack and pinion. The leak is located in the center of the hose. Likely from abrasion, not leaking at the clamps. Will need the hose replaced to prevent pump failure. Other recent issues were overheating and electric fan replacement. Air conditioning quits in twice on that. Recall on passenger air bag, received the call, but the dealer does not have any in stock, awaiting shipment.

19th Jan 2019, 18:43

Exactly right, I own the same vehicle in that video. Check my transmission fluid all the time. Absolutely no need for a car lift whatsoever.

20th Jan 2019, 22:04

I never needed one, but it sure is great to own! The kit shipped to the door wasn’t much more than even buying a good lawn tractor. Nut and bolt assembly only, no foundation work. Cheap. And with the bad weather we are having right now, it’s more than paid for itself, keeping 3 not just 2 cars all under cover in the garage. Payback at resale time and lowers the car insurance. Besides the ease of checking the trans fluid and easy oil changes. The best is not laying on your back. Something to consider. There’s lots of things we do not need. But buying some things are really nice to own over time. My other great investment was finally buying a really nice rolling tool box for the garage. I should have bought one over 20 years ago!