22nd Jan 2019, 18:32

What about your transmission fluid? Now that you saw the video and know where the dipstick is, and you don't need to use the inexpensive lift, have you checked the level?

22nd Jan 2019, 21:15

What about our other cars? And honestly it’s only one very small benefit. It’s condemned without actually having ownership. To me spending a couple grand has been recouped just in this winter alone. I figure to be in our home at least 15 more years. Peanuts in the bigger scheme of things. And I suspect we will recoup every single penny as a great home investment when we sell our home. And likely make it even easier to sell it. If you like cars, it’s an option not mandatory. We had to cut and rebrace our trusses in the garage attic on one side. We live in a typical subdivision. And no extra tax consequence to all or put up a detached garage. At far less cost. Good luck.

25th Jan 2019, 00:18

Again, the question was did you check the transmission fluid in your Edge now that you know how? Really wasn't expecting the lectures on lifts again for an answer.

25th Jan 2019, 22:43

No lectures and no dipstick on the 2010 Edge. It’s underneath and we have already covered this ground. The upside is neither one of us has to lay on the ground. You put your money in a newer model. I put mine into overhead car storage for a very nominal amount. Best of luck! Let’s move on and enjoy what our dollars have provided us.

26th Jan 2019, 15:25

Well, time for me to chime in after a few months.

We had an 08 Edge in our family, same as a 2010. In the 6 years of ownership I (myself) serviced the transmission twice. Dipstick/fill-tube is located to the left of the air box. The top of the stick is not a "T" shape or a loop handle type. It looks like a regular engine oil cap.

27th Jan 2019, 23:40

Uh, this original review is about a 2011 model, yes,the same generation as your 2010.

Go back and view comment 1:17 on Oct. 27th. It's posted by the review owner and clearly explains where the check and fill tube is located. You need to find a different quick lube if they keep telling you that it's a sealed unit.

19th May 2020, 22:35

180K mile update.

The Edge is still doing great! It's starting to rust more on the rear wheel well and along the hatch in the seams. I had the passenger side CV joint replaced 2 months ago and it's only been the usual oil changes and coolant flushes. My time though has come to an end with it sadly as I have upgraded to a 2014 Hyundai Azera. But the Edge is going to my father, so I'll still update on how it's been going.