2005 Ford Escape from North America


It's a lemon


Gas pedal... stuck on tipping point 2 weeks after I bought the car. Transmision just went at 29,500 miles... thank God I got the extended warranty. I'm thinking about selling the car, though. I don't want a problem car like this.

General Comments:

Do not buy a Ford. They are not reliable.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2007

20th Dec 2013, 16:14

Your statement "Don't buy a Ford" makes no sense. You are basing your statement it seems on one problem with one vehicle it appears. That is definitely not a fair assessment or sample. Most of the other reviews are positive about the car company and the Escape itself, as is Consumer Reports. Judging upon one car and one experience does not make sense.

2005 Ford Escape XLT 3.0 V6 from North America


A good all around SUV that is good at everything, but excels at nothing


Rubber trim around doors has come off, used super glue to put it back on.

Plastic trim on the floor inside the door is loose.

Seats are hard around the edges resulting in premature wear.

General Comments:

I love this lttle SUV. It is a perfect SUV for a small family. The V6 has enough power. The 4WD works well. The cargo area is versatile.

The V6 has enough power to satisfy me. It can tow a small to medium trailer. On several occasions, I have packed it full to go camping and I can feel the weight of the load. The engine struggles a little going up hills when I have packed it full. Granted, it was packed to the brim and I had a rooftop cargo pack on it, it still should not have been straining as hard as it was. I could not imagine how hard the 4 cyl. would have handled that load. on that note, I would not recommend getting the 4 cyl. if hauling anything more than groceries. Ford should have put a little bit bigger of a V6 in there, like a 3.5 or something.

The 4WD does great for what is was intended for. this SUV is not built on a truck frame, nor does it have exceptional ground clearance. it was not intended to tackle the Rubicon Trail. My Escape has definitely surprised me and some of my friends with its capabilities. I have definitely had fun with the Escape. it lacks the low gearing, ground clearance, and strong frame of a true off road vehicle, but it does do very well for the average person's needs. unless you are planning on doing some serious off roading, this should do everything you need it to. it also does great in the snow and ice.

The Escape is an awesome SUV. it does well in every aspect. but it is not great in any one thing. it only seats five, good for a small family, but not much more. it has a V6, but it is not a big strong V6. It can tow, but only up to 3500 pounds. it can go off road, but lacks ground clearance, low gearing, and a rigid frame. it is a good all around suv and it's price tag is not too bad either, but if you want more space, towing capacity, and off road capability, go with something else.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2007

4th Jan 2007, 20:01

Yes, the Escape is a great little SUV. The 3.0 V-6 is not a tremendously powerful engine, but it is all steel, has no rubber timing belt to wear out in 60,000 miles, and has the absolute bullet-proof reliability and build quality you'd expect from the company that turned Jaguar from an unreliable joke to a world-class luxury car. We drove a couple of Escapes before we bought my wife's GMC Envoy, and it would have been our second choice. We also drove the Saturn Vue (boring), the Ford Explorer (ugly), the Highlander (a poor handling, underpowered joke) and the Dodge Durango (fast, but rough riding). In the crossover market we drove the Matrix (slow, cheap) and the Vibe (a Matrix sold by a better dealership network). I would probably have opted for the Escape V-6 myself, but my wife liked the tremendous smoothness and unmatched performance of the Envoy.