2005 Ford Escape XLT 3.0L from North America


Good, would benefit from 10% more design effort


Engine Check light: Warranty, Fuel tank vent sensor faulty.

Difficulty fueling. Automatic overfill trip on forecourt keeps triping. Takes 25 minutes to manually "squeeze" and fill up. Not funny when winter here gets to -30c! Warranty, replace filler pipe assembly. Result better, but not perfect.

Not yet addressed: Rust seeping from back hatch glass seal on inside! I don't want this rust to spread to the hatch metalwork.

In the last couple of days yet to be addressed: A/C stuck on. This is not a major rush this week because it is currently +30C.

The dealer changes oil and oil filter only at service interval. They have never rotated the tires, greased the door hinges or changed the air filter which are all requirements of the service schedule. After this last service (40K), I prefer to service this vehicle myself to be sure it is done properly because I will be buying out the residual at lease end. I have checked the legal situation with this and as long as I keep my receipts for the servicing items I do not invalidate my warranty.

General Comments:

Generally I like this car a lot. It drives very well, is comfortable, moderately cheap to run, and is generally reliable. If ford went the extra 10% with this vehicle it would be a great car instead of a good car.

Dashboard beeper for seat belt not worn (offroad use), indicator left on, door open, keys left in, ashtray full (sarc) etc. Drives us nuts! It is not possible to listen to the radio while working outside the vehicle with door open. The dealer is unable/unwilling to silence the damn thing. Out of frustration I personally removed the instrument cluster and cut the circuit board track to the beeper (took 10 minutes)...Bliss!

Car came with silly side steps along the side (flimsy for show only). These gather road salt like mad in the winter and this rubs on your leg as you get out. The car is not that high from the road to justify these. Removed and improved the look of the vehicle while curing the salt build up problem (sure to cause major rusting).

Exhaust system is hung quite low for an off road capable car. I have to remember this and compensate accordingly when driving over mud, snow/ice, ridges and ditches.

Car seems a little underpowered for a 3.0L, but this is probably because it is an automatic. I would have preferred a manual trans, but 4wd & manual trans not available in Canada.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2006

22nd Aug 2007, 15:34

I have a 2005 Ford Escape and I have the same problem with the gas overfill thing. Very annoying!

29th Nov 2009, 15:27

I also have an 05 XLT 3.0L with the same issue, then after 70kms I have 3/4 of a tank left.

2005 Ford Escape LX 3L V6 from North America


Very nice small SUV with some nice special touches


The sun-roof electric switch failed. It opened OK but would not close reliably. Dealer replaced switch.

General Comments:

When I went looking for a car, I wanted one that fit my frame. I like to sit away from the steering wheel. The Escape was one of few I had to actually move the seat forward to comfortably fit.

I also do not like to duck getting in and out of the car. Many smaller SUVs have such low ceiling heights, I would bang my head getting in or out. The Escape has excellent clearance.

I get 20mpg average over city/highway.

Driving position is good, well above other vehicles for good visibility.

The sound system is awesome, but I have noticed the CD player seems to keep spinning the CDs even when turned off. CDs are HOT when removed from player, but I have had no problems, yet.

I wanted a tow package, but the Escape was not wired for it. Adding the receiver was not difficult, but wiring the lights was a challenge. If I had not taken one off the lot, I would have had the tow package factory-installed.

The paint is a step up and red metallic glint. Very nice. Gets good feedback from people riding and seeing it. I have had many favorable comments.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2005