5th Jan 2007, 08:59

<< and has the absolute bullet-proof reliability and build quality you'd expect from the company that turned Jaguar from an unreliable joke to a world-class luxury car.>>

Which company is that? Jaguar has lost money every single year Ford has owned it. Its X-Type is the most unreliable car out there, followed by the S-Type and the new XJ. One auto magazine, who had the XJ for like a week, had the car have a "stroke" as its air suspension go haywire and made the car undriveable.

Suggest you do a little more research before posting untruths.

5th Feb 2007, 07:58

Looks like you are both mis-informed. As a Jaguar owner I know Jaguar is extremely reliable in Europe because people know how to work on the cars and have had proper training. (Funny how European brands are only 'deemed' unreliable in the US and no where else in the world)

The proper Jaguar 6 cylinder engine (pre Ford) from the 1990's found in the XJ6 and later XJS models is the most reliable unit Jaguar has ever made and can take 100,000 plus miles with no problems at all if the car is properly maintained, far more reliable than the 'Ford' 6 cylinder unit found in X type or S type.

5th Feb 2007, 10:12

Sorry, but even if the auto writers had detailed the car every day, it STILL would have had an air suspension problem that made the car UNDRIVEABLE.

But you do make a good point otherwise. Americans expect their cars to be floating living rooms, with no interaction required other than filling the tank.

5th Oct 2007, 13:25

You call very little maintenance at 100k good? They should all be that way at the very least. Save yourself a lot of agony and buy a Honda or Toyota.

23rd Oct 2008, 11:41

Hah to that last comment, Honda is certainly no better. I sold my rusty pampered odyssey and bought a ford escape 4 cylinder 5 speed and it is great. The 5 speed manual helps it a lot. It is great on gas and is well geared. I have 100,000 miles in mine and have only had 1 little thing, so boo-hoo I'm so much happier with my Ford over my Honda... and who would have thought I would be saying that!!

24th Oct 2008, 09:36

I agree, although don't understand why it's such a surprise that someone would discover that a Ford is more reliable than a Honda. My 2002 Ford has 98,600 miles on it and has never needed any repair of any kind. It seems like it would be hard to beat the reliability of a car that has never needed a repair. Why buy Honda or Toyota when they are no better, or not even as good?