2005 Ford Escape 6 cylinder from North America


Extremely satisfied with this vehicle


Alarm sensitivity issues, no big deal.

Fuel filler tube kept choking up, replaced under warranty.

First set of brakes wore in only 15,000.

A radiator hose blew at 20,000. No big deal.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been very dependable and a nice ride.

I measure MPG every tankful, over 5 years averages 17.5 MPG.

Virtually problem free vehicle.

Good pep, plenty of room.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2011

30th Jun 2013, 17:02

6/28/13 - Back again to comment about my 2005 Ford Escape. We are now at 54,000. I continue to maintain this car meticulously. Nothing has gone wrong since the items mentioned in my last report. I did put 4 new tires on it. Coming up on its 55,000 mile service and keeping up with meticulous records. No issues to speak of. So far, this car has been an excellent purchase.

2005 Ford Escape Hybrid 4 cylinder hybrid from North America


Incredible value and reliable


Battery (for engine starter) failed after 95,000 miles.

Tail light burned out.

General Comments:

I am the original owner of a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid, and can honestly say this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. After 98,000 miles, I have had only two component failures: A burned out tail light, and a bad starting battery. I expected the battery to give out after 5 years or so, so that was no surprise.

A word of warning to the rest of you though... You may not know this, but there is a separate cooling system in the cargo area at the rear of the vehicle, which contains an air filter. This air filter must be changed before it plugs up or you will burn up your battery and/or regulator. My understanding is that the regulator repair is over $1,000, and if you toast your battery, you might as well buy a Prius, because at last check, it was over $10,000. If you own a Hybrid, you need to check this filter now! It is located on the left side of the rear cargo area inside a small panel. Open this up, take out the filter cover, and pull out the filter. If you haven't done this yet, it's probably filthy like mine was. I heard about this from a guy who had an identical model that wasn't so fortunate to have been told about this filter. He smoked his regulator. Good luck!

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2010

2005 Ford Escape XL from North America


A piece of expensive CRAP!


Great little SUV when I got it two years ago, but this summer has cost me over $4000 in repairs, and it left me stranded again!

Where to start... at the beginning of the summer, my catalytic converter went... $2000 later, got all the spark plugs done at the same time.

Fast forward 1 month. Left our whole family stranded in the middle of a forestry trunk road. Towing $300. Computer went in it, all the coils and got the spark plug replaced again.. $1600 that time.

Fast forward 2 weeks... catalytic converter, same one, has apparently gone again. Hopefully the warranty will cover this one, but I still have to tow it home. After this, I'm selling the beast and getting a good old beater! Never again!!!

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Review Date: 29th September, 2010

27th Aug 2011, 09:33

I'm not a big Ford fan, but however it looks like all you need is a reliable mechanic/shop. It cannot be the same converter two times, and you were definitely needed coils OR computer, NOT coil AND computer. Just find a better shop to get your car serviced.

20th Dec 2013, 16:07

I agree with the other comment. Also Consumer Reports rates the Ford Escape above average for most of its line.

2005 Ford Escape Limited 3.0L from North America


Great SUV! Perfect for a mom who doesn't want a van! Shop around for service! Ford service U SUCK


Serviced the AC, and while filling, it blew up :S $300.

Fuel sensor, $500.

During a tow for a stripped lug nut, the ABS sensor broke. We received horrible Ford service, as they sent me away with 3 babies and all the warning lights flashing, and the 4X4 kicking on and off. They said they forgot to service that after their test drive, but go home and we will address that in the AM (I only live 2 hours with a ferry ride away). 1000 dollars, no courtesy car, no rental deals; left me frustrated! Luckily I don't have to see them often!

The tranny just went at 167000kms. We had it towed to Ford, and before even talking to us, they had a bill for 160 dollars... I was actually not shocked, but refused to pay that. Their quote for a new tranny was upwards of 3800, + upwards of 1000 to put it in, + anything else they encounter + tax!

At this point we shopped around and found a great place that went above and beyond, and had it towed to them free of charge. They rented us a vehicle, and yes they did encounter more transmission related problems and took care of it all, and the total with a 5 year warranty and tax was 3500; not too bad compared to Ford's pricing and service!

Cosmetically I am disappointed in the leather boot on the sharp e-brake, but I think they fixed that in newer models, and also on the back of the seats, you can feel 2 points that stick out; feels like it could poke through with enough pressure, so be careful.

The gas cap hangs on the plastic attachment, and scratches the paint while you fill. Also remedied on newer versions with the gas and go no cap feature.

The next to do on this are the brakes and rotors.

General Comments:

This SUV is nice and tight, and great on gas. We tow a dune buggy in a 6X12 trailer, and you can't even feel it back there!

It is spacious! We fit 3 Eddie Bauer car seats in the back seat, and the cargo area is huge! There are not many vehicles I can fit my double chariot stroller in, but this one it fits perfect! I love the window access as well; it's the full tailgate access, because sometimes on the ferry we can't open the gate.

In general most of the things that have happened to us could have been prevented; service your transmission once a year! Even if they tell you it's good to go in whatever you drive.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2010

12th Aug 2012, 12:24

Awesome! We have three children, two in car seats, and are inheriting one of these.. so great to know three car seats fit. And a chariot, which I also have!!