1991 Ford Escort GT 1.8L DOHC from North America


Gas saver, huge money pit, don't buy


Starter was out when I purchased. (173000)

Engine is very common to leak oil into plug wells, which causes sputtering, loss of mpg, and power. Replaced plug wires. (175000)

Car burns up a lot of oil, added a quart every time I filled up with gas.

Engine blew. (176000) Rebuilt.

Hydraulic leak, no use of clutch, (mechanics fault) (176000)

Left front CV joint busted twice. (176500)

Front strut breaks from harness. (180000)

Fuel pump fails at the same time as strut breaks. (180000)

Transmission oil leaks, went bone dry and screwed up transmission, this car won't be fixed after this. The car still drives, but not well at all. (183000)

General Comments:

It lasted me 6 months before the engine blew. This car was a huge money pit. Over $4,500 put into this car since purchased. This car was very good on gas, maybe 38 mpg. I would not recommend this car to anyone, want a reliable car, get a Nissan. End of story.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2006

28th Aug 2006, 18:25

I cannot blame the car on this one. It has 176000 miles. It is a Ford Escort. Even Hondas have issues like this if they are not maintained and driven into the ground. It soundsllike the reviewer got took by the seller, who had to know things were going wrong.

8th Apr 2007, 23:41

Every once in a while there is a lemon in the bunch. If you get another it would be much better.

24th Dec 2007, 08:45

You're kidding... right? 170k and you expect it to run good? Please do buy japanese crap, get ripped off twice as much. Parts are expensive and STILL don't last long.

17th Apr 2008, 01:25

Japanese crap? Dude, 1991 Escort GT's 1.8 DOHC engine is the same engine from the similar Mazda Protege engine.

15th Aug 2010, 20:13

Yo dude, your Mazda Protege is made by Ford! That's why it has same motor.

27th Aug 2010, 14:47

Ford owns Mazda, but the 1.8 DOHC is a Mazda engine used in the Protege, Escort GT, Tracer LTS and also the Kia Sephia. It is a good little motor.

1991 Ford Escort LX 1.9 from North America


Cheap Reliable Transportation


Cooling Hoses and Radiator Went at 240k - $358.00.

Replaced Front Brakes at 260k - $89.00.

General Comments:

I bought this vehicle for cheap hoping it would last a few months I have now owned it for 2 years and put over 60k miles on it. It's not the fastest car on the block, but it will not leave you on the side of the road.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2006

1991 Ford Escort GT 1.8L DOHC from North America


A great bang for the buck.


Timing belt broke at 173,000kms.

Clutch slave cylinder went at 176,000kms.

Starter seized at 189,000kms.

Quarter panels above wheel wells have begun to rust badly.

General Comments:

Amazing power to weight ratio. 127hp for a 2200lb car!

Car has amazing acceleration for a small car. People underestimate an old Escort.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2006

1991 Ford Escort LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Needs P.A.S, but reliable and cheap to run


Front shocks and wishbone @ 110 K.

New Brake pads.

New clutch @ 110K.

New Oil Filter.

Steering coloum.

General Comments:

I had a love hate relationship with this car. Firstly the steering was so heavy it took all fun away from any kind of driving experience, however as it was my first car I can't really complaint too much. The Fuel economy was excellent avg 45 Mpg and the performance for a 1.4 was mediocre loosing much compression at around 100K Miles, however it was like this when I got the car so it could gone many thousands of miles beforehand. It struggled up hills badly - and I mean badly, but on a flat or downhill it was fine.

Okay, its not the best looking car in the world, but if your looking for a cheap reliable car this is the one. It never broke down on me (only when I ran out of fuel) and was very cheap to maintain. I spent around £250 - £300 a year on servicing inc MOTs and tyres which’s good for a car of that age.

Although I have just scrapped the car (for standing outside in the winter while I’ve been at uni) I’m sure it could have gone past the 125K mark.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2006