1991 Ford Escort LX Pony 1.9 EFI from North America


Great first car, easy learner


Electronic Sensors went out around 440,000 miles.

New CPU around 445,000 miles *dealers price : (.

Bulbs in dash finally went out around 435,000 miles (super cheap)

General Comments:

The Pony edition is a great first car for anyone just learning a manual transmission.

Its got some power once you put some after-market add-ons to it. :)

Watch out trying to replace drivers side tail lights it's a little shocking, when you ground your self to the car.

Holds it own on the highway and in city.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2006

23rd Jul 2013, 08:44

I had a 1991 Ford Escort Pony. It was a great little car. I wish I would have kept it. It had 255,000 miles when I sold it, and still ran like a champ.

I just wanted to say what a great car it was, and I would like to find another one, but I think it would be easier finding a needle in a haystack.

Well done Ford on one of your many great vehicles. I'm a die hard Ford guy all the way. I bleed blue, nothing comes close to a Ford, and I've owned them all, but I have grown up since, and now I will not own anything but a Ford. Thanks for making the best cars and trucks on the market.

23rd Aug 2013, 02:09

I've had my 1991 Ford Escort Pony for 6 years. And just this last year, I've finally had to put some $ back into it. It's a runner, and by far my most favorite car I've ever owned... I'm the 3rd owner, it's pushing 400,000 miles... and I wouldn't part with it! (p.s. I only paid $200.00 for it!)

Love my car, Wichypoo :)

1991 Ford Escort clx station 1.4 from Portugal


Reliable bargain


Muffler got holes, brake pads worn, brake discs worn, head lights stop working, clutch worn, roof lining is falling down, suspension is worn, silent blocks started making tac tac,wheel bearings are worn,

General Comments:

Has very poor power, no power steering, brakes very poorly, interiors are very bad quality, it´s very reliable, good for medium range distances.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2005

1991 Ford Escort GT 1.8 from North America


I love my car, it's very reliable


Went though 3 starters.

Seat belts are a pain.

General Comments:

My car is super quick.

I did many mods:

KMC Evolution rims with Yokohama tires.

Weapon R intake.

Monza header and cat back exhaust.

B&M shifter and linkage.

Zoom springless clutch kit.

Auto Meter Sport Comp gauges (on a pod).

Coil over struts, JDM sway bar links.

Always run with Platinum 4 plugs.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2005

1991 Ford Escort Pony 1.9L 4 Cylinder 88 Horsepower from North America


Cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to operate, and still kind of fun to drive


Cracked windshield (before I purchased it). Doesn't affect my visibility so I don't see any reason to replace it.

Glove box won't open (before I purchased it). I usually don't wear gloves, so I don't see any reason to fix it.

Hatchback support struts don't hold up the hatchback anymore. I keep a piece of wood in the trunk to hold it open when necessary.

Possible heater core leak (smelled coolant in the passenger cab so I disconnected the heater hoses). I live in California so I don't really need the heater.

Ventilation blower motor failed. I just open a window when I need ventilation.

Coolant started leaking slowly from around a hose connection; replaced the 99 cent hose and that fixed it.

Had a coolant flush performed, since the person I bought the car from had apparently never done that.

Front tires are about due for replacement.

Occasional steering wheel vibration. Probably from the flat spot on the tire from locking the brakes up at 70mph.

General Comments:

For a purchase price of $850 my car will get better gas mileage than a brand new Honda Civic, and it hasn't left me stranded.

On a trip from Central California to Southern California on hilly roads (US highway 101) I averaged 42 miles/gallon. My average combined city/highway mileage is somewhere around 35.

Although it looks like a lot of things have failed, I am used to a lack of creature comforts, and I don't find the things I haven't replaced necessary. The things I have replaced were fairly easy and inexpensive to do myself.

It is important to look under the hood at least once a week to check for possible failures before they become major issues. This is important to do with any car, but especially one with 200,000+ miles.

One of the great things about this car is that it is so simple. There is no air conditioning, no power windows or locks, and not even any power steering. I can actually shut the engine off and drive downhill with no decrease in steering or braking capabilities. There are very few computer-like things, which is how cars should be.

The engine and transmission have been excellent as far as reliability to this point. Performance is adequate. Seems faster than my previous vehicle (a 1985 Chevy 3/4 ton truck with a 5.7L V8 and a 3 speed automatic). I would guess an automatic transmission in this car would slow it down though.

I taught myself how to drive a manual transmission in this car, and it took that abuse with no problem.

Being such a small vehicle (about 2300 lbs, compared to my truck which was 4800) you have to watch for large trucks that might not see you, and in an accident with a larger vehicle this car would definitely lose. Still safer than a motorcycle though!

Tons of room for cargo with the rear seat folded down (considering the size of the car).

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

1st Jul 2005, 19:54

I had a 96 Escort which also got phenomenal mileage. This car should last you quite a while. The Escorts of this generation have proven to be quite reliable and durable with reasonable care.

10th Nov 2007, 07:06

I have a 91 ford escort pony and it will never die!!! it looks horrable, but it keeps truck'in. for $50 bucks I picked it up 5 years ago, and is the best investment ever. i drive my kids to and from school in it everyday. same problems as the first review, but whatever...

17th Sep 2008, 09:04

I thought my 1991 Escort Pony edition was the only one. 340,000 miles and still going strong. I get about 40 mpg on my daily commute. Same problems as listed above, but it just keeps going on going. The thing will just not die.

One time I forgot to change the oil for... a year or so (I put about 30k in miles on it.) I took it to get the oil changed and the serviceman told me I had half a quart of oil left in the pan. He told me that he was amazed the car hadn't seized up. That was 3 YEARS AGO! I wish they made more cars like this!