1992 Ford Escort LX 1.9L from North America


It is a great car to drive


The whole air conditioning had to be changed to a new system.

Had to be aligned a few times.

Rust will take over the car, but it is a Minnesota car and so it's normal I guess.

General Comments:

The car has never failed me. I'm the second owner and I only had a few minor problems.

It will always start no matter what, even in the cold Minnesota winters.

The car is not flashy and my friends say it looks and sounds like a go-kart, but then their cars broke down one by one and they never said anything about my car since.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

1992 Ford Escort freedom 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Driving timebomb


Exhaust back box fell off 2 days after I bought the car.

86000 miles car started to loose power and stall needed replacement carburettor.

87712 miles fuse box began to smoulder when headlamps were on.

General Comments:

Never thought id find one in so good condition bodywork was immaculate.

Handled like a dream and was very good driving round town.

Didn't like the interior though looked cheap and tacky.

Scrapped the car when fusebox caught fire.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2004

1992 Ford Escort LX 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


The original jack of all trades!


The front suspension wishbones were replaced soon after I got the car.

The fuel cut off solenoid stuck open about a month ago. Then started working again just recently.

Rust! The arch enemy of every escort!

General Comments:

The Ford Escort is a car that does everything it's supposed to, but doesn't actually do anything really well.

My particluar model is a 1992 k reg 1.8 normally aspirated Diesel LX.

Is it quick? Well no, with only 60bhp under the bonnet it could be embarrassed by a fully loaded HGV. Then speed wasn't what I bought it for. I'm looking to keep points off my license at least until my insurance premium comes down.

Is It refined? Nope, what's under the bonnet is a very old diesel engine. It's clattery when cold (so much so the bodywork physically shakes!) and really not that much better when warm either. But really that wasn't what I bought it for either. The engine is absolutely bullet proof and extremely reliable, it also pulls like a train (a very slow british rail one) exactly what I need!

Does it look good? Well it looks better than many of the cars on the road in it's day. It takes design cues from both it's previous model (The front end) and the latest (and last) escort model (the back end!) It even has a deceptively sporty rear wing. However it is still an escort, and no cossie at that. Oh well.

Is it spacious? It's neither the most cramped nor the most spacious car in it's class. Then again it is classed as a small family car, not an MPV. Not many cars of this class can swallow up 3 adults, a baby, a dog, a wheelchair, and a buggy, and still have enough room for a weeks worth of shopping. (Wait is that a good point? Oohh!)

How does it handle? Actually it's another plus point for the escort. With a 1.8 litre lump over the front wheels given good tyres it grips like it's on rails. It can take corners at a fairly high speed (if you can get to that speed before the corner!)

Equipment levels are also quite good for what is quite a baseline spec escort. It has electric windows, a sunroof, power steering, seat height adjustment, ford's equivalent of deadlocks, and a rather loud (if basic) alarm system.

Do I like this car? Yes actually I do. It does nothing badly and does exactly what it says on the tin. An honest and unassuming car, but likable in it's own way. Parts are cheap and easy to find (one of the advantages of owning such a hugely popular car.) I would buy another escort, but maybe a petrol or turbo-diesel model.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2004

4th Feb 2005, 04:23

Uh oh, I've now hit some fairly hefty problems with my old car. As cheap and cheerful as it was there was bound to be some underlying problems just waiting to appear.

I got it serviced last month and the garage owner that I took it to pointed out 2 very expensive faults with the car. Firstly the water pump is leaking, not too much of a problem as it's not leaking very much... However, it's leaking onto the timing belt. To replace the water pump however, due to it's position on the car it's gonna take 5 hours and 247 pounds to fix. The other fault is leaking cam shaft seals, leaving nice patches of oil underneath the car. To fix this the engine has to be taken out, I didn't even ask for a quote on that, but it'll be about 10 times more than the car's worth. In short this faithful car is gonna be replaced in a month or two. See my review on the Ford Mondeo (when I get it!)