1992 Ford Escort LX 1.8 from North America


Economic reliable car that died too soon


Replace brakes every 40k miles.

Brake lines blew out from rust at about 110k miles (or 10 years)

Rust on hatchback lid.

Rust around right rear wheel well.

Appears dead at 115k miles -- won't start, as if transmission is not in park. Last week, same problem and it started after shoving the shift lever forward. Now transmission appears locked; suspect it could cost more to fix than car is worth now.

Something else broke in front suspension at about 70k miles; don't recall exactly what it was, but the mechanics needed a torch to cut it out and in the process they burned a hole in air conditioning line.

General Comments:

It handled great in the snow.

It ran so reliably I expected to get more service out of it; disappointed by the apparent sudden death.

I thought it handled well.

Was pleasantly surprised by top speeds on freeway -- pinned speedometer on occasions.

Comfortable even driving 20 hours straight (cross-country) ; could have been better with cruise-control.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2003

1992 Ford Escort XR3i 1.8 Injection (130 BHP) from UK and Ireland


Not at all bad, but needs to be quicker!


So far so good. I have had nothing go wrong with the car since I bought it a couple of months ago.

General Comments:

My car is totally original with only 38,000 miles on the clock which is great considering the car is eleven years old this year.

I am planning to strap on a Turbo and putting on the Cosworth Body Kit on the car.

As the car is now I am really happy with it, but is slightly underpowered compared to what I used to drive, I used to have the Fiesta XR2i 1.8i, but obviosly the car was smaller with the same engine as my Escort.

The car handles well and has a good ride quality, but I am planning to Lower the suspension slightly when I have put the body kit on so I hope not to upset the ride too much.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

9th Jul 2003, 09:06

It should be noticeably quicker than your XR2i. Yes it has the same basic engine, but tuned to deliver about 20bhp more.

Are you sure you have a 130 version? The 105 and 130 engines look the same apart from the sticker on the inlet manifold, and these can easily be (and often get) swapped.

16th Apr 2004, 05:09

I am very happy with my xr3i I think the power is just right, it is not to quick, but it has the power to get rid of the boy racers that tail you.

7th Nov 2005, 08:03

Ford started the boy-racer, so what you goin on about, you if anyone are a boy-racer in your xr3.

1992 Ford Escort LX 1.9 from North America


A rock solid, gas sipping engine, fitted into a rusty framework


My brother and I first learned to drive stick on this car and we raced the car hard. The tranny went at 240,000 and was replaced with a 2nd hand tranny.

The engine thermostat went at 200,000km.

Two timing belts and two water pumps were replaced.

Serious rust problem, even in the first year of owning the car. The dealer was of no use.

The ignition lock was replaced at 410,000km.

The wiper control module was replaced at 415,000km.

The rear left passenger door lock seized up and remained locked from about 360,000km.

Front CV joints and complete suspension overhaul at around 400,000km.

General Comments:

This is the best car I've ever owned. The performance of the 1.9 engine was weak and noisy when pushed, but the reliability of the engine was outstanding. No matter how hot or cold, the engine always started without drama, misfire, or hesitation. Thankfully, I experienced no electrical problems.

Poor handling, (major under-steer), made for nervous drives in bad weather.

The body of the car rusted out completely. Chunks of rust would fall off the car ever time I closed the trunk in the last year I owned the car.

I loved the seats and interior was great. Lots of leg room up front, and the trim held together well. The original tape deck still works, but the speakers were garbage.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2003

29th Jun 2008, 11:43

I currently own a 1992 Ford Escort LX Wagon with manual transmission. I bought it five years ago, and it has never left me on the side of the road one time. When I bought it for $800 USD, it had 68,000 miles on the odometer. It also had tow bars attached to the front, for hauling behind a recreational vehicle. I had those removed because they were too heavy for everyday driving. I think most of those odom miles were from being hauled, so it was not a true reflection of the miles on the actual engine.

Now, at 185,000 miles, it is still a reliable vehicle. I maintain it well, use only synthetic oil, and premium grade (91 octane) unleaded fuel. I have replaced the timing belt twice, as per the maintenance schedule calls for, have had the CV boots and half shafts replaced twice, have had the front and rear seals replaced, and the wheel bearings replaced on one side in the front.

It has more than paid for itself in reliability, fuel consumption savings, and getting me to where I need to go without fear of breaking down or being stranded.