1996 Ford Escort LX Sport 1.9L I-4 from North America


Nothing special, but hey it's an escort


New springs all around at 50k.

New tires at 50k (still had originals)

New outer tie rods at 50k.

Various emissions sensors at 50k.

Right sway bar currently snapped off.

Replaced a/c relay twice, once at 53k and once at 54500k.

Replaced Idle Air Control Valve at 54500k.

Had a hole rusted through the passenger floorboard, fixed with bondo.

Right side rear fender has light surface rust already.

Check engine light currently back on.

It has always idled really low, maybe 400-500rpms, but its never stalled.

General Comments:

For a first car I guess my escort isn't that bad. I bought it in the fall of 04' for $2500 thinking with only 50k miles on it from an elderly driver, it would hold up well. Since then it has been in and out of the shop for minor things every few months it seems. My uncle is a ford mechanic so repairs are dirt cheap otherwise I would have tried to sell my car a long time ago. The 1.9L is mediocre without the a/c on, darn slow with it on; I wish I had a manual trans. Gas mileage isn't great in city driving, only the high teens because you must constantly rev the engine out to get up to speed. On the highway it gets over 30mpg. Good news is, this car handles like its on rails. I've made a few 40mph turns without hitting the brakes even with the broken sway bar. Brakes themselves stop the car quick enough. Factory stereo is terrible, replaced it as well as the speakers and now its just fine. It does have a suprising amount of interior room for such a small car which isn't bad. Now I'm just waiting to get it on a diagnostics machine to see why my check engine light is on again.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

1996 Ford Escort LX 1.9 from North America


Nice first car, but sell before everything breaks


Engine died (3 Cyl - no comp.) at 156K

Timing belt broke at 130K

Check engine light on

Check coolant light on when car parked on incline

Seat broke at 140K

Rad replaced at 110K

Rattles after 100 kph

Speedonmeter waves wildly after 90 kph.

General Comments:

Great car until 100K then in shop every couple of months

Hatchback great for carrying stuff

I liked the car, but should of sold it last year. Now it is worth nothing.

Comfortable even though I am a large person.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

1996 Ford Escort Si 1.8 Zetec from UK and Ireland


Outstanding car to drive hard or slow


Brake Pads low due to previous owner.

Idle Control Valve a little iffy, but works.

General Comments:

This car is very quick and the handling is excellent.

Styling is nice and pleasing.

Interior is great.

Nice Seats.

Great Sounding engine tone.

Nice smooth power steering.

Fuel economy is OK, tends to be quite low, but gets the same for all styles of driving regardless.

Gear Box is excellent.

Brakes are good now.

Clutch is fine.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2005

1996 Ford Escort LX- wagon ? small from North America


Got less for what we paid for


Brakes have been the biggest problem. Had major work done on them about every 10,000 miles after 70,000.

I just replaced master cylinder and booster (around $350) at 100,000mi. the car brakes still aren't right and they really haven't been.

One seat belt in the back stopped working at about 60,000 miles. The fold down seat in the back that opens into a flatter bed--the latch on that broke at 60,000 miles also.

The alignment has been worked on several times, but can't really be totally fixed without having to put an extra $350 into a replacement part.

Gas mileage is inconsistent.

More recently the car I think is about to totally die. It likes to die when I'm in traffic or waiting for stop lights. It's like like lurching even though it isn't moving. If I put it in park it calms down (embarrassing while sitting in traffic) but it does fine when I am just driving straight on the highway with no stopping. We'll see what the blue beast racks up this visit to the car fix shop.

It died on my brother twice b/c of battery, but once was car fix shops mistake.

Died getting off the highway at about 60,000 miles. I think that was some type of belt, and my parent's paid for that one so I don't know the cost.

It just seems to have a monthly visit to the car doctor--and I have gotten 2nd opinions, gone to different places, compared prices, etc.

We were to 2nd owners and paid 5500 for about 50,000 miles.

Now I'll be lucky if I can get 1,000 for it.

General Comments:

The hatchback style has been great for extra room and moving!

Pretty high gas mileage when on freeway (most of the time).

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Review Date: 20th May, 2005

15th Jul 2006, 14:48

I recommend having your engine checked out as soon as possible. My wife and I own the same vehicle and we had the same problem with the engine stalling at stop lights. A valve seat in the head came loose and shattered into several pieces. The head was cracked, the cylinder walls we beyond repair and the entire engine had to be replaced. We were lucky we had an extended warranty.