1996 Ford Escort LX 1.9L from North America


My "Baby" (never to be sold!)


Check engine light comes on frequently.

Shakes when going above 65.

Seat belt sticks on driver side (often releasing AFTER I climb under it to get out!)

Gas gauge a little unreliable (usually has more than it says)

Heat gauge says slightly hot when boiling over!

Has plastic headlight "covers" that become cloudy over time.

General Comments:

Seats are comfortable and front area is roomy.

Cup holders are in a bad spot however, often causing spilled drinks.

Has great steering, but slow going up hills (and sometimes taking off).

Great on gas mileage.

Small & Cute!

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Review Date: 9th April, 2005

1996 Ford Escort from North America


It should have lasted longer..


The driver's side mechanical seatbelt got stuck on it's track.

The check engine light was always on even when nothing was wrong with the engine.

The rear defrost button never stayed pushed down so I would have to drive and keep my finger on the button for it to work.

The car is sitting in my driveway with rod knock. It will not start. It started stalling at stops and then finally died.

General Comments:

This car is fun to drive, but not at all speedy. It feels like driving a go-cart and I never felt totally safe in it.

I liked the hatchback because it was very convenient for groceries or moving anything large.

It's a pretty good car for city traffic and for a first car.

The car is great on gas!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2005

12th Oct 2008, 04:22

Oops, sounds like mine. Thought rod knock, was stuck lifter. Then found valve seat let loose. Bad deal, but cheap to fix with salvage yard head. Cost me for head gasket kit and gasket goo. cost me way under 100 in parts. I found 1.9 in an older Escort that quit running. Runs great.

Have had 3 cars from all three major car makers with the check light on. Knew a girl in late 80s that had a new Beretta with the check light stuck on.

1996 Ford Escort CLX 16V 1.6 from Turkey


Very good allrounder!


The interiors peeled and came out from some places.

Air condition works noisy.

Back door suspensions gone off.

Right side door locked permanently.

Key code gone off.

General Comments:

All of these problems are easy and cheap to solve.

My Escort has a very low fuel consumption and great steering with its Zetec engine.

Altough it is a comfortable allround wagon car, available seat positions are not enough for people who are taller than 180 cm.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

1996 Ford Escort LX Sport 1.9L I-4 from North America


Great first car


New springs front and rear at 48K.

Three emission control sensors at 48K.

New tie rod ends at 48K. Check Engine light was on when I bought it. Original tires going bald. Engine surged when a/c or defroster was on (cured by emission sensors).

General Comments:

I love my Escort! This is my first car I received as a birthday present. When we bought the car we knew the check engine light was on. The car idled at only 450rpm when it warmed up, but it never stalled. It would idle erratic with the a/c or defroster on (emission sensors). It also made a clunking noise when making a sharp left (later found to have 3 broken springs). My uncle is a Ford mechanic and fixed it all at wholesale prices. Engine has good pep during full throttle standing starts even with the automatic. A/C severely robs engine of power with the auto trans. I am 6ft 3" and the interior has plenty of head room and has well laid out controls. The 14" wheels with the sport package give the car impressive handling and good stability in turns. I get almost 30mpg with the frugal 1.9L Overall, the Escort is a reliable and economical first car. I would recommend it to any teenager or long distance commuter.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004