10th May 2004, 13:57

I own a 2002 escort and it only has 26,000 miles on it. I also have a vibration which the dealer claims I have to live with. How can you own a car under warranty that cannot be fixed? The vibration is so bad that I have to tighten the fluid caps in the engine weekly. They replaced the motor mounts once and can do nothing else?

Now I have developed transmission problems, burnt fluid with metal pieces in it and front end/brake trouble.

I major disapointment for a comfortable, very easy on the gas tank, sharp little car.

How can you have a equipment design problem that cannot be fixed by the dealer? a lot of good the extended warranty will do me, they won't even fix the car under the original warranty. I am so disgusted!!!

30th Mar 2005, 20:07

I also have an Escort ZX2 2002 (34,000 miles) with a very ruff idle. Car runs great, but idles so ruff I had to pull door panels off to re-tighten mirrors.

26th Apr 2005, 09:33

I bought my daughter a 2003 ZX2 - bad vibration since day 1 - took it back to the dealer - he also said we had to live with it. Now the vibration is getting worse. As another poster said - what use is the warranty? We still have 3 years of payments and what will it be worth at the end (assuming it doesn't shake itself to pieces before then.)

11th Jun 2006, 01:08

I have an '02 Escort and got the mounts replaced which ceased the vibrations. However now, I have an almost squeaking sound when I initially turn on the car. It stops after it's been warmed, but any idea what the squeaking could be? Thanks - appreciated.

16th Jun 2006, 23:06

I also own a 2002 ZX2, I bought it in Dec. with 17,000 miles on it for $4500 it now has just over 32,000. I think that it is worth every penny. It looks great, drives awesome, and does amazingly well on fuel (recently got 42mpg on a trip from Texas to PA, usually 35-38 around town). It has a minor vibration until the engine is warm and then it runs like a dream. How much can one ask for when the cars are so cheap? For the price the ZX2 is an extremely reliable and safe automobile and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

15th Oct 2006, 13:30

I own a 2002 zx2 and it vibrates so hard that the steering wheel shakes. I also had to have the gear shifter replaced about 6 months after purchase. The car wouldn't go in reverse a few times so I took it into the dealership and, of course, they couldn't find anything wrong with it. A few weeks later the car wouldn't come out of park. I had it towed to the dealership and that's when they replaced the gear shifter. I would not recommend the vehicle to anyone!

7th Nov 2006, 13:49

I own a 2002 ZX-2 and the auto transmission seems to "slip" when going from 1st to 2nd, especially on a quick acceleration. I have had the dealership check it every time I had it in for oil changes etc when it was still under warranty, but they kept telling me it is functioning normally. Any thoughts or suggestions?

6th Dec 2006, 18:28

Does Ford have any clue as to how many people that will never look at a Ford again? To sell hundreds of thousands of these vibrating ZX2 escorts and have no fix for them just spins my head. Just live with it? Keep it up Ford and GM. The foreign auto makers already have you on the ropes. Just count the US cars in a parking lot someday. Scary isn't it?Next comes the knockout punch. I try to hang in there on American cars with a new Bonneville also besides this ZX2 and its getting really hard to be loyal. Its about what country the "bottom line" money goes to not where the car is built.

8th Apr 2007, 19:44

I have owned a Ford 2002 ZX2 since new and have always had a vibration problem at idle. I replaced the plugs and plug wires lately and that helped some, but it's still there. My wife always puts the transmission into neutral at stops and we have had to just live with it. I think a class action lawsuit should be considered!!!

15th Jun 2007, 21:21

I can't thank Mateo enough for the URL address that he provided for us Escort owners with Idle Vibration problems!!!As I look thru the Ford Escort listings, I can't believe how many of us have Escorts with this unbelievably distressing problem.

Mateo wrote his comment on June 14th, 2007 on the thread called "2002 Ford Escort ZX2 from North America-Comments". The thread is further identified by the words "not worth the money I'm paying for it." Dated June 22nd, 2003

Thank you again, Mateo!!! Bless you!!!

25th Jul 2007, 22:43

I just bought a 2001 ZX2 with 48,000 miles. My 3rd Escort, plus I've owned a Mazda GLC and 323. All had vibration when stopped in Drive at idle. This car is the absolute worse as far as the level of vibration: very disconcerting. Thanks Mateo for the TSB. I will buy the parts and do it myself. The salesman was right up front about the vibration. Based on my past experience, I was comfortable that a new set of NAPA engine mounts would do the trick. Let's see how it works.

Rich (rrozansk@yahoo.com)

18th Feb 2008, 20:23

I have an '02 that yes, vibrates like an automatic massage chair. It only does it in drive (or reverse) at idle. If I put it in park the idle bumps up and it evens out. The car has 62000 on it right now. The rough idle has gotten worse through the years (I bought the car new). I will say however, that recently I started using Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas, and the idle has improved GREATLY. I recommend giving it a shot if you own one of these cars. It's cheap, and a three dollar bottle lasts for several tanks - you only use four ounces for ever ten gallons.

Other than the idle, the car is fine. Little things break or fall apart here and there, but that's normal I guess. The weatherstripping around the upper side windows have developed a horrible looking corrosion though. Also had a wheel bearing go out.

2nd Mar 2008, 20:27

I have a 2002 ford zx2. If its stopped in any drive gear it vibrates like its off time. It was totaled before I got it so it had all new front body parts and drivers side door and wheel assembly (hit a guardrail at 75, the little buggers fly don't they!) Since I've had it I've gotten rear ended and rear ended someone. I thought it was because of this car having mix-n-match parts on it and getting the crap beat out of it, but it appears now that it's the drive train design on it.

My advice:

It's nice, but get rid of it while its still worth something!

They'll eventually rattle themselves apart!

26th Jul 2008, 23:02

I agree with all of you. We bought a 2003 Ford Escort brand new only 53 miles on it. Just a couple months later the vibration started. I took it into the dealership and they just said "that's the way these cars are" They sure don't tell you that when you are buying it. It's been 5 years now that we have had it and the vibration in horrible!!! My steering wheel shakes bad and makes my hood shake and it's loud. NEVER again would I buy another one. I agree there should be something they should have to do to fix it. I think it would be some type of defect.