1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4X4 4.0L 6 Cylinder from North America


Held up very well has high miles


The routine equipment. I have had to replace the tires, brakes, fluids, and spark plugs. A 4 wheel alignment was completed with the tires.

The foam on the driver seat compressed badly.

The engine makes a squealing noise when cold. (Sounds like bearings related to a pulley)

Hard shift into reverse when cold.

General Comments:

The fuel mileage is reasonable.

No major steering, engine, or transmission word required.

Very fancy comfortable interior.

4 wheel drive: trouble free push button operation. A first for me.

Given the high miles, a economical vehicle if cared for.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2005

8th Jun 2006, 17:18

I totally agree with the review to the "T". I have had the same things replaced, all that is in the review that is. I have a lovely colored Ford Explorer, I am sure glad Ford made this car.

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4 L from North America


The ford explorer is unreliable


The front end aliignment is shot.

The car has non stop oil leaks.

The door side panels are coming off the doors.

Every door handle has broken off! My husband had to glue all of them back on.

The drivers seat has come loose and my husband has had to weld it back in place.

I must say the seats are hard and uncomfortable.

This car is noisy! In the back of the car near the trunk there is this constant squeaking noise. You can definately hear all the cars on the road around you too.

General Comments:

I will never buy another ford! I can guarantee that.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer limited V6 4.0 from North America


It does what it was built to do and drives good


Replaced the brakes a few times.

Can't seem to keep the front end aligned.

Air conditioning went out at about 60k and was over a thousand to fix.

Recently the motor is surging. The shop replaced the plugs, fuel filter, cleaned the throttle housing, replaced the idle control motor, all for $500+ and the problem persists. They are recommending replacing the Power Train Control Module for $435.

General Comments:

Overall this has been a good vehicle. I have driven the heck out of this truck with confidence.

I've towed cars, small tractors on trailers, trailers full of dirt and firewood, mild off road driving, and many long trips. A few times really pushing the envelope of its towing & cargo capabilities and getting through successfully.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer XLT from North America


Fun, Unstoppable, Quiet, Cool, Nice, Tall, Big


I only owned the vehicle for less than a year, but it was used frequently. While I was driving it, nothing went wrong.

General Comments:

For the time that I used it, it was 100% reliable and fun. I drove it up a sand dune, straight up about 50 degrees up, it went up no problem. Anytime I was in mud, or really really thick sugar sand, the 4 wheel drive always pulled me out. The vehicle was litterally unstoppable. By far the most reliable and funnest vehicle I have owned yet.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer XLT V6 from North America


This vehicle is highly recommended


Routine Water Pump change 100,000 Miles.

Transmission work under $150. / 125,000.

Transmission work under $650. / 170,000.

Replaced Radiator 175,000.

General Comments:


3 Kids and Interior in Excellent Condition.

Has been easy to maintain.

Very Roomy and Plenty of Power for V6.

Highway miles when purchased from Salesman and Let's Face it, with the miles I've put on it I more than got my money's worth. If he got rid of it because of mileage 89, Then he doesn't know what he gave up. 178, at still trucking.

This vehicle was well worth the money.

The longest I've ever owned a vehicle was 2 years. I've had this Explorer for 7 years.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 from North America


One very cost effective value for my dollar


Replaced ball joints at 160,000 miles because one was slightly worn. I replaced the universal joints in the front 4WD drive shafts even though they were not worn, but stiff from lack of use.

Second gear went out in the transmission at 175,000 after pulling a travel trailer most of it's life. It was worth getting rebuilt.

The gas tank sending unit/fuel pump tubing rotted out at the gas tank, causing a leak at 179,000.

Cat converter shields finally fell off after rattling for quite a while (whew).

Rear passenger door lock doesn't always work automatically (just lately).

Michigan salt finally started to work on the rocker panels toward the rear wheel wells; hidden by the plastic flair, but due for a fix before winter.

General Comments:

Still on original exhaust system (wow, and it's still solid.

Original front brake rotors still in spec. and true.

All steering linkage and general front-end is still tight. It rides and handles very nicely.

This vehicle still looks like it is only a year old, with great paint and interior fabric.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004

1st Apr 2005, 04:20

I have turned the 200K mark and have suffered little. The total repair cost for me has been around $3000. This is to include normal maintenance in the steering and braking systems. The 4 wheel drive and low range buttons have been stubborn due to lack of use. I am now having problems with the interior lighting. I suspect the control box in the left rear quarter panel, but haven't found the problem yet. I haven't made a car payment in years. With the mileage hanging around 20, it is now a vehicle of limited use, but I still love it.

2nd Sep 2008, 13:34

I also have a 94 North-land Edition Explorer (104600 miles). It's been a great truck to own, I replaced the gas tank sensor, and the auto hubs (installed manual hubs) I think their design of the auto hubs was very poor! Other than that, it's been an awesome truck. It's now my backup vehicle so it doesn't get a whole lot of road time.

For the record I also own an 94 F150 (243000 miles), 96 Contour (164000 miles), 2002 Taurus (108000 miles) and a 76 Corvette (80000 miles).

I love my Fords!