1994 Ford Explorer Sport V6 4.0L from North America


Did have the potential to be a keeper, but off-roading really bites you in the wallet


I really do like the Explorer name, even though I have a slight lemon.

The transmission went out at about 94k miles, which was around October, 2000.

I received this car for my 16th birthday in February of 2000, and I feel sorry for my parents because of their choice. The car gets 13mpg average, luckily I don't have to pay for the, maintenance, etc. While I am a heavy foot, I don't think I'm heavy heavy enough to cause a 5mpg difference between my Sport and my friend's 4 door.

The transmission was replaced with a genuine Ford Motor Company transmission, brand new, which had to be replaced a third time after only 700 miles.

Luckily no engine problems, a few minor hose and belt problems.

Dents also seem to have a great time finding my car.

Very durable, I am proud of this one folks: I was involved in an accident about 2 months ago, other driver's fault, did $75 damage to my car. Her 1994 Ford Mustang was totaled. It was some 15 year old girl who was was unlicensed taking out her her stepfather's car to get ice cream. I don't know what the rush was to get that ice cream, it was a cold day too.

I find the interior to be very nice, especially with my 1400W sound system.

Alternator did need to be replaced with a high cranking alternator.

I wish that girl would've done more damage, I would love to trade this one in for another 1994 Sport but with 4x4, because my current Explorer has too many dents ($3500 worth from various objects such as rocks, trees, and other things one might run into off-roading) and has a almost new transmission ($1500). It doesn't seem worth it to get the dents fixed, that would be something like paying $13k for a $8k car.

I enjoy off-roading, but it costs me dearly every once in a while. After 2 $125 towing charges my parents got me AAA, which helps a lot, but when you are stuck so far down your doors won't open, that's not good.

Transmission pump (not replaced with the transmission) exploded at 99k miles because "it was caked with about 2 inches of dry mud". Somehow my dad got the guy to change it for free. I was bound to beat that mudhole so I went back the next week with my new pump and made it though, however the hole ate my spare tire.

The undercarriage assembly was something like $125. We got that replaced at the same time we got 5 BFG All Terrain 255/75/R15s installed (Firestone crisis bought those puppys, all 5). And we got a spare wheel for $30 from a junkyard.

I enjoy this car, I wish it was 4x4 and no dents, then it would be perfect.

General Comments:

Oh yeah, one time I got it on my 2 driver side wheels for like 5 seconds, that was greatness.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2001

19th Mar 2004, 11:40

My name is Ryan and I have a Ford Explorer 1994. It has a 6 inch lift with 33 inch tires. I love it very much. I was reading about your article and it made me laugh. I had a few problems with my transmission too.

I was cruising around in Visalia, Ca. and I kept hearing a tinging sound, then about 20 min later a gear shot out of the back rear end and drained all the oil out of the back end.

I went to Hardcore 4x4 and fixed it which was about $1100.00. What was cool about it is that the guy that ordered the part got the wrong one which was more expensive, but he didn't charge me for it. Plus it was chrome! Right now my license is suspended because of unpaid tickets, but I will soon be enjoying my ride again.

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 from North America


Fuel pump.

General Comments:

After 160,000 miles, the only thing that has gone wrong was the fuel pump. It just had it's first tune up and it still runs and drives like the day it was new. Best vehicle that I have ever owned. All the room I need and 20 MPG. It has been pampered....

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Review Date: 19th July, 1999

1st Mar 2003, 23:36

I bought my explorer in 1995, it's a 1994 and had 75,000 miles on it. Drove from Ohio to Colorado with 110,000 miles on it. Couple hoses leaked on the way. $3.00 to fix. Replaced the transmission at 130,000 and fuel relay at 120,000. Radiator now at 156,000 along with 2nd water pump. Squeals, but keeps running. Doesn't leak oil.

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 6 cyl from North America


The transmission went out at 41,000 miles. It is a 2wd, auto. The front tire wears. Ford says nothing is wrong. I had to have the frame bent straight. The front brakes have had problems. The ABS light has come on for adjustment.

General Comments:

Ford, never seems to have a problem. All problems are fixed temporarily and they admit to nothing. This car has never been wrecked or even towed or anything. It has never been off road. I would not buy another. The dealer repairs are outrageous in cost. The transmission problems in Fords seem to be very prevalent, except to Ford and their dealerships. I should have bought another Toyota. Thank you.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

20th Jan 2004, 11:20

I have had major problems with the transmission on my 1994 ford Explorer also, Had to have it rebuilt at 80000 then again at 139000. Ford should have to own up to this!!!

4th May 2004, 23:08

What I don't understand is there is an unbelievable amount of surplus parts for Explorers, why would it be expensive at all to repair? Given the transmissions aren't terrific, but c'mon. I picked up a new tranny for a few hundred dollars.