1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 from North America


A great and tuff truck that has so many options for upgrades and stereos sound great in them


The A/C went out 3 days after purchase.

Back door rattles when my stereo is playing.

It takes 45 dollars to fill the tank.

General Comments:

This is a tough truck. I got hit by a town car and just the muffler broke and rim bent with little body damage.

When in 4x4 this truck climbs hills very well and get great traction doing it.

This truck starts the first time every time.

Plenty of room for stereo upgrades and it is easy to hide the wires.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 Pushrod from North America


An SUV well worth the work!


Transmission failed at 108,000 miles.

Front Hubs failed.

Air conditioner needs constant attention.

Stock air box replaced with a KKM intake. Awesome noise and acceleration!

Mass Airflow Sensor needed cleaning.

Replaced stock battery with an Interstate Battery. Best thing I have ever done!

Speakers were below par and replaced.

Normal Maintenance items such as new brakes and shocks and oil changes with Motorcraft oil and filters.

General Comments:

The vehicle is wonderful! It is 10 years old and runs great. Engine is well taken care of and does not ping even though the vehicle has almost 130,000 miles on it. Does not leak or burn oil. Everything works like the day it was purchased off of the showroom floor. It handles like a truck because it does not have independent suspension.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer 4x4 Sport 4.0 liter inline 6 from North America


Keen vehicle, little or no real problems to speak of


As the car was old when I first got it, I expected problems. At first I was having major shifting problems. The car wouldn't go from 1st to 2nd. It was locked in 1st and the reverse was jammed. I assumed it was the clutch, I have yet to work out the problem, but that is my concern. The water pump went at 115,000, which I'm assuming is to be expected. The door doesn't close properly, however that is due to the previous owner who opened the door too far and bent the hinges, an easy fix.

General Comments:

I love this car, I got it from my older brother who found something a little more him. As my first car, I am proud to own it. Although I may end up buying a new transmission, I feel that it is worth it. The performance isn't bad either, the speedometer only goes to 85 but I've had it to over 100mph and I think it did rather well considering its and SUV. Although the gas mileage isn't plausible.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 6 cylinder. from North America


Versatile machine


Front brakes wear out quite quickly.

Front ABS sensor went bad, costly part.

Right passenger door handle literally pulled out of the door panel when someone was shutting it - plastic dried severely on all door panels.

Heat/AC switch fails intermittently.

Ford's not-able-to-be-lubed ball joints NOT a good idea; needed replaced at 60,000 and 120,000 miles.

General Comments:

Car handles well and has plenty of power for such a heavy vehicle.

4WD works great.

Replacement parts a bit expensive.

Good vehicle for long trips - comfy.

Very handy car.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2004

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L from North America


A sharply styled, comfortable economical vehicle that handles like my previous car (Cadillac)


Transmission leaks like a sieve.

Front brakes wear quickly.

Heat shield noise under truck.

Vacuum lines keep popping off under the hood making the engine run very rough.

Air Conditioning never works.

4X4 doesn't work properly.

General Comments:

Truck handles beautifully and rides very well.

The vacuum hose problems were quickly fixed with some clamps.

Gets EXCELLENT gas mileage!

It is roomy and comfortable.

Overall, I love this vehicle and would certainly own another one.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

21st Sep 2004, 12:57

I too have had problems with the vacuum hoses they keep popping off and I had to have my transmission rebuilt after 132,000 miles.

1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 from North America


Extremely unreliable and costly to repair


My check engine light came on the day I bought the vehicle. Turns out the Mass Air Flow sensor just needed to be cleaned.

I replaced the serpentine belt and tensioner pulley twice since I purchased the vehicle.

The gas tank under belly completely rotted off the vehicle before 100,000 miles.

I had battery cables replaced at 96,000 miles.

My Explorer is currently in the shop due to a severe front end grinding squeaking and popping. Likely wheel bearings or ball joints.

General Comments:

Some of the problems I've listed are normal wear and tear. Brakes for example, have just been replaced in the back and are needed in the front.

The gas tank belly rotting off and leaving me stranded is not however normal wear and tear.

This Ford has continually left me stranded in the New England cold.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2004

29th Nov 2004, 11:01

I have purchased a 1994 Ford Explorer Limited Edition that sometimes does not start. I cannot locate the problem. The repair shop cannot find anything wrong with the vehicle. The funny thing is the Explorer will start after a couple of hours. Do you have any suggestions?

8th Sep 2005, 22:35

We have had a 1994 Ford Explorer since February 2005. When it started giving us problems starting up, we had it checked out and found that the idle speed motor was getting clogged. We were told it needed to be cleaned and/or replaced. For a while we were able to keep it going by using carburetor cleaner and a brush, but after a bit it caused too much dangerous stalling in the middle of roads and turns as well as start up problems. It seems this is a somewhat common problem, and may be the answer to yours.

18th Sep 2006, 22:46

I had a problem with my 1993 Ford not starting on various occasions. If I waited a while, it would start right up, but it wasn't dependable. I took it to several shops, they couldn't figure it out. So one day I tried tapping the relay box (just behind the battery) with my fist. Then it started up fine. This technique worked consistently whenever it wouldn't start up. I finally figured out it was the fuel pump relay (check your diagram under the relay box lid). You can get this part for about $10. Just pop out the old one and insert the new one.

2nd Jul 2010, 02:24

I have a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT. Same problem; drive somewhere, park the vehicle, go do what I have to, and when I go to start, it seems to give me everything but fuel. I tried swapping my heater relay with my fuel pump relay, and this worked for a while, but then the problem started again. Jarring the box seems also to work, leading me to suspect a poor connection inside the relay receptacle box itself.