1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0L V6 from North America


I love this car, it is a beautiful vehicle that would suit almost anybody


Wires inside of steering column wore down to the metal.

Problems with fuses, causing minor problems, such as malfunction of automatic locking doors.

Check engine light comes on occasionally, seemingly for no reason.

Something wrong with circulation of the cooling system.

General Comments:

Excellent vehicle in snow.

Seats are adjustable to be comfortable for short and tall drivers.

In this model, you get power everything, lots of extra features including an auto-dimming mirror.

Gas mileage isn't so great (anywhere from 18-24).

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

20th May 2004, 08:54

RE: "Something wrong with circulation of the cooling system".

Answer: Most likely the blendoor has failed and will need to be replaced. It's very labour intensive thus costly. Ford will not admit there's a need for a recall on these defective blendoors. However, when you have it replaced Ford will not supply that same part, they will supply a different part. (So, if there's no problem with their original version why did they stop supplying it)?

I've owned mine since 1996, I have over 100,000 miles on it. It still runs great! But it did just start experiencing a problem with the power locks. They lock and unlock while the engines running (idle and/or driving)...it's very annoying. I'm looking into the cause and will update when I find out.

1996 Ford Explorer XLT V6 from North America


Not a practical car for the typical family's needs


Front right calipers broke, making a loud knocking noise and the dealer denied it being recalled when it really was.

Front bumper frame has bent at an approx. 3 MPH collision.

Check engine light comes and goes and auto shops don't know why.

Left back door handle on the inside is broken and won't open. It is very annoying.

General Comments:

It's not a bad auto if you live on a mountain top or a very rural area, otherwise, there's no need.

Horrible resale value (mostly due to recent Firestone tires recalls and rollover reports).

Guzzles gas like you wouldn't believe. The gas bills are $300 - $400, and that's just the amount on the credit card.

A rough ride as if you could feel an ant you just ran over.

Practical dashboard. Everything is where you think it should, and does what you think it would.

Seats (cloth) seem purely utilitarian, they're not very comfortable at all.

Seat belts get in door jam too easily, and the belts, thus get greasy and tattered.

Very roomy. Only big difference from a large sedan is that your high up.

You should have the option to put a third row of seating in the cargo area.

Cargo area cover (old fashioned window shade style) is very convenient.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2001

1996 Ford Explorer Sport 6 cylinder from North America


Not happy with the truck's performance


Motor has two collapsed lifters making a chattering noise.

Motor hesitation when driving slowly in traffic. Rough riding.

Bad gas mileage.

Automatic locks are going off, lights flashing when in traffic, just sometimes.

General Comments:

Ford should be more careful when designing motors.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2001

20th May 2004, 19:42

My explorer just turned 108,000 miles and started making knocking noise. Ford dealer charged almost $200 to tell me that there is "lazy lifter." To fix it, they charge $4,500!!! RIDICULOUS!

8th Mar 2009, 15:52

Lifter noise does not mean a bad motor. Just use thicker oil like 20w50 and you should never hear that lifter noise again.

1996 Ford Explorer AWD V8 5.0 V8 from North America


A great used SUV for general use



General Comments:

My previous vehicle was an Explorer XLT which was vastly under powered and the V8 is a tremendous improvement.

The AWD feature is fantastic because 95% of my driving is on-road and in poor weather conditions I still have 4x4 drive.

The V8 5.0L engine gives me plenty of power for overtaking and pulling a trailer.

Handling on "new" Yokohama AT tyres is very good, roll is acceptable although can be rather bad at slow speed over rough ground.

Brakes are a little lacking in stopping power, particularly if pulling a trailer, recommend the trailer is braked.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2001

1996 Ford Explorer from North America


4 wheel drive box under car leaks.

General Comments:

Anything left on the front floors can readily (and does) roll out the door, there are no lips to prevent this and the floor seems to actually list downhill to the outdoor sides of the car.

Should have a wheel tilt option as the wheel can cut into your thighs. Nor enough room for legs on drivers side.

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Review Date: 7th June, 1998

5th Apr 2004, 21:27

I love my 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. I'm six foot two inches and I have no problems getting in/ out, things don't roll off my floor and out the door, the steering wheel tilts up and down without any problems, it drives like a car and I can fit all of my band equipment it. by far this SUV is bigger than a Blazer, drives better than a Durango, and looks better too.