1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L from North America


A very good vehicle that does not deserve the name Exploder


I had to replace the universal joint.

General Comments:

I really like my Explorer; it's been great to my family. It was purchased at a car auction 4 years ago by my parents. It was driven daily on the logging roads for the last 4 years, and has never had any major problems, other than the universal mentioned above, but that is just maintenance.

The only other problem I know of it having, is someone accidentally kick the fuel pump shutoff on the driver's side under the dash, causing the vehicle not to start. This happened before I owned it.

Honestly, I had very bad luck with Ford before I got this vehicle, and swore I would never own another one. I own a 99 Ford Windstar, and it was a piece of junk. The offer for the Explorer came up, and I've always wanted an SUV, so I couldn't say no. I'm glad I took it; I absolutely love it. My next vehicle will be a newer Explorer.

All of the work it currently needs is due completely to its previous life, not the vehicle itself.

It needs:

Upper ball-joint on the passenger side.

Several bushings.

New rear springs (going to do a lift anyways).

An exhaust.

A new windshield.

The way I see it, for something that's done 50,000km in logging road travel, that's not bad at all.

The biggest thing that bugs me is when people call it an Exploder; in my opinion it's not. It's been great to my family.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2011

1996 Ford Explorer XLT V8 from North America


I'll drive it another 260,000 miles


In the past five years or so, we have only had to make two repairs outside of routine maintenance.

With just under 200,000 miles, the fuel pump needed to be replaced, and about six months later, the radiator developed a leak and need to be replaced.

General Comments:

With 260,000 miles on our Explorer, the transmission is starting to whine occasionally on cold mornings. I've been told by a Ford mechanic that may be the first sign of the tranny starting to fail.

The front end suspension is also beginning to make noise on rough roads, and the front tires are showing uneven wear. After that many miles, the wear areas are just getting old.

Our Explorer has been a great vehicle, and I am going to fix these problems instead of buying a new vehicle. It looks like it did the day it left the showroom. The engine doesn't smoke or use any oil.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2010

17th Sep 2015, 17:45

I have had a 1996 Ford Explorer 4x4 since Nov 2001. Awesome ride. Only needed a new fuel pump 4 years ago. A V6 engine. Original parts.

Ed McGuire, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

1996 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 V8 AWD from North America


Awesome SUV


Catalytic converter.

General Comments:

Great SUV. Handles extremely well, on and off road.

It still looks great, especially for its age. Perfect paint, great quality leather, moonroof, 6 disc CD changer, great audio system.

This also has lots of acceleration power.

Solidly built.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2010

1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 from North America


Awesome SUV


The original fuel pump went at 160,300 miles, 2 months after I bought it, but hey it happens. Cost 500 bucks to replace.

General Comments:

This is my first car, and now I know what it is to fall in love.

The Explorer is not too big and not to small, and the interior is more comfortable than anything. You can fold down the rear seats and fit almost anything in the back. Mine is a dark hunter green with polihed aluminum rimes. I also Just put new general grabber all terrain tiers on her. When shes all cleaned up its pretty a good looking truck especially with all terrin tires. I get alot of compliments on her at gas stations and wawa's.

I have the XLT, so it has all the goodies except leather, but nobody needs that.

Mine has the 4.0 OHV V6 (160 horse power) with a 5 speed auto trans and you have to put the pedal down to get her moving, but it does fine. The 4.0 V6 has a real nice sound under heavy acceleration. I heard the 5.0 will put you in your seat. I get about 220 miles to a tank (17 gallons). The 4x4 system works great in the snow. I popped her into 4 wheel drive and plowed through 3 foot snow banks like nothing. The 4x4 also got me home during blizzad conditions.

It handles pretty good for a top heavy SUV, but hitting a pothole going around a turn at 50mph can be a little nerve racking. The steering is very tight, and the whole truck feels well balanced. The ride is a little bumpy on back roads but aftermarket shocks can fix that.

I took it on a five hour road trip each way through pa and she performed great. It cruised along at 80mph for 5 hours straight with no problems and the air blew ice cold the whole way. She rolled 170000 miles on that trip.

I heard tranny myths on these trucks, but my tranny is fine, and I hope to hit 200k with it. Don't abuse and keep it maintained you will be fine.

Overall, I highly recommend the Explorer. I love it, my family loves it, and I would not hesitate to buy another.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2010

24th Apr 2013, 21:13

About three years later and the truck is at 195 thousand miles. Over the three years it needed brakes, a couple of sensors, ball joints, shocks, thermostat, serpentine belt (broke while driving and messed everything up), radiator got clogged up, alignment is constantly off, and the truck makes a lot of weird noises. The 4x4 pops and grinds, though I rarely use it. Trans felt like it was on its last leg, but a service made it better. It developed a vibration on highway, I think it's drive train related.

Although she needed a lot of work, she still runs and drives, so I can't complain.

3rd Jul 2013, 14:44

The vibration turned out to be the transfer case. You can hear the chain grinding when you drive, and it is getting worse and worse. I think it's time to trade her in.