1991 Ford F150 Lariat 4.9 I-6 from North America


Good truck. Would buy another


The paint on the hood has been flaking for some time now. I was told by a Ford person that a latex primer was used, and that this is the problem with the paint. No recall on it for paint.

When first purchased, I had the truck undercoated. The undercoating people and the Ford dealership failed to notice that the rear gas tank strap was not firmly bolted on... I drove 50 miles from the dealership onto the freeway and was on my street when the gas tank dropped onto the street. After swearing for a few minutes, I walked up and down the street and found the nuts that came loose and managed to get the gas tank back in place, but not before I got my clothes full of undercoating that had yet to dry.

General Comments:

No major repairs in all these years. The truck has developed oil leaks, and has a cracked windshield, but as far as running down the road, it continues to do pretty good.

I forgot to mention that the power steering has been whining since I got it. The steering wheel has some play, and I know that it should be looked at and probably replaced. I thought that perhaps this might be a common problem and get a recall on it... but that hasn't happened.

The driver's side of the bench seat is wearing thin, but that is expected after all these miles.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2009

1991 Ford F150 XLT Lariat 4x4 Single Cab Long 5.0 V8 from North America


Very affordable tough / winter / hunting / farm / 4x4 truck


- Replaced manual locking hubs with worn premium hubs after one year. Bought it with bad hubs. (200$)

- Rewired fog lights and put better ones on ($90)

- Replaced starter after truck sat all summer (solenoid) ($165)

- Replaced battery after truck sat all summer. Old battery was undersized, this truck needs a large one. ($105)

- After replacing hubs, 4x4 worked great. Tested it in minor conditions. Two weeks later after pulling up to my 4x4 area, locked the hubs, shifted the transfer case and pulled ahead. Somehow snapped the front-right-axle-shaft. Still is a mystery to me and my experienced mechanic. ($365)

- Rewired the block heater and transmission heater ($0)

- Tailgate cables ($30)

- Deactivated driver side power lock so it's impossible to lock keys in ($35)

- The truck needs new headers, muffler, tailpipes (has dual exhaust), speedo and odometer need to be rewired, rear gas tank needs replacing, cruise needs fixing.

General Comments:

Other than those things the truck is great. Very comfortable in the city and highway. Very good in snow and mud.

Good visibility. Easy dash controls. Roomy bench seat for 3. Interior is mint. Aftermarket cd sound system is great.

The truck rides stiff when unloaded, plush with 300 lbs of load in the bed. Can haul our 22ft Malibu ski boat around town when our nice truck isn't available. The long bed will fit most snowmobiles with ease. The body has very little rust, few dings and candy apple red.

The truck has ran great since I've fixed it up. Starts first turn on (-30) Celsius mornings, block/tranny heater works great after that.

The Ford bed-liner is awesome. XLT Lariat package has everything you need (AC, PW, PL, etc.). Heats up cab within 4 minutes of city driving. Very nice in (-45) Celsius mornings.

- This truck is not fast by any means, and will not beat a comparable Chev/GMC on pavement. But it is an unreal off-road vehicle and will walk all over Chev High-Sierras and Dodge Power-Rams 4x4ing. It has 31.5 mt's and an extra set of 33 mt's. Has factory 1 inch snow plow capability lift. The truck is dressed up with chrome and lots of other smaller accessories. (previous owner)

- This truck is only used as a winter/utility vehicle, as my other car is a 1997 Camaro z28 street rod.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2008