1997 Ford F150 4.2 liter from North America


Great truck if there is no intrinsic flaw


Rear window leaked, check engine lights, defective connecting rod (s) all at 62000.

General Comments:

I just wonder if this is a general defect or a freak defect. Have seen 2 other trucks with same problem.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2002

14th Nov 2002, 13:40

Yea, I'm thinking the same thing - My window leaked as well - behind the passenger side - and it was like where the seal between the window frame and vehicle come together... the dealer won't fix it - not under warranty he says...whatEVER.

I've been also having nothing but problems with the front end and my motor had to have every gasket in the thing replaced at 76k. : (

I truly believe, if these dealers were more reliable, the vehicles would be as well. I love my truck, I hate the dealer and the problems they create rather than fix.

3rd Sep 2004, 15:11

Same thing with my 97 F150. About 60,000 miles rod started knocking, rear window leaks on passenger side, check engine lights come on intermittently and is now on and flashing. O2 sensor I guess. Current mileage ~154,000

1997 Ford F150 XLT Shortbed Regular Cab 4.2L V6 from North America


A farm girl's dream


There was a recall on the radiator. I didn't find this out until I noticed that I was leaking engine coolant.

I had to have both of my front wheel bearings replaced at 60,000 miles.

A front end alignment was absolutely necessary by 73,000 miles.

My anti-lock braking system doesn't work unless I'm traveling faster than 50 miles per hour. Upon three trips to the service department, they still look at me like I imagine it. But when I almost plowed into a new Jaguar at only 30 miles per hour, I knew something was wrong.

Ignition coil was replaced at 70,000.

General Comments:

My truck is my baby. However, its only a 4x2 and I desperately need a 4x4. It doesn't handle well at all when the roads start to get slick. Its too light for all the power she has.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

1997 Ford F150 2wd XLT Reg.Cab 139 Wheel Base 4.2L V6 from North America


I am done with Ford


This truck has been a service nightmare!

Take a look at all the space Ford takes up at the NHTSA website with all of the recalls and TSB's.

First 3 years of ownership were absolutely trouble free. As soon a the factory warranty expired, everything went down hill.

At 40,000 miles I began to lose coolant at a rate of 1 gallon per 1,000 miles. The engine leaked through 3 separate gaskets.

At 55,000 miles I had a horrible squeak whenever the steering wheel was turned. It seems that Ford subscribes to the "lubed for life" philosophy. There is not a single grease fitting on any suspension or steering link on the 4x2 model and only 1 on the 4x4. Every link, from the pitman arm to the tie rods, idler arm, and ball joints are dry after just 4 years.

I have a crack in the sheet metal of the driver side door that not only whistles as I drive, but also collects water a gurgles when it rains. In the winter, this water turns into ice inside my door and sounds like sand being shaken in a can.

Where are the grease fitting on the U-Joints? Well, of course there are none. Front and rear U-Joints are frozen at 70,000 miles.

At 73,000 miles I need new ball joints. Ford wants $500.00 to replace and realign the steering.

Replaced a front wheel bearing at the same time.

Oxygen sensors lasted till 66,000 miles.

Sliding rear window leaks to such an extent that water actually pours in when it rains and collects on the seat and/or my passenger.

I love the way this truck feels, looks, and drives when it's in top condition. The trouble is that it needs constant attention to keep it from falling apart.

General Comments:

Dealer service is generally deplorable. Dealers will deny warranty claims without hesitation just to test your resolve.

I've had dealer technicians abuse my truck every time it's in for service. The alway seems rev my engine and race my truck around the parking and onto the freeway regardless of why it's there.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2002

19th Jul 2002, 19:05

I'm sorry to hear about your Ford service nightmares. I've never been treated so poorly as I have been by the Ford dealerships in my area. The trucks are awesome and I can't complain, but I think this is my last new Ford until Ford steps up its service practices. I wanted to respond to the comment about the guy not having ball joint problems in his truck, I've worked as a mechanic professionally for many years and can tell you no matter the year truck, if you own a Ford truck you will have ball joint problems. I've had an 84', 87', and a 2000 and they've all had failure. And it should be noted that yours has the old TTB front end while the original writers is the new style IFS.