1997 Ford F150 4x4 4.2 V6 from North America


I love this truck and would recommend one to anyone


The Mazda transmission in this F-150 chipped a gear at around 100,000 miles. Other than that, I haven't had any problems.

General Comments:

I bought this truck used from a contractor that worked with it every day. He just bought a bigger truck. I have hauled every thing from tractors to motorcycles with this truck and never had a problem. The transmission locked up on it once and after taking it apart, I found that a chip off of one of the gears was the problem. It had well over 100,000 miles on it at the time. I still go four wheeling and use it for a work truck although it has over 150,000 miles on it. It still runs like a champ.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2004

1997 Ford F150 XL 4.2L V6 from North America


Expensive reliability problems!


Other than routine maintenance...

At 40,000 miles, the transmission needed to be replaced ($2,200).

At 46,000 miles, both front calipers needed to be replaced ($400).

At 51,000 miles, the horn burned out and needed to be replaced ($56).

At 80,000 miles, both front calipers needed to be replaced again ($400).

At 83,000 miles, the timing cover gasket began leaking engine coolant and was replaced ($650).

Throughout my ownership of this vehicle, I have had problems with:

The check engine light repeatedly coming on.

The rear drum breaks locking up, leaving me stranded in various locations.

Diagnosis computer needed to be replaced.

The entire body is rusting away because Ford did not properly rust proof the undercarriage.

The engine makes all kinds of incredible noises.

The engine likes to occasionally stutter, and hesitate as if it were about to stall.

Items about to fail or in the process of failing...

The air conditioning.

The upper and lower intake gaskets, risking total destruction of the engine by allowing coolant into the combustion chambers.

General Comments:

This vehicle suffers from major design flaws. Ford should be embarrassed that their vehicle can't hold up to normal use. This vehicle was pampered, but continued to literally fall apart.

The worst part is that Ford will not address these problems. A partial recall was issued about the gaskets, but owners were not properly notified, and the recall did not address many of the vehicles that had the defective product. These are serious and expensive mechanical flaws.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2004

22nd Feb 2004, 08:48

I own a 1997 Ford f-150 and have had numerous problems with it. Here is a brief list:

-Transmission $3,858 to get rebuilt at only 90,000Km

-Inner and outer tie rods (Almost causing serious accident)

-Rear axle seals

-O2 sensors (twice)

-Leaky rear Window

_Front Springs.

In My Opinion, Ford is not built Tough and I will never buy another Ford product again. Spend the extra money and, buy something better, but do yourself a favor and stay away from Ford.

1997 Ford F150 XLT 4.2L V6 from North America


Get up and go pickup


Runs rough at idle sometimes.

Only gets 17 mpg.

Poor traction on wet road mostly because it is 2wd and standard cab/ short bed.

General Comments:

Very quick for a 4400 lbs truck.

Brakes lasted 60000 miles.

Very comfortable to ride in.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2003

2nd Apr 2004, 19:13

I had the same problem with the truck running rough at idle Replace the O2 sensor and runs like a champ!

1997 Ford F150 XLT 4.6 V8 from North America


Low maintenance and super reliable


Transmission solenoid and valve needed replacement.


Other than that only tuneups and brakes which is normal for any car.

General Comments:

Excellent quality. 100% reliable and still riding like new at high mileage.

Somewhat thirsty on gas, but nothing out of the ordinary for a 5000 pound vehicle.

Super comfortable captains chairs (optional). Interior great quality.

Plenty of power from a small V8.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2003

1997 Ford F150 Lariat 4.6 from North America


Definite example of Ford hard at work


All I can say is that when I bought the truck from a dealer lot, it needed some work. My first impression was good. They had rigged the truck to pass a test drive, but after purchasing the truck, I found a lot wrong with it. The front brakes were bad and needed a complete overhaul including rotors and bering's. I replaced the hardware and the truck stopped fine. Cost $275.00 my labor. Then the battery died, $75.00, then the check engine light came on, $235.00 my labor, light is still on. It needed two tires, that's normal. The paint is beautiful, the interior required a lot of deep cleaning, to the point I almost bought a new carpet for it. I continue to this day to use Oxy clean and a water vaccum to get the carpet clean. Possible flood victim? and one more thing, the windshield washer does not work. The pump is fine, but the washer doesn't spray. I had to have the windshield replaced, and have the rear sliding glass window resealed. $400.00 for both. They poured water into the cab real bad. Probably why the carpet is so trashed. The leather interior is in real nice shape, despite all of the other problems. I am treating the leather on a regular basis now.

General Comments:

I am happy with my truck. All though I had to put over a thousand dollars into her, after the $7000,00 purchase price, I have a screaming truck for $8,000,00 dollars. She fires up every morning, knock on wood, and has no problem going down the open road. I have installed a k&n Air filter and a flow master muffler and added cold air induction and she get 19 MPG on the highway with 148000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2003

13th Oct 2003, 20:54

Hey I have the same year lariat and I have 186,000 on the OD still with the stock 4.6 auto, the truck is unbreakable!!

28th Oct 2010, 18:59

We are looking at a 1997 Ford Lariat, full load, nice looking truck, but it has 300 thousand on it. They are wanting 4000.00. Is the life of the engine still good? The truck has been well maintained.