2003 Ford F150 from North America


Heritage, Great truck for the name

General Comments:

I have had a good experience with Ford trucks. I purchased a 2003 Heritage Edition four wheel drive truck because the F-150 that I owned had around 120,000 miles and I drive approximately 40000 miles a year and thought I should trade it while I could still get something for the trade in value.

The current Heritage has had very few problems. While still under warranty a hose clamp broke on the bottom radiator hose and was replaced.

I service the truck regularly, but drive it like the wind and would recommend anyone to buy one.

I cannot complain about the gas mileage, although 2 mpg less than the previous truck this one gets around 18 mpg on the highway and is a 4 x 4.

I like this truck so much that I plan on keeping it, hopefully to see the 300,000 mile mark.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2005

2003 Ford F150 XL 4.2 liter V6 from North America


Sweet, cheap money for awesome truck!


Nothing yet. The truck has been great except for the bed being a bit dinged up. But that's my fault for not putting a full bed cover in.

General Comments:

I love this truck! I bought it new for cheap money off the lot. Only 12 k for a F150 4x2 extended cab (4 door) standard tranny.

I do wish I had the auto tranny, but it cost another 1k so I'll live with it. In fact I like being able to rev it and slip the clutch when I need to more power off the line. I also wish I had the 4x4 but this one is doing fine with sandbags in the bed during winter. Actually the manual is fun to drive in my opinion and I get decent gas mileage, something like 18 city and 22 highway. I'm not exactly sure, but its better than many others.

The interior in this rocks. I know it doesn't have power anything, but I don't need that. I kinda wish it had real carpets, but I ride motorcycles and I do get the floor pretty nasty. Overall the truck has tons of room and the extended cab is just great. There is a lot of room back there and the possibilty to have six ppl in the truck at one time! I have seat covers for the front bench and it feels much nicer now. Also the controls are just right. Everything is within easy reach and the truck looks good inside.

The exterior looks pretty sharp too. The only thing is that this style looks better with the raised front end found on 4x4s. However mine is black and shiny and looks pretty cool from the front and not bad from the side. I'd like to raise the front a little, but not everything is perfect. I'd have to say ford made this 4x2 supercab look pretty damn good.

Overall, I've done oil changes and regular maintenance and this truck has been hauling me, my friends, and my bike all over with no problems and has kept me happy. Built ford tough, but I'll stay on road to keep it that way. ;)

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005

2003 Ford F150 King Ranch 5.4 from North America


Big tough, reliable truck with luxury feel


Had to replace limited slip differential, was not working and replaced under warranty.

4x4 was not working and part was replaced in transfer case to get front tires to spin again.

Little bit of rust under the door - fixed with some wd-40.

General Comments:

Few problems at the start that have been fixed.

Cab is extremely comfortable.

Leather seats are amazing.

Mileage is OK - 600km on 90 litres.

Tons of power.

Awesome looking truck.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

2003 Ford F150 XLT 4.6L from North America


How did I ever get along without one?


The air conditioning condensate initially leaked into the passenger foot-well, but the problem somehow fixed itself.

General Comments:

There is a little too much padding down the middle of the bucket seat backs. My body often wants to rock side to side instead of remaining straight. Otherwise, comfort is very good.

Driver position is very good: all controls are easily accessible, visibility is excellent and inspires confidence.

The suspension is a bit bouncy with an empty bed, but soaks up uneven pavement, potholes and the occasional curb without complaint.

General utility and hauling capacity is simply outstanding.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2004

30th Mar 2006, 08:45

I just bought my F150 about a month a go and its been a good truck. I love it,it has better traction than my GMC and outstanding horse power.

24th Sep 2006, 09:20

Update to the original post:

Now with 36,000 miles on the clock I remain quite satisfied with this truck. Aside from the aforementioned a/c leak, which ultimately required a quick repair, absolutely nothing has gone wrong.

The 4.6L engine has plenty of torque for most hauling chores, even the occasional heavy trailer.

Around town the truck delivers 16 mpg; with the cruise set at 55 and a/c blowing hard I get almost 22!

The super-cab space is really more suited for dry cargo than people despite its bench seat. Another 4 inches would have made a huge difference.