1993 Ford Festiva L 4 Cylinder from North America


A great long distance commuting car


I can't really say that there has been anything "wrong" with the vehicle, other than the normal wear & tear.

Seats wear @ 100,000 miles.

Wire fuses were gauged too small from Manufacturer.

Easy to break into without smashing windshield.

Horn will sound sometimes and sometimes not. Usually lasts for a month at a time.

General Comments:

Car is very peppy and gets great gas mileage.

Parts are dealer only. Due to the ease of totaling the car in an accident, the junk-yards are full of parts (i.e. alternators, starters and interior parts).

I can get a whole set of tires with lifetime mounting, balancing and rotation for @ $140.00.

The air conditioning compressor was sized too small from the factory, even when fully filled with Freon, it still would not perform. This was true when I purchased it.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2002

1993 Ford Festiva GL 4 Cylinder from North America


Great power, gas mileage, and interior space for the cheap price!


This car was a rebuilt from a flood. I have only had to put on a new exhaust and had a problem with the taillights. The taillights died right after I got the car. I was able to fix it in about 5 minutes with a toggle switch instead of ripping out the headlight switch and everything else.

General Comments:

This car is definitely a must for anyone that travels as much as I do. I travel about 47,000 miles a year between my two vehicles. This car gets me at least 45 and usually 55 miles per gallon.

Surprisingly peppy for such a small motor and will actually top out at impressive speeds for the motor.

I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, and this car has more leg room and head room than most other vehicles that I have driven.

Very plain car without any extras, but definately one of the most reliable and cheap-running vehicles that I have ever come into contact with. I wish they still made these. I will have this car as long as possible. No chance of selling it unless it is for another one!

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Review Date: 26th May, 2002

14th Sep 2002, 11:42

I am 100% in agreement with this whole survey. In the last 12 years I have gone through 10 different vehicles, and the only one I regret losing is my Festiva. However 3 days ago I purchased a Kia Rio RX. At that time I was unaware that the Festiva was a Kia. The similarities were the reason for my looking up this web site. The new car is a lot fancier, but I hope it will be just as good.

1993 Ford Festiva LX 1.3L from North America


A great cheap car


I had to replace the brake rotor and exhaust when I got the car.

Put brakes on it twice (run a paper route so this is to be expected).

General Comments:

This is the most reliable car that I have ever had.

Paid 375.00 for it and run it for 30,000+ miles and have done very little to it.

Very inexpensive to run.

Uncomfortable to ride in.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2002

1993 Ford Festiva L 1.3 from North America


The Festiva makes a good second car for a household


My temperature sensor went at 125,000.

My exhaust was replaced at 126,000.

Both lower ball joints were replaced at 170,000 kilometres.

General Comments:

Thus it's small, and doesn't have air-conditioning, it is very reliable and has had no major engine problems yet.

It drives great in the snow and uses a very low amount of gas.

With the exception of the driver's seat, the interior is in great shape.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

1993 Ford Festiva L 1.2L from North America


Great reliability + performance, but loses in a collision


A hand brake line seized, locking one of the rear drum brakes on. Resulted from rusted brake line assembly. Occurred twice.

Exhaust train very prone to rust -- had the manifold between catalytic converter and engine repaired twice.

Windshield wiper fluid pump failed when the car was eight years old, needing replacement.

Some parts were god-awful expensive, like the headlight assemblies, which would run US$200 re-manufactured, $100 salvaged.

Breaks seemed to require service every two years, but this could've been my driving habits. :)

No structural integrity when in collisions. Was totalled in September in a three-car rear-ending that didn't really damage any of the other cars!

Fixed-position steering wheel a bit cramped for my 6'3" frame.

General Comments:

Great economy.

Felt "stable" at high speeds (e.g. 80 MPH and on corners). Handled beautifully well in the winter on ice and snow; FWD+manual transmission. Very forgiving of aggressive driving on slick surfaces.

Lots of head room in the cabin.

Pretty spunky for a 65HP 1.2L (Mazda) engine when combined with the 5 speed manual transmission!

Some parts were very cheap, like a $30 front quarter panel replaced after a collision.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2001

22nd Nov 2002, 20:33

I am a little disturbed with this revue's mention of the FESTIVA's engine size... the car has a 1.3 litre engine, not the 1.2 mentioned by the reviewer. However, as a previous owner of two FESTIVAS, I can say that they are great bargains, drive really well, deliver very good gas mileage (got between 40 to 45...mostly freeway driving),and my cars were very reliable. They really are great in the snow, probably due to their front-heavy weight distribution and FWD. Of course, really small cars simply cannot hold up to car crashes...that's just basic physics. And, since no airbags were offered, you will be at risk for nasty injuries in the event of a crash. Remember, the next generation of FESTIVA was the rather ugly and not good handling ASPIRE... but at least that car has airbags. So I am thinking of buying a low-mileage 97 ASPIRE in the near future. I will miss the great handling and slightly higher gas mileage of the FESTIVA; but I find myself more safety oriented as I get older!

One other thing; FESTIVAS CANNOT ACHIEVE GAS MILEAGE IN THE 55mpg range! Those figures can only be reached by 3-cylinder engines such as those found in the GEO METRO.

So, in conclusion, I hope your reviewers will strive to maintain a high standard of truthfulness in their accounts. Thanks.