31st Oct 2010, 00:50

How can something be "economical and expensive" at the same time?

2nd Nov 2010, 12:27

Actually, I did not buy the car, it's my sister's. I always had Couriers and Rangers. And she got it just because it was "Oh, look how cute it is". :) But I have driven it. So it gave me a good idea what kind of a car it is.

What I mean by "Economical" and "Expensive" was it is good on fuel. But the price of the car is too high. I think almost $21K MSRP is too much for such a small car.

Don't get me wrong, I liked that car. I think with standard transmission, hatchback, sold for let's say $15K MSRP, it would make a nice little city car for a small person. But at almost $21K there are much better choices out there. Ford needs to make price adjustments.

2nd Nov 2010, 17:05

This car starts in the mid $13K range as per their website. Perhaps if you forgo all the useless gadgets and other crap on one, you could get it for a reasonable price?

3rd Nov 2010, 13:16

Well, $12,999, that's for sedan. I won't even look at it. It is just way too ugly (FOR ME) and many people that I talked to. As I have mentioned above, my sister bought hatchback just because it was cute. Period. I guess, the designers of Fiesta hatchback hoped the girls would love the bubble shape of the car.

However, hatchback is starting at $16,799 and $19,162 MSRP without any options.

For comparison

Kia Rio5 $14,095 MSRP

Hyundai Accent Hatchback $14,733 MSRP

Chevrolet Aveo $16,650 MSRP

Honda Fit $17,175 MSRP

Nissan Versa (hatchback) $18,218 MSRP

One class above:

Chevrolet Cruze $14,995 MSRP

Honda Civic $17,290 MSRP

Toyota Corolla $19,060 MSRP

That's Alberta's prices. It might be slightly different in other locations.

3rd Nov 2010, 13:33

Okay, but your comments are purely subjective and based on your own opinions about the cars' looks. You said it was overpriced in comparison to other cars in its class, and it simply just isn't true. You even said the hatch starts in the $16K range, which is much less than the $21K your sister paid. However, the hatch version actually starts at $15,100 or so as per their website.

All in all, I can't see where this car is so overpriced. It is pretty much in line with most of the cars in its class.

3rd Nov 2010, 23:21

The prices that I have put ARE CORRECT, where I live, at this moment. And it IS overpriced, not only for it's class. It is more expensive than cars in the class above.

I did not even put Mitsubishi Lancer DE for $17,598 (total selling price), which you cannot even compare to Fiesta.

I have done extensive research myself for MY ride. Because, I have just got 2010 Ranger (basic) at ridiculous price of $13000 for a brand new truck, and believe me it is a way better Ford than the little Fiesta.

Once thing for sure. Fiestas will be sitting at dealers lots.

But OK. Whatever. You want to be right, fine. You are right!

I just gave my opinion, that's what this website is for.

4th Nov 2010, 10:50

Hey, I wasn't saying I was right. I was mostly going by the list you posted of prices. The Fiesta really doesn't stand out as being any more expensive. If you hate the car, then yeah I guess it would be overpriced, but it is above some and below others, so how is it overpriced?

Your sister overpaid for the car, yes, because loading one up to the tune of $21K is a mistake, and she will lose a lot of money on it if she sells it before at least 8 years go by. You have to keep things in perspective when choosing a car. If you are loading up a small entry level car to the price of a better car, then maybe you should rethink your buying strategy. She could have gotten a base Fusion for less than she paid for her Fiesta. That is not a good purchase to me.

7th Dec 2010, 12:57

A small hatchback like this should not have blindspot issues, I thought that that problem would've gone away when AMC quit making the Gremlin.

5th Jan 2011, 22:58

Your sister should have invested in a Toyota Yaris. The hatchback is just as as cute as the Fiesta. Also, the Yaris is a proven product with great reliability and fuel economy. There's no visibility issues either. A loaded model can get expensive, but a three door hatch can come at a pretty fair price.

I live in Edmonton, and drive a 2005 Toyota Echo. It's the predecessor to the Yaris, and it's fantastic. I don't believe all the hype about the Fiesta. Also, I agree the sedan just plain looks awkward, but there is more to a car than looks. Most people think my car is ugly, but I love it.

10th Jan 2011, 15:50

Calm down. No need to make the same comment on every Fiesta posting. The Fiesta is in fact a proven vehicle, and more so than even your Yaris. Even though we have not had the Fiesta in the US for a long time, it NEVER went out of production in Europe. It has been built over there for 32 years, with constant upgrades and improvements.

As far as looks, that is clearly a matter of personal opinion. Most people probably wouldn't even a Yaris if it passed them on the street because the styling is so boring/ugly. Can you say that about the Fiesta?

If they were both the same price, my choice would be Fiesta. Even though that Fiesta costs more, you have to remember that it comes with many options that you cannot get in a Yaris. If you could put automatic headlights, heated seats, leather seats, Bluetooth, heated outside mirrors, 7 air bags, and 7 color changing LED interior lighting, 17" wheels, and turn-by-turn navigation, and Push Button Keyless Start... I'm sure the Yaris would probably cost as much as a Fiesta. It still wouldn't be as fun to drive though!

11th Jan 2011, 22:38

The Yaris doesn't deserve to get dumped on like it does. It's a good little car, and it set the standard for almost all subcompacts in North America.

The Saturn Astra was supposed to be fantastic, too. Remember it? Number one in Europe, but a complete failure in North America. The Ford Focus was heralded as 'Car of the Year,' when introduced in 2000. It set a record for recalls. Toyota did beat it, but Ford set the bar high. Focus was a complete lemon for almost six year of production. The Yaris was not involved in any recalls.

14th Jan 2011, 14:39

There's no need to 'calm down'. I'm perfectly calm. I can comment on all the Fiesta postings I want. I'm just doing what a previous commenter said. I'm giving my opinion. The Yaris is a global vehicle, and it's proven everywhere, including North America since 2006. The Fiesta is not. That's a fact.

Buyers should give it three or four years on the streets and highways of many North American cities, before they decide how wonderful the Fiesta is. We're different than Europe. Many people like the looks of the so called 'ugly' boring Yaris.

15th Jan 2011, 11:13

Actually the Fiesta is a global car too, as it is based on a European model that has been around for some time. The European Ford cars are generally better than their U.S. counterparts, so it is nice to see them start to import more of the designs they use from over there.