20th Mar 2011, 09:58

"A well-equipped Fusion is selling here now for $15,995, and that is about the same as a Fiesta."

You have made these $15,995 claims about the Fusion before. Please tell me what the dealer name is on this deal. The base car starts at $19,820 with a manual tranny in it... hardly well equipped. I used to sell Fords, and we wouldn't even discount the base car to $16K. There is not enough money in the car for this. There has got to be some kind of fine print on the ads you are reading. Again, please give me a heads up on the dealer name and location so I can verify this information. I would love to buy a "well equipped" Fusion for that price.

Plus, since the Fiesta as a well equipped car is about $5K to $6K less than the Fusion, they should be selling them for about $11K right? If not, then I would be asking them why they are dumping the supposedly high quality Fusion for so little money, and then not discounting the Fiesta in a comparable manner. This dealer obviously isn't concerned about making any profits, so that should be pretty easy to get right?

Seriously though... in no way can you get a new Fusion for $16K... no way. The dealer seriously wouldn't be making anything on the car. What would the purpose be? The best they have around here is a $2,500 rebate package on them, and not many would even qualify for the three separate rebates they are offering. You better read the fine print on the ads a bit better!

20th Mar 2011, 11:37

I have no idea what part of the U.S. you are in, but in the southern U.S., the Fusion, Camry, and Malibu are all three advertised in the weekend newspapers for $15,995 with automatic. Since the Fusion comes with every conceivable option standard I'd certainly call that "well equipped". The Fiesta base is advertised at $13,995 but that is with a manual transmission. Hardly enough savings to justify buying such a small car. There is no "small print". All car manufacturers offer huge rebates to dealers, allowing them to sell the cars below factory invoice and still turn a profit. I worked for a dealership, and saw cars sold at way below invoice all the time.

20th Mar 2011, 14:14

I'm no expert on car prices in the U.S. because I live in Canada. Here, we pay more no matter what. Here a base Fiesta is more expensive than a base Yaris, or current Accent. I know many think these cars are a joke, but they are in the subcompact field. They are both popular cars where I live.

Also, I did mean Fiesta sales may be slow because people are waiting for the new redesigned European Focus. I don't know what the starting price for one will be. I'm sure they are waiting for it to shop against the Fiesta. Americans have never embraced small cars, so I think Fiesta may be in trouble. Here, there is no way you can get a Fusion for the same price as a Fiesta. Maybe in the U.S., I don't know.

20th Mar 2011, 18:42

Where are these Fiestas? I don't see them ANYWHERE. NOBODY buys them. Very mistaken saying that the Mexican built little Fiesta is a better car and better quality than the Canadian built Corolla or Civic.

Why would someone even think about letting other countries profit from selling a less desirable product?

Why (for example) as a Canadian, would I not buy a larger, proven to be high quality, Civic or Corolla, made by my fellow citizens for the same money as Fiesta?

Yes, I would rather buy a reasonably (read much lower) priced domestic (!) FORD Fiesta if it was made in Canada (or US). But in this case. Let them rot on a lot. No thanks.

21st Mar 2011, 12:27

Give me a dealer name. Why is that so hard? I have asked at least 4 times for this info, but have yet to get it from you. I want to verify this information by calling them and getting the details on this supposed deal they are offering. All I need is name and location. I will find the number and get back to you with the real deal.

It doesn't matter what part of the country you are from. The base price is set by Ford and the sticker is the same everywhere, as is the amount of mark-up. You simply cannot make money on new cars when discounting them $5K off of sticker. There would be no point in selling them for that. I too sold Fords, and we also did deals that were below invoice... by a few hundred maybe, but not $2K. That is insane! If you tell me where these deals exist, I might just buy one and have it shipped here. Even after shipping costs, it would be worth getting it for that cheap. Let me know!

21st Mar 2011, 17:30

I also want to support cars built in Canada. I used to drive a 98 Suzuki Swift. It was built in Ingersoll, Ontaria at a joint Suzuki/Chevrolet plant. I loved that little car. It was very reliable. Too bad GM ended their partnership with Suzuki. They produced some very good cars together. GMDAT has not produced anything of good quality. I wanted a Civic or Corolla, but couldn't afford one. I ended with a used Toyota Echo. People dump on it, but it's one of the most solid little cars ever built.

It's interesting you should mention cars built in Canada. I've read many posts that are angry and say cars built there are outsourced just like Mexico. I guess I'm biased, but I've never thought of a car built in Canada as outsourced. We have a long history of building cars here from many different companies. Our industry was hit hard with many jobs lost, just like the U.S. when the recession hit.

22nd Mar 2011, 17:32

We went browsing at a Ford dealership recently, and found that the least expensive Fiesta on the lot was two grand more than they were selling the base Fusions for. Of course every Fiesta they had was loaded to the gills, because they are aimed at techno nerds whose only interest is a lot of electronics gadgetry.

23rd Mar 2011, 08:09

I'm still waiting for the name of a dealer I can get a Fusion for $15,995 at brand new. I don't believe it is true, and the lack of an actual dealer name by the poster that supposedly has this information just leads me to disbelieve their post. How hard is it to list a name and location after all?

Still waiting...

23rd Mar 2011, 17:20

It's very hard to believe that a base Fusion is cheaper than a loaded Fiesta. Yes, the Fiesta can get expensive with all the gadgets that cars are coming with these days, but the closest competitor to a Ford Fiesta on a Ford lot would obviously be the Focus. Until you provide the name and location of this dealership, as another commenter has requested, few have any reason to believe your claim.

15th Mar 2015, 08:55

Unfortunately most little hatchbacks and sedans are much harder to see out of the rear these days. Usually it's a result of body strength and safety improvements, which have increased the size of the rear roof pillars. Some are styling details like the extra big plastic mouldings and black bands around the windows to hide where the glass is bonded.

24th Feb 2016, 07:21

LOL true.


11th May 2016, 22:10

You are correct, sir.