12th Mar 2011, 14:00

Why is it considered brainwashing to you that I have had way better success with import cars then domestics? In my factual experience, domestics are not as good quality and require frequent repairs at low mileage intervals. Imports have never once let me down... EVER! I'd rather keep my money in the bank rather than paying it out for ridiculous repairs on domestic vehicles. I guess if that means I am brainwashed in some way, then okay, I am brainwashed. You have obviously never owned a Toyota, and have no real experience with them other than J.D. Powers list. You also haven't even looked further than J.D. Powers as you are stuck on the whole "17 rankings below Ford" thing. Look around at many of the other sources that actually say "Toyota ranks better in quality overall, DESPITE the recalls." Just because you are anti-Toyota, doesn't make them worse cars. Sorry!

In reality, I think it is people that think domestic car companies came from the bottom of the barrel to tops in quality, in like a year, who are brainwashed. Please tell me how companies that fail and go into bankruptcy or close, suddenly make products that are the tops on every chart with virtually no major changes in their businesses in one year? It doesn't happen! Not now, not ever! Sorry, but the brainwashing is all home grown good ole USA stuff here! I think short term memory loss is a big problem in our country when it comes to brand loyalty. This will work to Toyota's favor too though as the recalls will be a distant memory soon enough, and they will once again be on top of everything. Heck, they still top most lists, even with the recalls!

This is the last post I will make on this old argument. Just buy what you like and be happy with it. I know what the facts are, as I have actually researched all of them, and I have had much real world experience with specific brands, both import and domestic. I would never come onto this site to bash a car brand I have no experience with, just because of things I have read in the news. It is not beneficial or helpful in making real decisions as to what car to purchase. We're not having a contest here. Stick with personal facts based on your actual experience, and then you'll be adding more useful information to the discussions on here.

12th Mar 2011, 14:22

How and when did this brainwashing by Toyota occur? Did Toyota salespeople come to people's houses, wave a shiny object like a set of Toyota keys, and chant, 'you love Toyota, you want Toyota, you will buy nothing but Toyota.' Stop saying people who bought or still buy a Toyota are brainwashed. It's insulting to those who bought one based on positive personal experience, or want one in the future.

14th Mar 2011, 01:25

Once again. ALL CARS have recalls, from FORD to Rolls-Royce. Some make it to the news, some don't. Depending to whom it is profitable.

FORD still has the largest number of recalls EVER. Even this brand new Fiesta already had recalls regarding possible vehicle fires due to faulty alternators.

My brother-in-law had his top of the line BMW in for a service for possible leakage in the braking system. Almost $100K BMW! Does it mean BMW is a bad car?

So all that buzz in the news about the danger of owning a Yota is just a regular propaganda. And it is normal in this capitalistic world.

You just have to do an independent research yourself, based on unbiased reviews.

Here is a link to a recalls website: http://auto-recalls.justia.com/

14th Mar 2011, 15:40

I keep seeing erroneous posts about Ford having more recalls than Toyota. Yes, it does if you go back to 1960. But Toyota has had FOURTEEN MILLION recalls since 2008. That is more than any maker in history in that short a time. Also, I keep seeing the statements that the Ford Contour had more recalls than Toyota. Kind of hard, since there were not as many contours BUILT as there have been Toyotas recalled.

15th Mar 2011, 09:49

And the Anti-Toyota crusader posts again. Please tell me what benefit your repetitious posts have here? The whole CAPS effect is tired too. Just buy and drive what you like, and stop trying to sway peoples opinions as to what is good for them with your third party opinions. It is obvious you've never owned a Toyota, so your opinion is not warranted. We've all read the reports about the recalls.

You know what? I'd take a Toyota with 50 recalls over anything GM has to offer. You know why? GM has forced me to make $1,000's in repairs to their low quality vehicles at low mileage intervals. The Toyotas I have owned have needed nothing outside of routine maintenance... ever! All the CAPS in the world aren't going to sway me toward domestics, nor will they sway anyone else with real Toyota experience. Save it for your own threads, based on your real experience, and stop forcing everyone to scroll past your anti-Toyota statements. It is not making this a better site!

15th Mar 2011, 18:49

Uhhhh... this is a Ford thread. Why all the anti-domestic comments on a domestic thread??

16th Mar 2011, 14:19

"Uhhhh... this is a Ford thread. Why all the anti-domestic comments on a domestic thread??"

This argument comes up all the time on many threads. It's a never ending argument that both sides feel strongly about. Check out the Toyota reviews and you will find just as many anti-import comments.

16th Mar 2011, 17:32

Not much of a domestic in Fiesta, but name. A European car, produced in Mexico.

16th Mar 2011, 20:51

"Uhhhh... this is a Ford thread. Why all the anti-domestic comments on a domestic thread??"

Just pointing that out to the anti-Toyota person. No need to rehash the same posts over and over right?

17th Mar 2011, 22:31

Getting back to the Fiesta, I think Ford may have a harder time selling it than many would believe. Fiesta sales have been disappointing so far, from what I've read. Consumers may be waiting for the new Focus. A base model Focus is actually less expensive than a Fiesta with a few options. Ford has never sold a subcompact on product, rather than price. The Fiesta doesn't come cheap.

19th Mar 2011, 12:40

The Fiesta SEL Sedan is about the same as a base Focus, and therefore is much better equipped with SYNC, a better sound system, bigger wheels, etc. and not just a car with "a few options" on it. A Focus S is a stripper model with not a lot of extras. You can get a base Fiesta for just over $13K, which is not too much these days for a new car. It is all about what you want size wise and feature wise. Figure about $3k less for the Fiesta when compared to the comparably equipped Focus. So far in researching I have found the Fiesta pretty much on par with other cars in its class as far as pricing and options go. Not sure why people are focusing on this one small car as overpriced. I just don't see it.

19th Mar 2011, 12:41

Although it is light years ahead of the Corolla, I am not totally sold on the Fiesta. It has way too high a price for a subcompact. The ride, feel, fit and finish are far better than Civic or Corolla, but the price is as much as the much better base Fusion.

With the new Fusion I-4 getting an EPA estimated 34 mpg (and mine greatly exceeds that) I'd recommend the Fusion as an alternative rather than any subcompact. It is tried and proven, much more comfortable and much safer at the same price. A well-equipped Fusion is selling here now for $15,995, and that is about the same as a Fiesta. Toyota is advertising Camry at the same price, but of course it is not nearly as well built.