2nd Mar 2011, 14:40

Yeah, because no one ever talks about domestic cars on Toyota threads now do they?

And sorry, but EVERY source known to man says imports dominate over domestics, and anyone I have known that has owned both, has personally had better luck with imports, including myself. And to top it off, imports hold their value better, unless you watch Ford's commercials that is. Yeah, forecasted value... that has a lot to do with reality.

2nd Mar 2011, 15:03

"None of the foreign brands are any better than GM or Ford!!!"

GM is far behind Ford, and I find it very strange that people seem incredibly eager to forgive Ford's awful past 25 years compared to Toyota and Honda. Even Hyundai got its act together long before Ford. And yes, I know Toyota screwed up big, but Ford did first! It seems like people think they have become perfect overnight. Also, have people forgotten GM went bankrupt!? They were sweating in chairs, begging the government for money long before Toyota was hauled in for its mistake.

Getting back to the Fiesta. I watched a video review of it from Consumer Reports on Youtube. Not everything they said was good. They said it was slow. I took this with a grain of salt, because it is a subcompact. But don't think this car is a like a Volkswagen GTI or Mini Cooper.

They said the rear was cramped. The reviewer also complained of a too narrow driving position with a door mounted cupholder that digs into your thigh. It's also been said on this site that the Fiesta's auto transmission is different from the European's. There have been complaints and problems.

2nd Mar 2011, 16:54

Probably because the Fiesta is new to the U.S., and therefore it's natural to compare it to other cars in its class. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and even Hyundai all have good records for making subcompacts, and small cars.

Ford's record is pathetic. Remember the Aspire? GM's record is awful, too. The Aveo? Come on. You almost have to talk about Toyota and other foreign cars. The following words come from a long running series of books called Lemon-Aid. "Ford has never had a successful European transplant in North America."

3rd Mar 2011, 17:48

Hey, those are your opinions. OK, I just stated, why talk about foreign car when the review is about a Ford! And anyways, I didn't say GM or Ford is any better, I stated foreign is no better than GM or Ford, which means in my opinion, foreign doesn't have anything on my American vehicles, and I don't care what the major car reviewers say. You're wasting your breath. You want to hate, go ahead, I could care less! Those are my opinions, and you've got yours! You don't need to be trying to attack me because I prefer American to foreign, there is nothing wrong with that! GM and Ford all the way!! I've had better luck with GM and Ford than any other vehicle manufacturing company! These are my opinions. If you don't agree, then fine, I could care less!

4th Mar 2011, 16:53

These Fiestas have just appeared on our local dealer's lot, and they look like fun cars. I really like the interior, and it looks much sportier and also more fun in some unquantifiable way than the Focus. It was a disappointment when they discontinued the Focus hatchback, so the return of the hatchback in the Fiesta finally lets Ford offer competition in that niche. I would give it an honest chance.

4th Mar 2011, 18:39

I don't think anyone was trying to attack. Your initial statement came across as somewhat of an attack on anything besides GM or Ford. Whether or not you meant that, it did sort of come across that way.

Also, if you make a statement that's purely an opinion, you're bound to get other opinions. There's hardly a need to claim personal attacks. That's especially true with the argument of domestic vs. foreign. I prefer Toyota over GM or Ford, and I've been told my Toyota Echo is ugly. I don't care. I really love it. I've been told all Toyotas are death traps despite huge evidence against that. I don't care. And that's my opinion.

5th Mar 2011, 15:10

"Also, if you make a statement that's purely an opinion, you're bound to get other opinions"

It's hardly a case of opinion anymore. Virtually all auto reviews are clearly picking domestic car makers as not only equal to, but BETTER than their Asian counterparts. Quality surveys of owners clearly show fewer quality problems with domestics. USA Today just named the Dodge Caravan as the best mini-van built. And the American public appears to be shaking off decades of ad-hype brainwashing as well. Both Ford and GM have outsold Toyota (and all other brands) for the past three months in this country. That is not only a big boost to the American economy, but a clear vote of confidence in Ford and GM. When a major auto maker has multi-million car recalls repeatedly, as Toyota has, it is hard to logically view them as equal to domestics.

6th Mar 2011, 14:48

Yeah, right. There's just as much evidence to state the opposite. Consumer Reports clearly states top automakers are Asian. I don't care what anybody says, Ford, GM, and Chrysler/Fiat or or whichever company is trying to save them these days, have NEVER made good small vehicles. They've either ignored it, or outsourced it. Many of their larger vehicles have been awful, too. The Mercury Mystique was commonly referred to as Mercury Mistake. Maybe that's why Mercury is gone, as Chrysler without companies saving them would be. Daimler got out while they could. Fiat was foolish enough to jump in.

Furthermore, Ford has a problem with screwing up their new models. It sure takes them a long time to get it right. SIX years for the glitch-ridden Focus and all its recalls. Someone else stated they thought it was actually the Contour that set a record for recalls. I wouldn't doubt it. Also, why have people forgotten GM went bankrupt? Do bankrupt companies always have the best product? Last time I checked, the answer is no.

People can claim brainwashing, or ad-hyping, all they want, but it's the truth. Also, someone please, please, provide an example or clarify this 'ad-hype, or brainwashing.' ALL companies who do advertising claim they have the best product. J.D. power and Consumer reports are supposed to be impartial. The info. is supposed to come from consumers, actual people who drive the cars. I drive a Toyota and I am NOT brainwashed, nor am I some patsy who fell for 'ad hype.'

My comment on 'purely on opinion' was in response to someone who seemed upset that people didn't immediately agree with his or her statement, 'no one is better than GM or Ford!!!' There was nothing underneath this comment to back it up. Therefore, it's an opinion, nothing more. The commenter even stated, 'that's my opinion'!!!

6th Mar 2011, 15:37

Where are "virtually all auto reviews" picking domestics as better? Every article I have read in the past few weeks is in favor of imports. There was a best buy list, and all but two on it were imports. The only domestics on the list were the awesome Ford Mustang, which has no direct foreign competition, and the Chevy Avalanche, which again has no real competition in its class. There was also a "best resale value" list, and all were imports. Quality surveys all in favor of imports. J.D. Powers ranks imports higher overall. Really, I have not seen any source that claims domestics are better than imports. Please quote which articles you have seen this information in, so I can read about it.

USA Today ranks a Dodge as the best minivan? Dodge has not had any vehicle on top of any quality list for many years, other than the Hemi powered cars like the Challenger and Charger. The Caravan has not really changed much over the past few years, so how did it suddenly shoot to the top of the rankings? The Toyota Sienna was just listed on the best buy top ten list I mentioned.

The reality of it is that you can find sources that tell you what you want to hear about any manufacturer. The facts I have witnessed in my own experiences, and with friends and family over the past 30 years, is that imports are generally much better and much less prone to unscheduled repairs. That tells me a lot more than any survey ever will. When survey companies offer to pay up for my ridiculous repair bills on domestic cars, then maybe I'll take their advice more seriously.

And three months of sales domination compared to almost 30 years of domination by imports is hardly cause for celebration.