2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL from North America


Would not recommend anyone buy one; maybe that's why they changed the name of it


Rear brakes due to recall - changed.

Air compressor for A/C had to be changed 5/2010.

Surging forward while my foot is on the brake.

Connector melted in headlights.

Water holding in the frame of the door due to weep hole clogged.

General Comments:

I really loved my car when we bought it new in Aug 06. Leather, sunroof, 6 disk changer, really nice features including the safety ratings, which were the best by far.

Very disappointed that after 4 years, the A/C compressor had to be changed. Living in south LA, we need A/C. $1400 later, I have A/C. Not covered. However, I found out at least 4 or 5 other models, just like mine, had the same problem and only one was given "assistance". She was elderly, so maybe that's why?

Now the car surges when I put my foot on the brake, whether to go forward or in reverse. Technician says the idle needs cleaning for $100, or can be replaced for $600, and the jerking when coming out of park is due to a rubber lining or seal on the motor mount, being worn. None under warranty, 61k. Is this a manufacturing defect???

I LOVE my dealership. However, I will NEVER buy Ford again.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2010

30th Jul 2010, 21:23

Terence n bradford 4404 43 ave no b, ham al 35217.

2006 Ford 500. Surges forward or in reverse when foot is on the brakes. If you remove your foot, the car will move forward and hit whoever is in front or behind you. It's obvious that this is not normal.

The A/C compressor and transmission mounts have had to be replaced already.

I thank god that my wife got the extended 100,000 mile warranty, because we would have been up s**t creek after the dealership charged 2400.00 that we definitely did not have.

Still have not had the surging fixed yet, due to the part needed being on back order for a month. We were told by the dealership that it is safe to drive until then, and they are still unsure if the 100,000 mile warranty will cover this, and we have 10,000 miles left.

If someone gets hurt in this car car due to the surging, we definitely will have to take legal actions, but I'm sure we will lose! The little man gets screwed again!!

205-849-6652 if anyone from Ford who really gives a damn about customer satisfaction reads this comment, and can help us get this problem solved. please contact us ASAP. Thanks.

26th Aug 2010, 01:13

I had the same experience on surge when putting in gear on a 2007 Ford Five Hundred. The wife took it to a dealer, no problem found.

Fortunately, I'm a 40 year auto tech, now teaching auto tech programs. I connected equipment, drove to the dealership, proved to their satisfaction that the problem is the throttle housing assembly.

Also I discovered the part is in short supply nationally, indicating a high replacement demand. Also I note high incidence of complaints filed with NHTSA. The throttle housing was replaced and the vehicle delivered to my home three hours later.

Problem solved.

17th Sep 2014, 15:47

I have the same problems with my 2005 Ford 500!!! It has been costly and very disappointing.

2005 Ford Five Hundred 3.0L 24v from North America


My Ford's have never let me down like my previous GM's have


Loose fitting on the pressure line of the power steering line.

General Comments:

Very well built as far as I can tell so far.

I buy cars to last the long haul, so to speak/write, not to trade of in a year or a few. Ford has always delivered on durability and longevity for me. Our previous car, a 93 T-Bird, has 255,000 miles on it and has been a great car for the 13 years we've had it, and I'm positive will make it another 100,000 at least for my son who is buying it. I fully expect the same high quality and long-lived durability from our new/used Five Hundred.

Very nice and roomy as well.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2010