9th Aug 2007, 16:45

17:44 Toyota and/or Honda cars are superior to any Ford car in every possible way.

A Honda Civic with 200,000 miles on it will run smoother than the prehistoric engines Ford is still dumping into their cars.

Ford cars don't even begin to approach the level of sophistication put into Honda and Toyota's most inexpensive models.

The interior in a $13,000 Corolla embarrasses Ford's cars that cost twice as much. Not to mention that the Corolla gets about 10-20 miles to the gallon more, and holds its value twice as well.

Also not to mention the fit and finish that Ford completely lacks. After 50 or 60 thousand miles, they all rattle and squeak, whereas a Toyota still feels like it just left the sales lot.

I surely will keep driving Toyota's, they're clearly the better choice by a great margin.

25th Jan 2008, 18:26

I am a business traveler and have the opportunity to drive many different rental cars. I just drove a 2007 Ford 500 SEL for 3 days and 400 miles. The 6 speed tranny was very smooth and cooperative, the seating was very comfortable, the stereo was awesome, and there is lots of power for passing when needed. Unlike many cars nowadays, it was very easy to see out all windows, the trunk is huge, and the interior is roomy and classy looking. Highway driving was smooth and the steering is just right.

The car had low profile sidewall tires and therefore potholes were felt at city speeds. The tires did not seem to transfer a rough ride from bumps at highway speeds. The engine was silent at idle, but exhaust noise was a little louder than I prefer at 40 to 50mph.

This car was the base model and I suppose the LTD would be smoother and quieter.

Overall, it felt like a good family sedan.

25th Jan 2008, 22:56

That's your opinion. Too bad it's wrong.

26th Jan 2008, 11:44

I think they got it backwards. The interior in the 2008 Ford Focus makes the interior in a Toyota Corolla like like cheap crap.

29th Mar 2008, 10:45

I started searching for a used car recently that would replace my 1989 4 cyl Dodge Spirit with 323k on it. I bought the Dodge used back in 1994 and put 210k on it since then. For those of you who aren't familiar with a Dodge Spirit, it's quite roomy and very comfortable to drive.

My son and I have looked at just about every make and model imaginable. They all seem the same to me, I can't tell them apart. We test drove a variety of cars import and domestics but I couldn't find one as comfortable as my Spirit at a reasonable price.

Yesterday, I was on my way to a friends house when I spotted a white Ford 500 on a used car dealers lot while I was stopped at a light. I immediately drove in and took a look at the car. It was a 2005 SE model with 56k on it. The second I sat in it I knew this was the one I wanted. The salesman arranged a test drive and I drove directly to my friends house. It is huge inside and much more comfortable than any of the other cars I looked at.

Needless to say, I bought it that day. I'm very happy with the deal I made even though the dealer didn't want to take my Spirit on trade initially. He said it wasn't worth his while but he relented and gave me a far price for it any way.

I'm very impressed with the Five Hundred and would recommend to anyone who wants a similar car at a reasonable price. I take good care of my cars and expect this one to be every bit as good as the Spirit.