21st Mar 2007, 17:41

Does Ford send you Taurus badges to replace your Five Hundred ones given the car failed in the marketplace so is being rebadged a Taurus?

At least you got a great deal, which is the only way one should ever consider an American car.

22nd Mar 2007, 10:27

Actually, without going very deep into Global marketing, the concept of an "American" car is unintelligible.

The American car concept is what every manufacturer is chasing.

Cars don't fail or win. If you think that the more people who buy a certain model, makes that car a winner - then you really don't appreciate cars.

Some of my favorite cars have had little success in the market place. That is part of what I like, finding great things that for intangible reasons other, less imaginative shoppers, overlook.

Want low quality and high status, by Mercedes or Land Rover and get the least reliable, overpriced new cars sold any place in the world.

Creative shopping and individual preferences are what drives the entire design process.

I like this car and it reflects the best of what an American car stands for, however, it is not American in the sense that all parts are from here. In the 500 the transmission is sourced from either Germany or Japan.

I also own several Ford Focus three-doors, and they are also great cars, more European than American, but I can live with that. This car drives every bit as well as a big Mercedes or Infinity - and is bigger inside than a Q45.

As for the Taurus deal, part of what I like about the Five Hundred is that is more unique and looks more refined than the upcoming Taurus, but, if I drove one and I liked it, the name would have little impact on my decision.

Ford has a big challenge - and the products they are putting out have a lot to offer. Yes, on some levels it is the Anti Toyota, but fine, it rides better, looks better has a better warranty and cost less. Very American.

23rd Mar 2007, 11:08

If the country of Manufacture is your criteria for quality, then I suggest you simply buy Korean. They seem to have this all wrapped up, but I don't like the way they drive.

This 500 is right for me - and I am simply trying to help others by sharing my actual experience.

Of course you cannot remove the "deal" from the opinion. I like to buy new and pay a very low price. Fords are great for this, they make good cars and market aggressively. I have the talent and skill to negotiate and I know how to shop for what I want, But, if this car were not discounted or incentivized- I would likely shop elsewhere. I was considering a Prius - and Camry, Both of which can be had with a $4,000.00 discount now (here in San Diego), but the cars are uninspired and I think they drive like the old American cars of the 60's. That is not a put down, those cars had float and comfort (up to a point).

This 500 has a Volvo feel and presence. So, the quality, the price and the style all line up for me.

Right now my only real complaint is that the Ignition does not have a light - this is an oversight that makes little sense. A $1.00 fixture over the ignition was poor cost cutting.

Back to work to pay for it now, but I do love the Pearl Blue. It is really a Man's car color - and Ford does that best.

23rd Mar 2007, 13:44

You're right that the Five Hundred does feel like a Volvo since its platform is/was on the S80.

But to say Ford makes great cars and/or they market aggressively is nonsense. The ONLY thing that sells Fords these days is discounts, discounts, discounts. That's not "aggressive marketing" but sheer desperation.

Just look at the Focus. Shoddily built, the one sold in America has NOT changed in 10 years and the new model is simply a reskin of the old technology. Yet Europe got a new model years ago. How can a design that will soon be over a decade old be considered great in the subcompact market? Do you really think Honda or Toyota uses platforms designed and UNchanged since 1995?

23rd Mar 2007, 14:16

"Cars don't fail or win. If you think that the more people who buy a certain model, makes that car a winner - then you really don't appreciate cars."

Tell that to Ford who is currently losing a Mustang a minute worth of money.

24th Mar 2007, 09:35

Hey, "losing a Mustang a Minute", I like that. That is the next Ford I see myself buying for my Wife, when her 1997 V-* T-Bird with 170,000 trouble free miles get a bit older.

I don't however think much is accomplished on these great web site, by having "negative nay sayers, trolling around just taking shots at the Company. Most of us are here to get details and share experiences.

While it may be fun to banter about Ford's corporate decisions, I certainly don't need anyone to tell me I was "wrong" or should feel bad about my informed decision to purchase a 07 Five Hundred (or any product).

Let's keep on task here - if you want information about a certain model car then offer or ask.

Want to get on a soapbox and attach something you don't really understand - then start your own Blog.

My Five Hundred is a return to Ford for me, they targeted me and gave me a product I could see owning.

The plain look appeals to me - and, so far, the build quality is as I hoped. My mileage is not as high as I expected - but this is only the second tank of gas.

At the end of the day, the true cost of owning a vehicle is of great importance, and the lower the up-front cost (discounts) the better.

I do agree that Ford has some real dragons to slay. But I would jump at the chance to drive and own a new Mustang.

25th Mar 2007, 17:17


I will only do this again at about 5k miles. But for now this car is still really new and I am discovering things that I will share.

Yesterday, on a 200 mile round trip on the I-5, from San Diego to Irvine I really had my first chance to drive in traffic. The six-speed transmission is really great. Never having more than 4 speeds before I really did not know what to expect.

Well, it is like always having a kick down, and with the first push on the pedal the car accelerates just enough to move crisply from lane to lane, the second move provides more punch. For real world driving I find this really great.

Also had a chance to try out the passenger seat, and my big 6’3” frame was really at home, like sitting in a lounge chair in front of HD TV.

Another observation, while I passes a dozen Camry’s, Mercedes S types, and a load of Lexus 400’s and Chrysler 300’s, my 500 seemed just right and not “common”. This is personal for me, but I like the fact that it does not have a rental car volume on the road.

Since I was in traffic on the way home I had the opportunity to compare my new car to the other that were going slow nearby.

The following cars (for me) offer no advantage over this big Ford.

Chrysler 300, base. Already dated in style and design, common.

Lexus 400, overpriced, saw two broken down and waiting for roadside assistance!

Toyota Avalon, the official Pace Care of the AARP. Floats like a boat and has Gold trim! I think I would need white loafers to drive one.

Mercedes S type, a bit smaller than the 500, and about the same amount of style and shape for a whole lot more money.

Nissan Maxima – Old and with a funny butt.

Buick, Regal, Looks like a make over from the 70’s

VW Passat, Looks almost identical to the 500, don’t really like 4 cylinder turbo, need Premium fuel for $0.50 per gallon more right now.

So the point is that I did not see a single other car I would really rather have and, for some reason the very plain and classic lines of this 500 make my eye happy.

Lastly, I think on paper the new Taurus drive train is an improvement that I would gladly welcome, but right Ford has created an opportunity for knowledgeable buyers to make a Great deal on a really good car. One shopping note, in 06 the SEL had automatic climate, it does not in 07. I really did not notice this, and would have considered the Limited had my deal not been so great. The only items I wish I had were the climate and auto headlights – but they are not worth the $2,000.00 difference. Didn’t want leather, too hot.