29th Mar 2007, 08:47

Um, well, the corporation IS the car. Like it or not, cars need SERVICE and PARTS, and if there is NO dealer to cover these under warranty, then you have made a bad investment.

And I find it funny that while these Ford dealerships are closing right and left Hyundai, Kia, Mini, Scion, and many others are springing up like weeds.

And which American products do you like? The Mexican built Ford Fusion? The Canadian built Buick LaCrosse? How about the Belgium built Saturns?

29th Mar 2007, 22:53

I certainly agree, the five hundred is the most back friendly vehicle I have ever driven. The overwhelmingly superior Command Seating really delivers.

I also think the six speed is great, you can just squeeze off a nice bit of power for lane change and yet avoid the drama of a full kick down.

Looking at the new line of Fords, I think they really have a great line up, now to get the public to drive and buy - and make sure the service is a match for the cars.

Today I hand washed my car for the first time and noticed just how big it is. I'm 6'3" and reaching the middle of the roof to wax it was not possible.

I am hoping that the new Taurus will be a big hit and my Ford continues to feel and drive like a Volvo at a Ford price. The sedan is back and this is one of the best.

29th Mar 2007, 23:04

Here is one last off topic reply to the statement that the five hundred has failed in the market place. Based on that logic then the Scion A and B have "failed", they are out of production awaiting a replacement. The Echo failed badly (and rightfully according to most owners and reviewers). So what! I think, from what I am seeing that Ford is really getting back in the game-and, if the product build quality is high, they deserve it. Ford did invent the whole modern mass produced car craze in the first place.

30th Mar 2007, 07:45

Sorry, but it's the truth. You don't suddenly changed the name of your car after one year of production because it is so successful, just like you don't offer huge discounts (read the reviews here of people getting up to $10K off) if it's such a success.

Of course, you are wrong about Scion. Scion DOUBLED Toyota's sales expectations and has been out for FOUR years. Companies these days revamp models after four years. Scion is going slightly more upscale to capture the market. By ANY measure Scion has been an amazing success like the Mini, except Scion has the youngest average owner age of ANY car brand, something highly coveted.

You are right about one thing. The Echo failed in the marketplace because it was overpriced and mediocre compared to the competition.

31st Mar 2007, 07:27

Just read about the 500 magically turning into a Taurus; still laughing as I sit here. That's typical Ford-problem solving at it's most glorious. Nobody buys it, because it sucks, so let's just change the name, and see what happens.

ATTENTION CONSUMERS: Ford thinks you are stupid enough to fall for this. They are looking for people who would not even do enough simple research before spending $30,000 of their money to realize that this car is another failed attempt by Ford.

Maybe in a few months, when they're still not selling, they'll name it the Ford 'Please Buy This Car' and that's what it will say on the trunk lid.

1st Apr 2007, 10:26

<<This is the car that 90% of the families in the World would be happy with.>>

You can't be serious! No matter how good the Ford Five Hundred is, it is a LARGE or EXTREMELY LARGE car by world standards, and it is also a gas guzzler by world standards. It is ONLY appropriate for North America and select foreign countries.

Having been to Europe many times I can tell you that even the Ford Focus is a relatively large car compared to what most people drive, especially in the cities.

1st Apr 2007, 11:29

FORD is the pinnacle of automobile design change?! Ha Ha. Sorry, buddy, that honor goes to Honda.

3rd Apr 2007, 18:10

I am glad that someone is reading these message and is interested enough to really respond. As for the last comment about the Ford Five Hundred not being a world car, I need to clarify that I said 90% of the world would be happy with it. That is very different than saying the car was the correct car for 90% of the world.

This is a large, luxury car and one does needs to have some wealth to purchase and operate a car of this size. Of course, it is not an ego car with a price that makes it unavailable to even upper middle class buyers.

The assumption was that it competes with the big Mercedes S, Audi's A-8 and BMW 700 series - and for a third of the price. Of course this is what the big American car has always been and why the Germany and Japan copy it so. A true world car, that is another story and I don't think anyone is building it yet. Maybe the new stretched 4 door Mini?

Whatever, I very much enjoy driving and owing the Five Hundred and will keep up to date on my experiences. For right now with about 1,100 miles, the mileage is really coming up (average of 25.5MPG) - but it does prefer the highway.

4th Apr 2007, 08:06

"The assumption was that it competes with the big Mercedes S, Audi's A-8 and BMW 700 series - and for a third of the price."

You lost all your credibility with that line. Seriously no Ford can compete with any of those vehicles regardless of its price. The Five Hundred is just another failure for the Ford Motor Company and that is why they are renaming the car Taurus. I guess you Ford fanboys and employees really do not car what crap Ford sells you. I personally do not understand why someone would pick a Five hundred over a Chrysler 300 or other vehicles in its class like the Accord.

4th Apr 2007, 09:33

Your comment still makes no sense. Why would someone be happy with a car in which they CANNOT afford to fill the tank AND they cannot drive in their city/village? I hate big cars and I am an American.

The Germans and the Japanese did NOT copy American big cars. In Europe, those cars were for the wealthy and they are only more popular as the populations became more affluent.

While American manufacturers were worried about vinyl roofs and whitewall tires, the Germans were concerned with safety and quality.

6th Apr 2007, 15:12

There are really a lot of good reasons to pick the Five Hundred over the cars you mentioned. The most obvious are the reasons for Consumer Reports recommending the car. The Chrysler 300 rates low, has poor reviews and is like a coffin inside. I understand why people are attracted to the look, Chrysler is great at this - for the first year or two- the cars seems fresh and special. Then after a short time it is simply revealed as a re-skinned K car.

You see the Ford Five Hundred is really in a class of its own, none of the other cars in this segment are really cross-overs based on high level engineering and build.

Sure, you can get a bad car from Ford, and any mfg, but I can tell you first hand, this car is like a great Brook Brothers suit, it doesn't need labels or frills to be elegant and high class.

I have owned many and, if this one stays trouble free I will continue to compare it to the overpriced cars driven by the NY marketing machine. I simply do not need or want an ego car - I want a car that is fun, safe and "this part is really amazing for a Ford" somewhat different and unique.

I could not be more happy that the Five Hundred is being rebaged as a Taurus - owning one of these classics make me happy. I am also really glad to see that Ford is not having a garage sale on the Five Hundreds, like they are on the Mustangs, Fusions and Escapes.

The engineering and build quality of the ego names is really a waste of money. I have the ability to buy or lease anything I want, and I chose to pay cash and get great prices on cars I use.

Remember, autos are not investments like real property. In reality they are more like razor blades - you use them while they are sharp and then dispose of them.

For me the Five Hundred handles sharply enough to be fun and give me a seat like no other as I drive around. Mileage is not fantastic - but I am getting 29 on long freeway runs and averaging 24-25 in overall driving. Lots of stop and go does hit the mileage hard, but that is part of the price for a couple of tons of steel.