7th Apr 2007, 11:15

If the Five Hundred is "like a Brooks Brothers suit" then why does Ford not close its Mercury and Lincoln divisions?

"High engineering and build"? You obviously have VERY different definitions of those terms than I do.

8th Apr 2007, 17:44

Just want to clarify some of my opinions here. First, I think it is important to note that the Five Hundred completes in the premium 5 seat, full size sedan category.

While it is a supremely nice sedan, it is not a Sports Sedan, as those cars with a bit better acceleration and weaker gas mileage have become known. For me the idea of a sedan that has a Hemi, is counter intuitive. If I want a sports car, it will not be carrying 5 people.

The idea that more speed is always better - is like a computer chip, it is not true that Duo Cores are always better than single bus chips. If your Celeron or AMD chip works for you, so what if someone can load faster or re-draw a page in a few seconds sooner.

The marketing machines behind the higher price have to make it seem superior - but real world driving is kind of a chore, full of traffic.

For me, and I must say Ford has been very honest about this in the brochures and ads, the Five Hundred is about Comfort. Coupled with its command seating it really has few equals.

I like the way the big Ford appears from the inside, looking out going someplace. I don't need to admire a car in the drive or in the parking lot.

This is the best value in a Full size 5 seat sedan, and if you are clever enough to negotiate a price, you will not be disappointed.

Of course if you want speed, by the AMG Mercedes - or big Lexus. But it would be better to lease because all that technology gets really expensive to maintain. The fancy dash lights in a Lexus will set you back $1,200.00 to repair, when a typical dash bulb is about fifty-cents. That is technology I can live without.

Build a good driving, roomy car with timeless lines and hope people are smart enough to appreciate the value.

The current generation Fords are the best build ever - and I for one am not impressed with most of the European Sports Sedans that have lesser warranties, cost more than $50,000.00, get worse mileage and will be maintenance nightmares in the future.

The current Fusion is a very nice car, the Five Hundred is a very nice car and the Mustang is a very nice car.

Each of which can be purchased for around $17,000.00 brand new, with 5 year 60,000 miles warranties. This means you can have pick two of the above for the price of a single Chrysler Hemi powered 300?

9th Apr 2007, 08:47

<<First, I think it is important to note that the Five Hundred completes in the premium 5 seat, full size sedan category.>.

First of all, it does not. It competes in the midsize category along with the Camry and the Accord. This is NOT the premium end of the market, otherwise they would have renamed this car a Lincoln instead of a Taurus.

11th Apr 2007, 08:01

23:04 obviously does not understand the concept of platform sharing or marketing.

The Taurus was NEVER a premium car EVER, so if Ford is going to rename the Five Hundred a Taurus that means that it is NOT a premium car by any stretch of the imagination. You don't take a Rolls Royce and rename it a Hyundai.

As for the Volvo comment, just because a car shares a PLATFORM does NOT mean the cars have anything in comment. The Bentley GT has LOTS of VW parts in it, including its platform, yet no one would ever confuse it with a VW and vice versa.

The Five Hundred may be a nice car, but it is not a premium vehicle at all, and Ford itself PROVES that by renaming the car as a Camry/Accord competitor.

NO ONE is going to go into a Ford dealership and say "Gosh, honey, we were going to buy the BMW, but now that we've driven the Five Hundred..."

11th Apr 2007, 08:07

Ford provides quality??? Since When?

It looks like someone has been brainwashed by Bill Ford Jr.

11th Apr 2007, 13:19

23:04 You lost all credibility as soon as you called the Accord and Camry overrated. Guess what? Almost any new midsize car feels just like a Fusion; because it's NEW!

Just one of the many things that puts the Accords and Camrys on top is their build quality; they continue to feel tight and precise many years and many miles after you buy them. Not so with any Ford yet built. It is a comfortable car, but it's no match for the Honda or Toyota.

14th Apr 2007, 10:36

To all that insist on the pointless bantering.

OH man, can we stop all this nonsense!!!

Let's just talk about the car at hand. Meaning, problems, feel, comfort and driving impressions.

If you don't like so don't own said car then you should not be commenting on this thread. Why should you care if somebody else likes the ride, style etc of a car. IF the owner is happy with the car that is all that matters!!

Just look at the Fiero. Reliability problems etc and was killed because of slow sales. But now, they are sought after cars around here and have many clubs. People love those cars. If you think they are nuts for spending so much money on what you may think is junk is of no matter to you.

This is for owners/potential owners to hear from actual owners about there opinion of the car, discuss problems if any.

I.E. "I have this problem..." "I had the same thing, this is what is wrong"

If you don't like, thus don't own Ford, GM, Toyota etc then why are you commenting on such cars. I'm not only talking about domestic haters, but import haters commenting on reviews of cars they would never own.

If the owner is happy with the style etc of the car and feels they have a car better than a much more expensive model then good. They are the one that put the money down. If you would don't agree on all points, you don't think they are better or same than the "other model" and hate the style, then who the heck cares. You're not buying one. So why do you care that they think the car is the best ever made. There are cars out there that I think are wickedly ugly and way over priced to me so I would never buy one, but I see a number of them on the road. I would never tell them that they are stupid to buy the car or berate the car. If they like it that is ALL THAT MATTERS.

15th Apr 2007, 09:28

10:36 is yet another one of those pro-domestic posters that can't live in the real world where there is such a thing as competition.

Sorry, people don't buy cars in a vacuum, and this website is a car SURVEY which means it is open to opinions, facts, and the like.

Go to a Ford Fusion club if all you want it glorious praised heaped upon the vehicle.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.