29th Nov 2006, 11:22

I have a Ford Five Hundred and I noticed a grinding noise from the rear brakes. When I brought the car in for a recall and other service they said the noise was the rear brake grinding with the rotors. The car had only 11,500 miles! Because it was over 12 months old Ford initially said sorry about any restitution, but after the dealer service rep contacted the regional service rep I was able to recoup some expenses. Overall I do like the car and I choose it over several others that I looked at when it was purchased. Something is not right with these rear brakes especially when the front brake pads were only 17% worn.

12th Dec 2006, 05:54

The problem with these disk based rear brakes are that they easily stick. And even if they only partially stick, this will lead to rapid wear. I agree with earlier comments, drums are better from a reliability point of view. The reason why disk brakes stick is that dirt gets trapped between the pads and the caliper; rust can be a problem as well. For front brakes this is less of a problem since 60-80% of the brake load is on the front tires: the result is that this "loosens" the pads. Many manufacturers recommends that rear brakes are cleaned once a year. Also, what you should do if you do light highway driving only is to brake hard (max brake) a couple of times a month. This will loosen the rear brakes and may help. I'd estimate that 90% of excessive brake wear is due to sticking pads.

12th Dec 2006, 19:59

I have two 2005 Ford 500s for my business. In Sept 2006, after having car A for 18 months, there was a grinding sound from the rear when the brakes were applied and as a result the rear brake pads were replaced and the rotors were machined at 25,XXX miles. While not happy that this was not covered by a warranty, I paid for the repairs. Now car B at 21 months and 18,XXX miles presents the same problem. Since I suspected this was more than a one time problem, the service adviser even told me there was a Technical Service Bulletin, 06-22-17 for this problem. Unfortunately, this time one of the rotors also had to be replaced resulting in an even higher bill. After reading the above comments, and seeing that Ford has reimbursed some people for this repair, I will be presenting this case to Ford Customer Relations.

I have also had the vinyl bubble on the dashboard compartment.

Otherwise, I like the car, especially the interior room and trunk space.

13th Dec 2006, 09:29

To the previous poster, I want to wish you the best of Luck with Ford's customer line. Those guys are the worst to deal with.

22nd May 2007, 20:07

Wish I had done this research BEFORE I spent $350 at Brake Check replacing rear brake pads, 1 rear new rotor, 1 machined rear rotor! My brake problems occurred at 20,000 miles. Other than the brakes, the car has been great. It is roomy and comfortable, easy to drive.

7th Jun 2007, 10:03

I purchased a 2005 Ford 500 brand new. I started having problems while still under warranty. The dealership was of no help as they can't keep their mechanics. I talked directly to Ford and their reply was "Sorry". I had no choice, but to get rid of the car as I have to have a reliable car. Took a beating on my trade. I will never own another Ford. Ford doesn't care about their product or reputation. Ford will not even discuss problems and you do not have the right to ask for additional help. Once you call the help line you are given the solution they want and you can't get past the phone operator. Amazing that they can't figure out why the "foreign" car companies are succeeding.

16th Nov 2007, 12:09

I work for a fleet leasing company and can attest to the fact that no one stands behind their product like Ford. People tend to slander a vehicle due to the poor customer satisfaction they experienced at their local dealer. Most flat rate mechanics and writers at any dealer try to get out of possible warranty work, so they can beat-up the cash customers. All dealers (even the imports) do this; it's been this way since the beginning of flat rate.

16th Nov 2007, 17:13

The Ford 500 is a great car, and I'd love to have one. If anybody hates theirs so much, do yourself a favor and give it to me. Thanks.

14th Dec 2007, 11:24

I just replaced my rear brakes at 25000 miles on my 2005 five hundred. Someting is not right with this brake system.

26th Mar 2008, 15:33

I notice that most of you are saying that this happened with you 2005 Five Hundred. Did they address this issue for 2006?

5th May 2008, 18:03

I was just reading over one of the comments made about 2 years ago on the Ford 500. I too, have a 2006 Ford Five Hundred. Same thing, although my mileage is higher. Right rear brakes, popping noises under dash when the heat/air turned on and bubbles on the dash compartment. Mine is out of warranty now, so I guess I will have to replace the brakes myself.

21st Jun 2008, 20:06

I own a 2005 Ford 500, and yes I had the brakes replaced twice.

Water does build up in the passenger door frame, and the wipers make a bad grinding sound.

Today I went to drive my car, and it was dead except for a ticking sound under the steering wheel. The battery was not dead. We don't know what the problem is till Monday. I love my car. Just want it to work correctly.

27th Jul 2008, 14:23

My 06 500 problems are as follows:

- Engine tick from brand new. None of Ford's fixes have worked, and they now tell me that since I'm only 10 months until my lease is up, to not worry about it.

- Transmission suddenly jerks at random times. Ford technicians have not been able to see it happen, so won't offer any advice or help.

- Power window motors replaced.

- AC actuator replaced (when I complained about knocking sounds from under the dash every time the AC was turned on and off. Not sure what an actuator is)

- Temperature Control sensor replaced (when my AC would not shut off)

- Brakes machined 3 x under warranty after I fought and threatened legal action. Front and back rotors replaced under warranty too. It seems every 5,000 km, I have brake issues. I have 40,000 KILOMETERS (not miles) on this car now.

- Over 600 km in test drives by technicians. I am not impressed.

- Will I buy another Ford? I'm not supposed to say "no" because if so, Ford won't help me. But you can ask me in 10 months and I may have a different answer.

I don't blame Ford for a bad car because all makers have bad cars. I blame them for being bad to deal with.

12th Oct 2008, 01:40

Rotors 50 bucks for a set.

Pads 35 for a set.

Labor 1 hour. 55.

Don't let the dealer charge you more than 150. Go to Auto Zone and get the parts, and hand them the parts. Pay for the hour of labor, or go to a small garage to get it done. Insist on cost since the part is defective, even though you can't prove it and try to make them do the labor for nothing.