9th Jul 2014, 04:40

I have a 2005 Ford Five Hundred, and let me tell you the problems I have had. Driving down the highway when it was POURING with rain, I lost power to my windows, radio, and interior lights. I brought my car to a Ford dealer to have diagnosed. They quoted me $637.00 for a "smart junction box relay" that was the problem. I get the money, bring them my car back and said "fix it"; I NEED windows and my music!!

The next day I go to pick up my car that finally has windows and music, and there was NOTHING FIXED & THEY still charged me $637.00. I still remain with the same issues a year later and my caliper is seized NOW... Anyone interested in TRADING? I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS FORD.

10th Jul 2014, 06:57

How did the dealership justify the misdiagnosis and charging you the full price when their remedy didn't work?

I had an independent repair shop pull something similar on me when my Jeep Wrangler needed a new engine control module. First they changed the plugs, wires etc, and then they put in a new fuel pump (even though I told them that my fuel pump was fine). When that didn't work, they put in ANOTHER fuel pump; by the time they were done guessing, they had already run up a $900+ bill and I still had the same issue.

Finally somebody figured out it was the ECM. $300 later my Jeep was running like new again. On the ride home from the shop my rear-end blew. I brought it to a trusted rear-end shop and had it rebuilt. Finally, $2,500 later, my Jeep was perfect again.

11th Oct 2014, 15:03

Hi, I have the same problem with water in the doors. What exactly did they do to fix the water in the doors?